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Chapter 163 - Appearance of trouble

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 163: Appearance of trouble

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    It had been seven days since the Mid-autumn Gala.

    Since then, Xiao Luo had not contacted Sun Yu, nor did she take the initiative to contact him. In all honesty, he had fallen in love with that girl, but after her rejection, he had not been in the right frame of mind, hardly speaking much, unless necessary.



    Like Zhang Dashan, he had started to make a habit of watching blind dating programs in the evenings while sitting on the sofa with a can of drink. His mind was cluttered with conflicting emotions. He wondered if there were unspeakable hardships that Sun Yu had suffered, or if it was that he didn’t know how to woo a girl and make a girl happy. The former seemed unlikely, but if it was the latter, he would probably be learning from these blind dating programs.

    “Old Xiao, good news. Fang Changlei was arrested for the prostitution racket in his hotels. He has been sentenced to two years and eight months. Wei Lei is completely done for.” Zhang Dashan said. He was sitting on the living room floor with Feng Wuhen and the rest of them, playing cards as they reported on the latest updates to Xiao Luo.


    Xiao Luo shook his head and chuckled softly, “In that case, he is really done for thanks to his own actions.”

    “Isn’t it exactly like the saying on the net, ‘No do, no die.’ That idiot Fang Changlei really is living proof of this phrase.”

    Zhang Dashan slowly opened his three cards, and when he saw what they were, a twinkle gleamed in his eyes. All three cards were hearts, and it was a straight; that meant he held a straight flush. This would beat all the other suits. He then placed the cards on the floor in front of him, before calling his bet.

    “Damn it, I call 500 bucks!”

    Shouting loudly, he took out a 500 bill from his pocket and slammed it down loudly.

    “Brother Zhang, you are too scary. We’re only just starting the game, and you’re playing so big,” Xiaowu said, his usual blank expression changing slightly.

    “Exactly, our salary isn’t as much as yours, so don’t play this big.” The others began to complain.

    Zhang Dashan retorted in a loud voice, “Stop talking nonsense, if you want to follow, then follow. If you don’t want to follow, then fold your cards. It’s as simple as that!”

    Xiaowu looked at his own cards, his eyebrows knitted together. He said: “Forget it.”

    As he folded, the next three were still checking their cards in hand, then all three proceeded to place their hands face down, one after another. They were out of the game.

    Feng Wuhen, on the other hand, decided to start with a “dark bet.” He didn’t even look at his cards before matching Zhang Dashan’s bet. It would seem he had placed his faith entirely on luck.

    “Ok. I’ll follow!”

    “Pa da~” he chimed as he put in his 500 dollar bet.

    “Hehe, little guy, if you want to cross with me, it’s ok. I’ll bet 500 more,” Zhang Dashan said, rolling up his sleeves and posturing like he was looking for a fight. Another 500 dollar bet was duly placed.

    “I will continue to follow!”

    Feng Wuhen was in the chase. He bet another 500, loving the thrill and excitement.

    “Old Bro, you’re too awesome. You’re thinking of crossing swords with me without even looking at your cards?”

    “Just putting up a fight, brother. Even a bicycle can beat a motorbike, and just with a simple bet, who knows, a trolley can become a BMW!” Feng Wuhen said, licking his lips and laughing.

    “Don’t end up losing your pants too!”

    Zhang Dashan took a thousand from his pocket and threw it down, “A thousand!”

    Looking at the red banknotes on the ground that were beginning to pile up like a small hill, Xiao Wu and the rest couldn’t help but swallow hard. Their eyes were glued to the massive pile of cash. In their hearts, they wished that all that money was theirs.

    Feng Wuhen began to hesitate and considered if he wanted to check his cards first.

    “Why are you dilly-dallying, I am asking if you will follow or not?”

    Zhang Dashan had no fear. He held a straight flush, and it was a winning hand. He needn’t be afraid.

    At that point, Xiao Luo came over and patted Zhang Dashan on his shoulders, “Why are you playing so big, are you treating my place like a casino?”

    “Old Xiao, it’s just two thousand dollars. It’s not as if it’s some big egg, it’s just a small bet. I just felt like making small bets, you know? If you’re not playing, then don’t speak.” Zhang Dashan said abruptly, then he pushed Xiao Luo away.

