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Chapter 167 - Who is so Lucky and Unlucky at the Same Time?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 167: Who is so Lucky and Unlucky at the Same Time?

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    Everyone was relieved when the drones stopped bombing at them.

    They wanted to rest for a while but it did not cross their minds that the hunters would immediately go after them. Everyone started searching for new hiding spots.

    Jian Qi felt that her hiding spot was rather good. She wanted to stay for a while. However, with the tactic that Tang Jinyu used by bombing at them, something else was bound to happen very soon now that he had stopped pelting bombs.

    Moreover, she had no other way out. If she were to remain at her current spot, she might be dead if they were to throw two grenades at her.

    As such, she climbed back down once more. Rather predictably, she heard the sound of footsteps approaching her the moment she reached the ground.

    She quickly left the spot.

    Jian Qi went over to where Lu Yao and Mu Zi were just now. To her surprise, she could not find them there. Moreover, she saw the aftermath of bombs near where they were just now.

    Jian Qi left the area, now she could only act alone after being separated from them. They would have to move on their own and meet up again at the end.

    The subsequent two days passed by rather slowly.

    It felt as long as two centuries. They thought that the hunters would go easy on them as they were approaching the end of the test. On the contrary, it was all vain imaginings and idle fancies!

    It became even more harsh and brutal near the end of the test.

    Every time they wanted to stop and get some rest, hunters would appear relatively soon after that.

    They were filled with hunger and exhaustion. They were pushed to their utmost limit as they were engulfed in exhaustion, having to run and hide, in fear of being hunted down by the hunters.

    Some of them even had the thought of fighting the hunters to death!

    However, the hunters would start shooting at them from afar. Somehow, they always seemed to miss their targets.

    This kind of situation where they had to constantly be on the run, yet not be captured by the opponents, was unimaginably stressful.

    It was finally the last day of the test. They would win if they could survive until the end.

    It had been two days since they last had a proper rest, aside from being constantly worried about being bombed by the drones or being pursued by the hunters.

    It was utterly insane!

    Jian Qi yawned as she was extremely exhausted.

    Tang Jinyu was being too harsh on them. It would drain their sanity as they were being pursued by the hunters without any time for them to rest.

    She had much to eat compared to the others. However, she was really sleepy and tired.

    It was impossible for them to rest in any way whatsoever.

    The hunters were just like the relentless ghosts who were pursuing after them. They would appear at anywhere and at anytime.

    At the same time, Tang Jinyu remained at the command room the whole time.

    The number of novice soldiers had been reduced to only fifteen people in two days’ time.

    It was the final day of the test. It seemed like even God was messing with the novice soldiers as the sky had been rather cloudy since early in the morning. It was around half past ten when the sky started raining.

    Undoubtedly, rain was not a good thing for the novice soldiers.

    They were already exhausted and the rain was just making the situation worse for them.

    Tang Jinyu grabbed the walkie-talkie again. His voice was mixed with the sound of the rain, it seemed rather frosty and distant. “Those who should be eliminated have been eliminated by now!”

    Crocodile who was standing beside him smiled and said, “It seems like we can end the test by noon time!”

    “Not necessarily!” Tang Jinyu said.

    Then, he turned to leave the command room.

    “Boss, where are you going?” Crocodile asked him.

    “I’m going to capture them! You stay and control the situation!” Tang Jinyu left after he said that.

    Crocodile raised an eyebrow. ‘Capture them?’

    ‘Who is he going to capture?’

    ‘Who is so lucky and unlucky at the same time? Boss himself is making an appearance!’