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Chapter 465 - The Treasure Method of Divine Consciousness

Medical Master
     While everyone on the forum was in a state of shock, they started to search carefully on the List of Martial Superiors.

    It turned out that everyone of the Ling Family on the List of Martial Superiors had disappeared from the list.

    “Damn, the Ling Family is really gone.”

    “Are all these people defeated by the mysterious man?”

    “I’ve heard before that the Ling Family is particularly powerful in Ganzhou. It is simply the local emperor of Ganzhou Province. No matter where they go, they’re always so arrogant and hold their head high. They often pull rank on others. I didn’t expect that they were actually all destroyed by the mysterious man.”

    “The strength of the Ling Family is not weak though, their Old Ancestor is an eighth-class super expert with one meridian. How could they suddenly be destroyed by John Doe?”

    “Maybe they tried to mess with John Doe?”

    “Does anyone know what is going on?”

    “The Ling Family is so unlucky. They can mess with anyone in the world except John Doe. Anyone who has provoked him before was all defeated by him and their kung fu were destroyed, even those who went abroad couldn’t escape from him.”

    “Request for insiders! What’s the grudge between the mysterious man and the Ling Family in Ganzhou?”

    The news was spread everywhere, so more and more people were participating in the discussion.

    An hour later, the entire forum’s homepage was occupied by the grudge between Fang Qiu and the Ling Family.

    Many people who had just logged in the forum also joined the discussion.

    Eventually, after a long discussion, a post popping up attracted everyone’s attention.

    “Insiders: details about the grudge between the Ling Family and John Doe!”

    Everyone on the forum rushed to read it immediately as soon as this post came out.

    In the post, it elaborated on the grudge between John Doe and the Ling Family.

    Their grudge began at the Yangzhou auction. It started in the competition of the Heaven Treasure—Mei Leaf. Ling Tianxiao, the youngest son of the Ling Family, was competing with John Doe for it.

    In the auction agency, the competition between the two was going smoothly.

    Even if the price reached over twenty million, they were still voluntary.

    There was nothing wrong so far.

    However, putting aside the competition, Ling Tianxiao’s approach to winning the treasure was indeed too mean and shameless.

    First, in the name of the Ling Family, he oppressed everyone who was present and tried to win the Mei Leaf at the lowest price.

    As a result, John Doe intervened in the auction.

    From this point of view, it was Ling Tianxiao who bullied others first.

    Then at the end of the auction, after John Doe managed to get the Mei Leaf, he claimed that he didn’t have enough cash, so he was only able to auction the treasures he took with him.

    However, as Ling Tianxiao knew that John Doe didn’t have enough cash, he took the lead, together with all of the people present, to bring the auction prices of John Doe’s items to a minimum, trying to stop John Doe from getting enough money to pay for the Mei Leaf.

    Fortunately, John Doe brought a lot of items with him. With a huge loss, he finally collected enough cash.

    Under the circumstances, Ling Tianxiao also mocked John Doe, again and again, even trying to induce everyone. After the auction, he and dozens of people went to siege John Doe and tried to rob the treasures from him.

    Therefore, John Doe came to the Ling Family in person!

    Under the circumstances, everyone on the forum was finally aware of what had happened.

    No one expected that these things actually happened.

    From the perspective of the whole thing, John Doe had always been at a disadvantage.

    It had always been Ling Tianxiao, the youngest son of the Ling Family, who was so arrogant and aggressive.

    No wonder John Doe went to the Ling Family for an explanation, which was naturally a matter of course.

    In the martial arts world, many people knew how wicked the Ling Family was.

    They thought the mysterious man would only come to them and do such a thing because he was really pissed off by the Ling Family.

    “The Ling Family deserved it!”

    “Humph, it’s time for someone to crush them. John Doe did a good job.”

    “I didn’t expect that John Doe actually had so many treasures. He even has the Earth Bead which ranks No.10 among the Earth Treasures, as well as those guru-level promotion books. The most terrifying thing is that he also has a book that can help one promote from the sixth class to the seventh class. This man is unbelievable.”

    “Yeah. If his strength isn’t written specifically on the List of Martial Superiors, I would have thought he was a guru!”

    “John Doe is awesome!”

    “Well, the Ling Family which always bullied the weak was finally taken down. It’s so gratifying!”

    Just as everyone on the Wulin online forum was discussing intensely, Fang Qiu had returned to Linxia City. He changed into his normal outfit, carried a backpack, searched for local special snacks with his mobile phone, went across several streets, and bought different kinds of snacks. Then he went back to the hotel and delivered them to Jiang Miaoyu.

    Seeing the snacks brought by Fang Qiu, Jiang Miaoyu was ecstatic.

    The two of them finished all the snacks.

    However, these snacks were not enough to fill their stomachs.

    In order to wait for some delicious food, Jiang Miaoyu didn’t even have dinner. Fang Qiu didn’t eat his dinner either because he hurried to buy the snacks for Jiang Miaoyu.

    Therefore, with their stomachs rumbling, Fang Qiu could only take Jiang Miaoyu to leave the hotel and go to the local night market. They were also touring around as they found something to eat.

    The two didn’t return to the hotel until ten in the evening.

    After walking Jiang Miaoyu back to her room, Fang Qiu returned to his room alone.

    Locking the door and closing the curtains, Fang Qiu sat on the bed, cross-legged.