    Xiao Luo smiled, and as he walked away, he stepped close to Zhang Dashan’s cards. With a sleight of his feet, he swapped out Zhang Dashan’s cards unnoticed. His movements were clean and precise. Having carried out the deed, he then promptly walked away, holding on to his drink as if nothing had happened.

    Feng Wuhen had to make a big decision, and he declared bravely, “Alright, f*ck it, I’m going to risk it! One thousand, I want to see whose cards are bigger!”

    He flipped his own three cards over. Damn it, a pair of threes and the old K as the extra card. He frowned, looking exactly like an emoji.

    “Hahaha, little guy, that’s what you get for crossing me. Here, let me show you what your brother’s big cards are.”

    Zhang Dashan laughed endlessly. He picked up his cards from the floor and slammed them down with a forceful fling. “Seven, eight, nine; it’s a straight flush. It’s bigger than you imagined!”

    On hearing Zhang Dashan declare his hand, Feng Wuhen and Xiao Wu, leaned back, feeling depressed as the thrill of the chase suddenly left them. Then glancing at the open cards, they burst out in laughter!

    “Brother Zhang, what you have isn’t even a straight flush.”

    “It’s a six-eight-nine. Why, even the colors are different. Your high card is only nine.”


    Zhang Dashan, still in his victory pose, turned to glance at them in surprise. Then, he looked down.

    What the… his cards really were six-eight-nine! The eight and nine cards were both hearts, while the six-card was a clubs. He stuttered, “This, this, this… what the hell is going on, where’s my seven of hearts?”

    Feng Wuhen, ignoring him completely, reached across for the money and grabbed it gleefully from the floor, “Hehe… Brother Zhang, I’m sorry, but all this money is mine!”

    Xiaowu was really heartbroken, “If I had known earlier, he was scamming us. I wouldn’t have folded my cards. Damn it, giving up like this, I really feel like going to eat sh*t.”

    “F*ck your sister, I really did have a seven-eight-nine straight flush. I couldn’t be wrong. You guys better hurry up, go to the toilet and eat your shit. I just pooped, and it’s still piping hot.”

    Aside from the dissatisfaction of losing that way, something else irked him, and he was utterly at a loss of how to explain it. In the end, he could only think of one possibility.

    Frightened, he ran out to where Xiao Luo seated and said fearfully, “There’s a ghost here, Old Xiao! Your rented house definitely has a ghost. It even changed my cards. Let’s move out tomorrow; you have money now, so you don’t have to squeeze yourself in here any longer.”

    Looking at his pale, frightened face, Xiao Luo couldn’t help but laugh.



    [Chongshan Pavillion]

    Chu Yunxiong was walking beside Ge Zhongtian on the main road where their company office was located. They were breathing in the night air as they discussed all that had happened recently.

    “Fang Changlei has been sentenced to jail for two years and eight months. Now that Luo’s Workshop is in a stable position, they will be the leading company in Jiangcheng’s baking industry,” Ge Zhongtian said.

    With a tone of concern in his voice, Chu Yunxiong said: “This Fang Changlei has been unlucky, however, while he has fallen, there is still another foe standing in the way of Little Luo.”

    “Boss Chu, are you talking about the Dragon Gang?” Ge Zhongtian asked, second-guessing his friend.

    Chu Yunxiong nodded: “Even those hotels that were searched, they were Fang Changlei’s in name only. Their real owner is actually Long Sankui. In addition to that, 30% of Wei Lei actually belongs to Long Sankui. With Fang Changlei’s fall, it will have a direct impact on Long Sankui’s interests. Knowing how petty Long Sankui is, one would not expect him to do nothing.”

    Ge Zhongtian exhaled deeply: “Yes, even if it has nothing to do with his interest, he would not let Xiao Luo go because Fang Changlei has helped him out of a predicament in his early years.”

    Fang Changlei helped Long Sankui out?

    Chu Yunxiong smiled and said: “Those are merely rumors. Fang Changlei is merely Long Sankui’s proxy. To put it another way, he is nothing more than Long Sankui’s puppet. Losing a puppet won’t hurt Long Sankui, but if his profits are threatened, he would not think twice taking action.”

    “It appears that Xiao Luo is in big trouble again,” Ge Zhongtian said, expressing his sympathy for Xiao Luo.

    “That might be true, but it’s hard to say who’s the one in big trouble, “Chu Yunxiong said, smiling.