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Chapter 166 - Instructor Tang, You’re Being Cheeky!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 166: Instructor Tang, You’re Being Cheeky!

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    “The two of you can come back now!” Tang Jinyu’s cold voice could be heard coming through their earphones.

    The two people who were hanging on the cliff could not help but shiver at the sound of his voice.

    They could not run away from the punishment that was to come.

    1It never crossed their minds that they would be eliminated like that.

    They thought that they would have to at least go through an all out battle.

    But now…

    “Boss, you must trust us. We were afraid that she’d died!” Lightning said.

    Tang Jinyu remained silent and merely scoffed frostily.

    A scoff that was heavily laced with sarcasm.

    Crocodile stood at the side, remaining quiet the whole time. He would not say anything to berate these two.

    They were not the only ones who were scared just now. The others who had witnessed the scene just now were frightened too.

    If something had really happened, they might be summoned to the military court.

    It was a rare case for someone to die during a drill practice or recruitment test.

    In actual fact, Crocodile clearly saw how nervous Tang Jinyu was just now. However, his boss knew her better than they did as that nervousness he displayed appeared for just a split second before it disappeared.

    Tang Jinyu shifted his gaze and stared at the remaining red dots on the big monitoring screen.

    There were only less than one third of people left now.

    Then, he grabbed the walkie-talkie and said coldly, “Bomb wherever the red dots are!”

    Crocodile. “…”

    ‘Boss, do you plan to kill them all?’

    The sun was now high up in the sky. All of them were tired and hungry, and they no longer had energy left.

    They were looking for hiding spots to take a rest.

    When they were finally able to rest for a while, the drones started circling around the sky above their heads. Soon, bombs were being pelted down on them one by one!

    All of a sudden, the entire forest became like a boiling pot of chaos.

    It was clear that the bombs were aimed at them as they were aimed at places not far from them. It was rather frightening.

    Both Lu Yao and Mu Zi did not have their signalling devices with them now so they could avoid being aimed at.

    However, it was dangerous for them too because the other novice soldiers came running in their direction. As such, they had no choice but to change their locations immediately.

    On the other hand, Jian Qi had just picked up the backpack on the ground and was moving away from the spot when a drone flew above her head. Several bombs came falling down on her like huge raindrops.

    “Damn it! Really?”

    She had just escaped from a near death situation. Now that she was safe, they wanted to blow her up!

    ‘Instructor Tang, you’re being cheeky!’

    Jian Qi observed her surroundings and saw the mushroom clouds of smoke. Clearly, everyone was being attacked by the bombs at the moment.

    They would surely be bombed no matter where they were as long as they had their signalling devices with them.

    Jian Qi noticed a place which was blocked by the cliff when she was climbing down the cliff.

    She might be able to escape from the explosion if she hid herself there.

    Jian Qi was upset as she had to climb back up again after getting down.

    As such, she climbed up the cliff again immediately or else she would be dead meat.

    Tang Jinyu stared at the red dot on the monitoring screen.

    Staring at the spot where Jian Qi was on the screen, a slight smile appeared on the corner of Tang Jinyu’s lips.

    Crocodile who was beside him felt that the smile was rather uncanny.

    What did Boss want to do now?

    Suddenly, he was worried about the novice soldiers.

    All of them might end up dead if they were to continue on like this.

    After that, Tang Jinyu grabbed the walkie-talkie again. “Hunters, act now. You don’t have to capture them. Just let them know that you’re going after them. After fifteen minutes, the drones will throw more bombs!”

    Crocodile could not help but say, “Boss, the novice soldiers might die of exhaustion if you torture them like this!”

    They would go insane if they were constantly being pursued.