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Chapter 826 - The Xia Family Sells Their Land

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 826: The Xia Family Sells Their Land

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    The Xia Family!

    “Hello! The number you have dialed is unavailable at the moment. Please call again later!” That was how humans were. The more he could not reach him, the more he tried to call. He had already lost all his patience.

    It was the umpteenth time that Xia Haolin had tried to call the redhead. However, the call just could not get through.

    “Goddamn it!” Xia Haolin turned as pale as a sheet and his eyes turned as dark as ink.

    Three days ago, he had already tried to contact the redhead, and they were both pleased with the terms of the transaction. The redhead said that he would act according to plan and force Xia Ruya to take the money out.

    On the second day, the redhead had still yet to send any updates about the matter and hence, he decided to call the redhead himself. However, he could sense that the redhead was just brushing him off, though he did not take it to heart.

    From yesterday onwards, he could no longer contact the redhead. He sent some people to look for the redhead, only to realize that he had gone missing. Even until now, he could not recover from the shock.

    A sullen expression formed on Old Mr. Xia’s face and he said, “Haolin, how’s the situation going on with the redhead? Has Ruya agreed to take that money out? This can’t drag on any longer. You must think of a way to let Ruya loosen up. The situation in the Xia Family is terrible. This can’t drag on.”

    This time, Xia Haolin was the one who suggested that they abduct Xia Ruya, and Old Mr. Xia agreed to it. Xia Haolin had always handled matters appropriately and hence, Old Mr. Xia did not ask about the process of the matter. He just wanted to scare Xia Ruya into taking the money out so that the Xia Family could tide over the crisis.

    Xia Haolin pressed his lips together and remained silent.

    Old Mr. Xia frowned and said, “Haolin, why aren’t you saying anything? Did something happen? Or is Ruya unwilling to take the money out?”

    It had already been eight days since they abducted Xia Ruya. At the end of the day, she was just a flower in a nursery and could not take the abuse they put her through. Logically speaking, she should have taken the money out by now. After all… money was just a material possession. Wass it really more important than her life?

    Xia Haolin took a deep breath and said in a hoarse voice, “Father! I’ve already lost contact with the redhead yesterday. I reckon he must have brought Xia Ruya away together with my deposit. He’s definitely planning to pocket everything.”

    This was beyond his expectations. He had interacted with the redhead several times before. Although he was greedy, he had a bottom line and was trustworthy. He had taken money from others to solve their problems several times before. However, he did not expect that he would be backstabbed.

    Old Mr. Xia’s eyes widened in shock and he asked in disbelief, “What?”

    Xia Haolin recounted everything.

    Old Mr. Xia smacked his hand against the coffee table in exasperation and his voice sounded in the house. “That redhead turned out to be so brazen and outrageous. How could he…”

    Xia Haolin suppressed the anger in his heart and said, “Father, now that things have already come to this, there’s no point in getting angry. The most important thing to do now is to make money. The Xia Family can’t wait any longer.”

    The Administrative Bureau of Business and Commerce had given them their last warning and the Xia Family had already stepped out to solve the problem and stopped the sales of all the products that had failed to pass the quality checks. Otherwise, it would become the evidence that could be used against the Xia Family in court. Now that the Xia Family needed a large sum of money to pay the fine and appease the angry members of the public, they still had to appease… those workers who were asking for their pay.

    Old Mr. Xia said, “What about the Chen Family? Why don’t we borrow a sum of money from the Chen Family and appease those customers for now? We’ll then… think of other solutions later.”

    He initially thought that they could get some money from Xia Ruya. However, they did not think that she would be so stubborn.

    It was all Xia Ruya’s fault. She was the sinner who had caused the Xia Family to be in such a sorry plight. She had the means to help the Xia Family tide over the crisis but was unwilling to take the money out to do so.

    Old Mr. Xia detested Xia Ruya to the core.

    Xia Haolin smiled and said, “Father… I’ve already contacted the Chen Family. Not only are they not willing to lend us money, they even brought up the two loans that they gave us.”

    The Chen Family’s intentions were clear. They were trying to say that the Chen Family had already helped the Xia Family to the fullest, and they were also trying to remind them that they still owed the Chen Family a huge sum of money.

    After hearing his words, Old Mr. Xia flew into a rage and asked, “What does the Chen Family mean? The Xia Family has been close to them for so many years, and we’ve been in-laws for so long. They’re just watching us suffer and leaving us in the lurch. At the end of the day, they’re just being calculative!”

    Xia Haolin had no idea what to say. He simply felt that the Chen Family was acting strangely and, although they were previously unwilling to help them, they did not turn him down so severely. He had previously thought that they did not need to return the two loans. However, their attitude changed too drastically too soon!

    Did something happen?

    Fuming with exasperation, Old Mr. Xia asked, “Where is your daughter-in-law? Get your daughter-in-law to go back and talk to her family. I refuse to believe… that the old man won’t save us on my account. I refuse to believe that he won’t care about his daughter and grandchildren.”

    Xia Haolin rubbed his forehead and said, “Father, you’ve forgotten that my father-in-law passed out all of a sudden two days ago. Linfang brought the two kids to see him but hasn’t returned yet.”

    The Chen Family had already made their attitude clear, and the Xia Family could not hold on any longer. The Chen Family still had the ability to feed their daughter and grandchildren. They would not be threatened by the Xia Family.

    Old Mr. Xia thumped himself down onto the couch and his mind was sent into a state of frenzy.

    Xia Haolin said, “Father, we’d better sell our land! I know of a friend. He said he knows a real estate magnate who’s very rich, and the price he quoted is not bad either. If you’re willing, we’ll be able to get the money very soon and solve our problem.”

    In the past two days, he had already checked on the market prices for that plot of land. Currently, the Gu Family and the overseas real estate magnate had offered the best prices. However, he was leaning more towards the Gu Family because he wanted to take the chance to get acquainted with the Gu Family because of this.

    Old Mr. Xia pressed his lips together tightly and remained silent.

    Xia Haolin said helplessly, “Father, now that things have already come to this, we don’t have another solution. Ancestor didn’t give us that piece of land just to help us prosper. It is also for us to save the family business during times of need. If the Xia Family really gets ruined, is there a point in keeping that plot of land?”

    Old Mr. Xia had no choice but to say, “We’ll sell it, then!”

    Although he was stubborn, he would not watch the Xia Family get ruined. The Xia Family didn’t have another option other than to sell the land and get a huge sum of money.