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Chapter 168 - Coming…

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 168: Coming…

    EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation

    The wind was blowing gently and the entire forest was swallowed up by the rain. In mere minutes, everyone was soaked by the rain.

    The rain made it much more difficult for the novice soldiers to run away and hide themselves from the hunters.

    With the heavy downpour, it was difficult to move about as it hampered their visibility.

    Almost everyone chose to hide themselves rather than move about in the rain as they would be easily exposed.

    Jian Qi was rather upset as she looked at the falling rain.

    The rain would surely continue falling for the whole day as the sky had become grey and gloomy. It was very depressing to see such weather.

    Jian Qi had not gone far when she heard a gunshot near her.

    Without even checking it out, she knew that someone had been eliminated.

    As such, she quickened her pace and wanted to leave the area. If she were to stay any longer, their next target would be her.

    Then, she observed her surroundings and soon found a small slope nearby.

    She rushed toward the slope immediately.

    The rain became heavier as time passed by. The road up the slope became much more slippery. If she were to stand on top of the slope, hunters who had found her and chose to go up the slope would not be able to climb up fast. As such, she could get rid of them and did not have to run from them again.

    Very quickly, Jian Qi reached the top of the slope. She found herself a hiding spot after looking around for a while. The place behind her was rather slippery so no one would choose to climb up the slope from that direction even if they wanted to come after her.

    It was raining heavily so it would easily expose them no matter where they chose to climb up the slope from as it was very slippery.

    At the same time, the forest was being swallowed whole by the rain. There were not many people who had survived up until now, which also meant that there were many more hunters in hunt of their prey.

    In the end, there were about seven to eight hunters per novice soldier.

    Mu Zi and Lu Yao hid themselves near a cliff. Mu Zi became slightly worried when she noticed that the rain had become heavier. “Instructor Lu, let’s go and help Jian Qi!”

    After all, Jian Qi was still running away from the hunters out there alone while they were hiding there. She felt rather uneasy about that.

    Lu Yao glanced at her leg. “Your leg is injured. You should stay here. I’ll go and find her. We’ll come back for you once we meet up. Be careful. Although we don’t have any signalling device with us and the hunters might not be able to locate us, the other novice soldiers might attract them here.”

    Mu Zi knew that she would burden him given how bad the weather was and the fact that her leg was injured. As such, she could only nod and say, “Be careful!”

    Lu Yao nodded. “Hide yourself properly. Don’t come out!”

    Then, Lu Yao left the cliff area.

    He had no communication equipment to contact Jian Qi. Therefore, what he had to do now was to eliminate one of the hunters and use his tracker. Then, he would be able to see where the other people were so that he could locate Jian Qi more easily.

    Also, Jian Qi had three signalling devices with her now. It was rather easy to find her!

    On the other hand, Jian Qi was hiding up on the slope. Her head was soaked by the rain but she lay down on the ground and remained motionless. She held her sniper gun in her hands and aimed it right in front of her so that she could eliminate anyone who approached her.

    It was the last day of the test now. She must survive until the end no matter what happened.

    The rain became heavier and heavier, and visibility was rather terrible at this point.

    At that moment, Jian Qi thought that no one would come up the slope from behind her. However, a strong and tall figure was climbing up the slope at a fast speed.

    The sound of the rain was thunderous. Undoubtedly, it was a favourable condition for him as his movements could not be heard.

    Jian Qi was lying on the ground while staring far ahead of her. She did not seem to have felt anything unusual…