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Chapter 162 - Rejection

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 162: Rejection

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Having consumed the prescription Xiao Luo had given him for a while, Jiang Yongchun found that his energy had returned. What made him even more ecstatic was that his “little brother” who had for a time, not responded to the fairer sex, had finally risen from its long slumber! Although it did not return as gloriously as it had when he was younger, he could at least enjoy the intimate company with a woman.

    He was very grateful to Xiao Luo and became an avid, loyal supporter of his.

    Therefore, when he saw that those people were creating a scene and were running their mouths off to spurn Xiao Luo, he decided to stand up and disclose Xiao Luo’s identity. His purpose was to put a stop to their evil intentions. He was a partner of the hospital, and many esteemed doctors and leaders recognized him, so whatever he said would carry weight.

    The ones that were most shocked now were Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren.

    “My brother… my brother is the boss of Luo’s Workshop?”

    Xiao Ruyi looked at Zhang Dashan and asked in disbelief.

    Zhang Dashan shrugged, spread his arms out, and said: “Yeah, I said that before. You’re the one who didn’t believe it. Both of us brothers are working for him.”

    Feng Wuhen and Xiao Wu nodded in unison.

    “Oh my god, my brother is so powerful!”

    Tang Ren was in disbelief. This was way beyond his imagination. He had never expected that he would have close connections with bosses having a net worth of hundreds of millions in this lifetime. After all, he was just an insignificant intern and had not even received his doctor’s certification. He was a small fry. He did not expect that such a person, the boss of Luo’s Workshop, with a net worth of a least seven to eight billion, was his wife’s brother.

    Sun Yu was stunned. She felt like she had lost the ability to control her actions and stood rooted to the ground where she stood. Her eyes stared at Xiao Luo, who was on stage. She murmured softly to herself: “So… so he is actually the boss of Luo’s Workshop…”

    This piece of sudden news took her by surprise and put her in a state of shock!

    She finally understood why her uncle had asked her to hold on to Xiao Luo, but…

    Sun Yu’s lips were trembling. She sat on her seat as though she had lost her soul. This wasn’t good news for her. She imagined an ever-widening gap between her and Xiao Luo that would be too broad to bridge. She likened it to Xiao Luo being in the sky, and she on the ground. He was a young entrepreneur and a promising boss of a well-known company, while she was merely a nurse from a humble background, holding a monthly salary of 3,000.

    Suddenly, she felt embarrassed to be even associated with Xiao Luo due to the gap in identity and his social status.

    “Beautiful Miss Sun Yu, would you be choosing Dr. Fu there or the young and promising President Xiao next to me?”

    Jiang Yongchun’s booming voice brought her back to reality.

    All eyes fell on her at that moment. It felt like a gigantic, invisible wall had formed, and the pressure was crushing her.

    Hu Shuirong’s eyes were filled with hope and anticipation, and she was unafraid to show her emotions. From the corner where she stood, she shouted excitedly to Sun Yu, “Yuyu, choose Xiao Luo quickly! He can definitely take you out of this dirty hell hole!”

    With all the attention on her, Sun Yu just sat in complete silence, staring blankly ahead. It seemed like Sun Yu was experiencing delayed stage-fright as a result of having been on stage earlier!

    “I will not choose either!”

    She suddenly stood up and announced aloud, before turning and running out the door.

    Choosing neither?!

    Jiang Yongchun was dumbfounded, Zhang Dashan was dumbfounded, Xiao Ruyi was even more so. She was shocked beyond disbelief.

    The was an unexpected end to an eventful evening. Who would have thought that Sun Yu would choose neither!

    “What’s going on here?” Zhang Dashan asked. He looked at Xiao Ruyi, not understanding what had just happened.

    Xiao Ruyi snapped back: “You’re asking me? Then who should I ask!”

    She had once asked Sun Yu about her feelings towards her brother in private before. From the way Sun Yu spoke, she was sure that Sun Yu liked her brother, but why would Sun Yu reject him so suddenly?

    She was puzzled.

    Xiao Luo was still staring at the door. Then he shook his head, put down the microphone, and walked straight off the stage.

    Jiang Yongchun stood on the stage, not knowing what to do for a while. He wanted to perform a good deed for Xiao Luo, but who knew it would turn out this way? His plan did not turn out as expected, and he had now embarrassed Xiao Luo as well.

    “Jiang Yongchun, what is your business here?”

    Xiao Luo suddenly stopped as he was walking past the man, turned around, and directed that cold, hard question at him. Then he walked off the stage without looking back.

    “President Xiao, this… I…”

    Jiang Yongchun really wanted to slap himself right then and there. What a situation he found himself in, not only had he not gotten any merits, instead Xiao Luo now bore a grudge against him. Jiang Yongchun was dismayed and at a loss for words.


    “Brother, are you… okay?”

    Xiao Ruyi asked as she looked at Xiao Luo walk towards her coldly.

    Xiao Luo patted her on the top of the head, smiled, and said: “What could happen to me.”

    “Uhm, brother, don’t be sad. Yuyu was probably not prepared for everything that went on in there. I can guarantee that she definitely likes you,” Xiao Ruyi said.

    “Yeah, based on my seven to eight years of experience picking up girls, Pretty Girl Sun definitely has feelings for you. But I just can’t figure out why she rejected you,” Zhang Dashan said. As he thought about this, he was touching his chin once again, stroking his imaginary beard.

    Xiao Luo smiled but did not speak.

    He wasn’t really disappointed. He just thought that Sun Yu seemed to be hiding something, especially after what Sun Yu’s friend Hu Shuirong had said to them; take her far away.

    It seemed as though she was hinting something to him.

    “For me, what Xiao Wu said was right. Don’t overthink these hypothetical possibilities; just knock her unconscious and bring her back.” Feng Wuhen blurted out his opinion with a firm conviction.

    Xiao Luo looked at him, speechless.


    Sun Yu walked to a secluded corner, then leaning against a tree, she cried. She cried like a child who was lost at night.


    Hu Shuirong, who had been chasing after her, called out when she spotted Sun Yu.

    Sun Yu began to sob. She tried to cover her pain with her hands, but those restraints were lost when Hu Shuirong rested her hands on her shoulders. She turned around, hugged Hu Shuirong and wept: “Shuirong, what do I do, what should I do? Sob, sob, sob…”

    Hu Shuirong’s eyes turned red as well, and she stroked the back of her shoulders gently: “Why don’t you agree to go with him? I can tell that Xiao Luo is a good man.”

    “It’s because he is too good, too outstanding, that’s why I dare not promise him. You know, I am not a clean girl, if that thing [TN: like an asthma attack, but the author seems to be hinting at something more serious and its left vague] were to hit, I…”

    Hu Shuirong could see the pain in her face and the inner struggle within. Sun Yu bit her lips hard and said: “I don’t deserve him at all!”

    “Don’t be silly, this isn’t your fault. It’s all that b*stard’s fault. He has hurt you, and he hurt me too. I got stuck too deep, I cannot turn back anymore, but you’re not the same. You must strengthen your resolve and push on. You can no longer be controlled by him, so be brave and go together with Xiao Luo. That man can save you!” Hu Shuirong said, comforting her.

    Sun Yu shook her head and said: “I don’t dare to let him know!”

    “Do you want to continue being tortured by that bastard?”

    Hu Shuirong’s emotions were out of control at this point, “He is just a beast. He has already harmed many young girls, I can no longer watch you get destroyed by him. So, I promise you, Xiao Luo, can take you away from all this.”

    “I… I want to think about it properly…”

    Sun Yu lowered her head, her tears continued streaming down her face.