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Chapter 162 - Do What Was Said

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 162: Do What Was Said

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    Black didn’t care whether the other party was male or female. Anyone who dared to insult his goddess was defined as a “douchebag”, and they should be taught a lesson.

    Qianmo was afraid Black would physically hurt someone, so she pushed him aside and stepped forward herself.

    “Young lady, please clarify yourself. What am I selling, and who did I sell to?”

    “Aiya, Miss, please ignore them. They can’t afford to buy, so they are jealous. Don’t stoop to their level.” The sales assistant immediately advised Qianmo. She could see her VIP about to sprout wings and fly away.

    “We will handle this. Please don’t get involved.” Qianmo raised her hand.

    The student had blocked Qianmo impulsively. Although she thought she was doing it for justice, it was actually due to a twisted mentality.

    Her boyfriend in the city had just cheated on her with a wealthy girl. Therefore, she regarded all the rich people in the world as her enemy. She went shopping, but she couldn’t bear to spend the money. Furthermore, the sales assistant’s look made her feel she was being looked down upon. All these reasons contributed to her extreme action of blocking Qianmo and Black.

    Although Black’s gaze frightened her, since she had already gone so far, she had to finish the deed. She talked to Qianmo begrudgingly after she made up her mind.

    “I despise people like you who are always unsatisfied with what you have. Why did you send him away? Wasn’t it to buy slutty clothes like these—”

    “Hey! Whose clothes are you calling slutty? We are an international brand from F Country, a famous designer!” The sales assistant was about to explode. You could insult her, but you could not insult her holy goods!

    “Shut up, you goods monger! Let me ask you, do you dare to show him what you have just bought? Do you dare to tell him where your money comes from? Do you dare to tell him who the middle-aged man you were talking to was?” the student shouted at Qianmo.

    She was roaring; she was venting. She felt the world had been unfair to her.

    Qianmo was her punching bag for falling out of love.

    “I dare.”

    Qianmo opened her backpack and looked at Black. Then, she placed the clothes she bought earlier onto the counter and displayed them one by one. In the beginning, Black still had his “God of War” murderous aura, but he started to blush as time went by. Damn, his heartbeat was increasing.

    Before his phobia could act up, he was already far too agitated by his restless and wild thoughts. He dared not think how stunning she would look wearing these. They were perfect for her. He liked these colors and, furthermore, liked her…

    “These are all bought with my boyfriend’s money. As for why am I buying”—Qianmo looked at Black—”using a man’s money to buy what he likes and what I am willing to do, isn’t the reason obvious? Do you need to over-read into a couple’s normal interaction?”

    The goal of a woman buying these clothes was very simple: to mesmerize him till he was breathless, then let him tear them open himself. Did she need to explain such a simple thing?

    The sales assistant and the student were stupefied, along with Black.

    His brain was replaying the sentence she had uttered, over and over again. She said he liked it, and she was willing to do it.

    She was willing, willing, willing…

    So sultry, so blissful.

    If there wasn’t a crowd there, he would really like to hug her and turn around in circles.

    The student had suddenly jumped out to reveal Qianmo’s “true self”. Her companion thought it wasn’t a nice thing to do, so she tried to pull her away.

    “Excuse us, please. She just broke up, and her emotions are a little out of balance…”

    “Don’t pull me! She is shameless! She lusts after the rich people! What’s so great about money? Can a person stomp on others’ integrity just because they are rich?” The words “broke up” didn’t appease her; instead, they added fuel to the fire.

    The student vented her frustration on Qianmo when she recalled how she was cheated because of her “poverty”.

    She liked the clothes from this brand. However, her boyfriend told her the people who wore this kind of expensive clothes were not decent. In reality, he was trying to save money and not buy for her. Besides, he couldn’t afford them.

    She came here to buy a piece for herself to take “revenge” on the boyfriend after he dumped her cruelly. However, she couldn’t even bring herself to buy a discounted piece after looking around for half a day.

    All her negative emotions were triggered after she met Qianmo, acting impulsively under the stimulation.

    “Nobody is stomping on your integrity. Unless you yourself placed it on the floor and on the way where we would go through.” Qianmo could guess a little when she saw this girl’s behavior.

    “I believe it would only dirty our shoes if we stomp on you.” Black was unfriendly to all beings that came to antagonize his woman.

    How lovely was his girl? She bought so many pretty clothes to wear for him to see. Why should such a good girl be insulted by others?

    Of course, he would retaliate.

    Qianmo put the lingerie back into her backpack. Black’s reaction had told her that her choice was correct. His taste was the same as her previous life.

    They had to be this high-end and not vulgar. He wasn’t interested in the cheap ones. Although this guy said he didn’t have a concept of money, the fact was that he had stringent requirements for his quality of life. He couldn’t accept anything crudely made. He could bear cheap clothing for himself, but he couldn’t accept that for her.

    Of course, the introverted and coquettish man wouldn’t realize it, but the psychologist had already seen through all that.

    The girl didn’t realize why she had failed to “deliver justice” and was instead “humiliated”.

    Why were these rich evil people so arrogant? She refused to think that she was the one who had first stepped out of bounds.

    “Your relationship is bought with money, so it will not last! You are after his money, and he is after your body. He wouldn’t treasure you afterward. You two wouldn’t have a happy ending!” The girl cursed them evilly.

    She was not only cursing Qianmo but also the rich woman who had snatched her boyfriend.

    Black was on the verge of blowing his top. How dare she curse that he and his goddess wouldn’t last long! She was asking to be beaten up.

    “It seems like there is a problem with your life values. Still, since I am in a good mood today, I will give you a free lesson.” Qianmo didn’t turn to look at Black. She only extended her hand.

    “How much money will you give me if I spend a night with you?”

    Black was taken aback before saying, “All my savings, and the real estate too.”

    He would give her whatever he had, but she had to be accountable for the phrase “spend a night”.

    “How much do you have on you now?” Qianmo said calmly.

    Black took out his wallet. He usually didn’t bring too much cash, maybe just tens of thousands.

    Qianmo took the money. The stack of cash created a visual impact on the onlookers. She waved it in front of the girl.

    “Do you see this? Do you understand?”

    “You people, you people…” It was a huge blow to the girl. She felt that the world was too perverse. This behavior was immoral!

    “Let me guess, you should…” Qianmo stepped forward and whispered to the girl softly in her ear. The girl’s face became pale immediately. How did this woman know?

    Of course, Qianmo was protecting her reputation by whispering in her ear.

    “You should have given your first time to the ex-boyfriend whom you have just broken up with? You thought it was true love when you gave it to him. Then, you felt that men are all bastards after he dumped you?”