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Chapter 119 - : Let’s Go Together?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 119

    : Let’s Go Together?

    “Cha Cha?”

    Seeing Su Cha’s dazed expression, the man walked to her, gently stroking her face.

    After what happened the previous night, he felt her body was even more tainted with a scent that belonged to him. That delighted him.

    Satisfaction filled his eyes.

    Probably because he was fully fed, he was extremely satisfied today. His expression and attitude were slightly more lazy and relaxed.

    He looked quite friendly to talk to.

    Su Cha looked up, her emotions back to normal. She laughed brightly, saying, “Let’s go. I’m going to school, you’re going to work, perfect.”

    A moment of stillness.

    Bo Muyi felt Su Cha had something going on.

    The satisfied expression in his eyes quickly vanished. He became a little dismal, but it was not obvious.

    His thumb was still caressing Su Cha’s face. In an instant, he raised the corner of his lips. “Okay.”

    Several servants had arrived downstairs to prepare breakfast for Bo Muyi. Upon seeing Su Cha, they were all startled.

    They looked at each other, expressing that no one expected the young master to bring a woman home.

    They were only servants hired by Bai Kun, paid money to work. They did not ask any questions they shouldn’t.

    Since the start, Bai Kun already knew Bo Muyi’s face would bring about certain problems, hence those he hired were a group of reliable middle-aged women. As long as they knew how to cook and get work done, that was enough.

    They had worked for such a long time, yet Bo Muyi had only spoken a mere ten sentences to them. He had a weird temper – was gloomy, cold, and heartless – these descriptors were deeply impressed upon the hearts of the servants since long ago.

    His bedroom, apart from essential cleaning up, no one was to enter at other times, especially when he was around.

    Although he had never lost his temper in front of the servants, his appearance alone was already enough to make people tremble without doing so.

    Thus no matter how curious they were, they would never enquire too much, in fear of inviting trouble they shouldn’t.

    Now, seeing Su Cha, one could imagine the shock in their hearts.

    However, everyone held themselves back from asking too much. The most senior nanny who could speak up said, “Young master, breakfast is ready.”

    Sometimes Bo Muyi would be too pressed for time, and not eat at home.

    Hence they asked routinely on a daily basis.

    Looking at the time, Su Cha realized they were running late. Since Bo Muyi was still walking slowly, she first shuffled quickly down the stairs and asked, “What was made? Porridge?”

    For unknown reasons, she was unbearably hungry. It was probably from too much physical exertion the previous night.

    If what was cooked needed to be eaten at home, she might as well buy some bread outside on the way.

    After hesitating for a moment, the nanny said, “It’s millet porridge. There are also sandwiches.”

    Bo Muyi was very picky when it came to food, so they usually prepared a few varieties.

    Although she didn’t know Su Cha, since she was able to exit from the same room as the young master, there was no need for clarification of her status.

    Su Cha smiled. “That’s great, can I trouble you to pack me a sandwich? I’ll eat it on the way.”

    She spoke quite politely. Though it put some kind of pressure on others unknowingly, she appeared to be innocent and kind, and her smile was pleasing.

    However the nanny still subconsciously glanced towards Bo Muyi, who did not show any action. He slowly walked down the stairs, a single word escaping from between his lips and teeth: “Go.”

    There was no need for clarification of the attitude she ought to have.

    The nanny nodded immediately and entered the kitchen to pack for Su Cha.

    Su Cha turned to look at Bo Muyi. “Muyi, will you be eating at home or going with me?”