    He directly took out the treasure book which he took from the Old Ancestor of the Ling Family. The book could search Heaven Treasures and Earth Treasures.

    Fang Qiu murmured to himself, “Now that I have it, I have to study it, even though part of it was missing.”

    Fang Qiu began to watch carefully.

    “Divine Consciousness!”

    “Based on the Qi of the Heaven and Earth, hold it.”

    “Based on the power of the mind, use it.”

    As he just read a few words, Fang Qiu was completely caught in it.

    Fifteen minutes later, Fang Qiu finished reading.

    Fang Qiu smiled wryly as he closed the book. “Sure enough it’s a fragmentary book!”

    However, he also saw many things in this book.

    It mainly elaborated that this kind of secret method that could explore Heaven Treasures and Earth Treasures was called Divine Consciousness.

    In fact, Divine Consciousness was also a kind of cultivation method of kung fu.

    However, because this method was an unpopular one, it was gradually eliminated by people who practiced martial arts. As a result, no one in Wulin today knew how to use this method. Moreover, most people had never heard of it.

    The book said that one needed to master the Qi of Heaven and Earth to cultivate Divine Consciousness.

    Meanwhile, the person also needed to possess the incredible power of the mind.

    Then, in the case of mastering the Qi of Heaven and Earth, the person needed to use his mental power to drive the Qi and keep it spreading outwards, just like a stone entering the water. The ripple would be the Qi of Heaven and Earth while the mental power was attached to it. Mental power needed to follow the Qi wherever it went.

    In other words, the Qi of Heaven and Earth was just a carrier holding the mental power.

    A person could use the Qi of Heaven and Earth to guide the way and explore with mental power.

    Thus, wherever the mental power reached, he would be aware of the situation there.

    Why could a person possessing this kind of power find Heaven and Earth Treasures?

    In the process of exploration, if there was no Heaven or Earth Treasure, the Qi of Heaven and Earth wouldn’t change while it was spreading. However, once there were Heaven and Earth Treasures, the Qi would change immediately. The mental power which was attached to it would sense the change in the first place.

    If the Qi of Heaven and Earth were ripples in the water, then Heaven and Earth Treasures would be the duckweed.

    After all, Heaven and Earth Treasures themselves also had the ability to absorb and spread the Qi of Heaven and Earth, which could form a unique magnetic field. This search method actually aimed at this magnetic field.

    However, if one wanted to explore Heaven and Earth Treasures, the first thing one had to do was to make every effort to expand the range that the Qi of Heaven and Earth could spread. The larger the coverage was, the easier it would be able to find the treasures.

    As for the range covered by the Qi of Heaven and Earth, it depended on the degree of one’s cultivation.

    After reading these, Fang Qiu already had a comprehensive understanding of Divine Consciousness.

    To his disappointment, this book was indeed a remnant. What was missing was exactly the most critical cultivation method of Divine Consciousness. It didn’t show how to control the Qi of Heaven and Earth, cultivate mental power, and how to control the spread of the Qi.

    This made Fang Qiu speechless.

    However, Fang Qiu was not too depressed because he had already learnt how to cultivate mental power.

    Wasn’t it the mental power he had been practicing all the time?

    Although his mental power couldn’t be considered to be superb now, he was getting the hang of it. It should not be a problem to support Divine Consciousness.

    However, putting aside the mental power, how should he master the Qi of Heaven and Earth and spread it?

    Fang Qiu had no clue of this.

    The only thing he could do was to absorb the surrounding Qi of Heaven and Earth with the Great Hand of Destruction, and then take the opportunity to explore before launching the thunderous strike.

    Because before the strike, the surrounding Qi of Heaven and Earth was all attracted to him and would be approaching him. He could naturally use this Qi to find out the internal Qi existing in the surrounding area.

    After all, those who possessed internal Qi were all human beings. The living blood was too strong, and it was easy to be perceived. He didn’t even need to use the mental power.

    But Heaven and Earth Treasures were different.

    Different from living people, Heaven and Earth Treasures were tiny and delicate.

    It was hard to detect such things by using the Great Hand of Destruction.

    “How should I control the Qi of Heaven and Earth?” Fang Qiu thought to himself.

    Putting away the treasure book, Fang Qiu began to ponder with furrowed brows.

    “Divine Consciousness is to control the Qi of Heaven and Earth and push it out in all directions. Great Hand of Destruction is forcibly attracting and gathering the Qi of Heaven and Earth.”

    “Since they could all drive the Qi of Heaven and Earth, is there any connection between the attraction and repulsion?” Fang Qiu thought.

    Fang Qiu immediately recalled the practice of the Great Hand of Destruction.

    It was self-centered, with his own meridians as its array, diffusing the energy in his body, connecting it with the surrounding Qi of Heaven and Earth, and then pulling different kinds of energy over.

    “That’s right!” As Fang Qiu thought of this, his eyes lit up.

    “Great Hand of Destruction uses one’s own energy to assimilate the surrounding Qi of Heaven and Earth so as to pull and gather. Can I also control the Qi of Heaven and Earth in the same way?”

    “Like driving or striking the Qi with my own energy?”

    Thinking of this, Fang Qiu got excited.

    He couldn’t wait to start testing the method immediately.

    “Get up!” He growled to himself.

    Fang Qiu immediately followed the method used by the Great Hand of Destruction to direct the energy from his body to the outside and then started driving it.