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Chapter 163 - This Was The Worst Ever That “Love” Had Been Vilified

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 163: This Was The Worst Ever That “Love” Had Been Vilified

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    Psychic Chen’s power was boundless, and her predictions were always accurate.

    Qianmo had been following her scammer mother, who had a fortune-teller stall in the park, since she was one year old. When other children were reciting “Three-Character Canon” at their age, she had been listening to Mu Feifei telling people, “There’s a dark shadow on your forehead. I am worried you will have an impending doom.”

    As an adult, she followed the country’s no.1 in Criminal Psychology, Chen Meng, who was excellent in confounding people. Her skills were exceptional, so reading a student was a piece of cake.

    She easily made the student alarmed with just a few words.

    “How did you know…” The girl dared not be arrogant again, even losing the courage to speak loudly. This incident was her sore spot.

    Qianmo made Black keep the money and said calmly in a voice that only three of them could hear, “When you use ‘giving him your most precious thing’ as a bargaining chip, expecting that it would keep a man by your side forever, it was already being irresponsible to yourself.

    “If you despise me for requesting money in exchange for spending a night together, why are you still doing it?”

    “I didn’t ask for money! It’s not the same…” The girl believed that hers was true love.

    She had given her purest self to him; how could he treat her like that?

    “Asking for money and tying someone to you with chastity, aren’t they both one and the same? You are only using love as packaging, so everything doesn’t look so cheap. Especially to those despicable and irresponsible men, ‘love’ is just a cheap tool to get the girls.”

    Black nodded seriously.

    “Then, are you telling me to be like you? Exchange my body for material gains?”

    “Even if you want to exchange, there must be a willing party. Men are not all blind,” Black said the truth honestly. He didn’t think he was too harsh at all.

    Qianmo looked at him helplessly.  Black strolled to the side to consciously get out of the picture.

    “He will feel that you deserve the best things in the world if he likes you. He might not have plenty of money, but he will be willing to spend it all on you. He will not say, ‘If you love me, you will not ask for all this material stuff.’ He will also not say, ‘You don’t love me if you don’t give it to me.’ Even using breakup to threaten you.”

    The girl was stunned. Her ex-boyfriend had said everything that Qianmo was telling her now!

    “He said that if I love him, I should give it to him.” He eventually got it. But she got dumped!

    “A man who respects you will not use love to force you. Instead, he will consider what he can offer to this relationship, not compelling you to contribute to him. Sleeping together is the perfect unification of the minds and bodies. Both parties have to show their sincerity.

    “However, you were trying to exchange your chastity for love, but he was using ‘love’ to exchange for a brief moment of ecstasy. He was thinking of having sex while you were thinking of making love. The point of exchange didn’t occur at the same level, so naturally, a breakup followed.”

    The girl broke into tears. She gave her heart and got hurt in return. She really was speechless and at a loss.

    Qianmo patted her on the shoulders. “Everyone would meet a few scumbags when they are young. We just have to remember the lesson learned from our mistakes.

    “Utilize the strength you used to go against me, to identify the scums. When the man is only thinking about sex, the woman shouldn’t think about love. It’s not shameful to lie for sex. But it’s shameful to use ‘love’ as an excuse after lying.”

    This was the worst ever that “love” had been vilified.

    “I really love him…” The girl cried.

    “You have a long life ahead of you. There will definitely be a man more worthy of your love who will appear in your life eventually.”

    “What if he never does?” A person who had their heart broken was not only extreme but also pessimistic.

    “Then you just have to love yourself. How do you expect a man to cherish you if you don’t love yourself? Anyway, can’t you survive without a man? Your parents didn’t send you to university for you to restrict yourself mentally. Can’t you survive without a dick?! What’s wrong with loving yourself and thriving?”

    Black, who happened to “pass by”, was awestruck.

    Qianmo could also feel Black’s intense gaze even as she concentrated on the girl. She pushed him back to the side.

    Although Qianmo didn’t say much, its impact was huge. Qianmo knew she had said enough when she saw the girl freeze on the spot.

    She turned and held on to Black’s arm.

    “If you meet a man who is willing to contribute to you, treat him well. If you don’t, treat yourself well. Don’t hate the whole world just because a jerk has hurt you. You have to cherish yourself.”

    The girl watched Qianmo walk away, her words reverberating in her mind.

    Her mother had once said, ‘A girl has to keep her most precious chastity for her husband.’ She really had gotten together with her boyfriend while thinking that she was presenting an offering. She subconsciously believed that sleeping together meant forever.

    But that big sister said her body didn’t belong to anyone but herself. She didn’t love herself enough…

    “Wrap this up for me!” The girl pointed at the item that she had spent half a day looking at but couldn’t bear to buy. The sales assistant was stupefied.

    She had to be nicer to herself and treat herself better. She would buy for herself even if the jerk didn’t want to!

    “Girl, don’t be foolish!” The student’s classmate tried to pull her away.

    “I will buy the things I like myself. I shall work when I don’t have the money!” She would not depend on any man in the future. She would live her life in the way she had endeavored for herself.

    Just like that awesome big sister earlier.

    Qianmo was too lazy to walk after shopping. She seldom came to the mall, so she let Black bring her to the food court on the top floor for lunch. She had a simple cold noodle dish and some buns with meat.

    She was a person who followed her heart. She could fine dine and, at the same time, also like simple meals. Still, her favorite was, of course, Black’s cooking.

    Yu Changmo was spacing out currently. His girlfriend rescuing a lost girl had stirred up his feelings. But the greatest stimulation was… His eyes couldn’t help but look toward her backpack.

    “Eat your food properly, and don’t think about nonsense.” Qianmo tapped on his bowl.

    Black didn’t dare say anything, but he couldn’t control his bold and unrestrained imagination.

    The mysterious purple, elegant gold, and innocent pink feather. He thought until he carved out two oval arcs in his buns with his teeth.


    Qianmo turned and saw the sales assistant from the store earlier. The sales assistants were also having their lunch in this food court. She was glad to see Qianmo here.

    “It’s you.” Qianmo smiled.

    The sales assistant admired Qianmo greatly. Her speech about the “new woman” was eye-opening, to say the least. She had met many kinds of people while working in the mall, but Qianmo was the woman with the most character.

    The sales assistant couldn’t control her admiration for Qianmo. She told Qianmo what happened after she had left.