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Chapter 120 - They Know You’re Returning, They’re Happy

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 120: They Know You’re Returning, They’re Happy

    This question was quite unnecessary. The man’s attitude hardly needed to be expressed. “With you.”

    Su Cha nodded, asking for one more portion to be packed.

    The servant carefully packed the baked bacon and cheese sandwich and handed it to Su Cha.

    Bo Muyi had no intention of reaching out to receive it, so of course, Su Cha held both portions by herself while urging Bo Muyi to leave.

    Now she was a student, studies were definitely her priority, she could not be late for self-study.

    After getting in the car, Su Cha shoved a sandwich into Bo Muyi’s hand and started eating one herself.

    While eating, Su Cha saw that Bo Muyi only kept staring at her, not touching his own portion. After a moment of hesitation, she tore a bit of her sandwich and fed it through the man’s lips.

    Bo Muyi actually opened his mouth and ate obediently.

    After that it was very clear – Bo Muyi only ate what Su Cha fed him. He wouldn’t even eat Su Cha’s sandwich if it were in his own hands.

    Su Cha fed Bo Muyi while eating, it was unclear how many times she cursed in her heart.

    How many years had it been since she last served people!

    Even that scumbag Zhai Yao wasn’t worthy of her service, not to mention her past as Empress Dowager for decades – she was on the receiving end of such service.

    Who let her stumble upon Bo Muyi.

    While feeding him the last bit, Bo Muyi took rather deep bites, and the tip of his tongue grazed Su Cha’s fingertips. Su Cha instantly felt ticklish and quickly withdrew her hand.

    The driver was in front…

    Observing Su Cha’s expression, Bo Muyi reached out and pressed a switch, and a row of partitions appeared between the front and rear seats, completely isolating the sounds and view of the rear seats.

    Bo Muyi leaned contently on Su Cha. With a hint of satisfaction, he said softly, “Cha Cha, I’m not full yet.”

    His statement went two ways.

    When he emphasized the word “full”, Su Cha instantly understood what he meant. Thinking of the previous night’s scene, Su Cha cast aside her true depraved thoughts, not continuing Bo Muyi’s talk. She uprightly rebutted, “Really? You can tell the driver to buy some bread to fill your stomach later. I’m already full.”

    Bo Muyi shifted closer, rubbed against her ear, and said with an aspirated voice, “No, you feed me tonight.”

    His voice exuded a few breaths, which penetrated into Su Cha’s ears, spreading through her entire body, inducing an irresistible feeling of numbness.


    You always speak in such a low voice, don’t you know these words are shameless?

    If not for her being sufficiently calm and collected aura, if it were regular people being seduced by Bo Muyi, her face would surely turn red.

    She didn’t say a word, Bo Muyi also understood he couldn’t force her too much. He chuckled lightly, his fingers caressing Su Cha’s neck and shoulders, not saying anything else overboard.

    When they neared the school, Su Cha got off the car and waved eagerly at Bo Muyi with a smile. “See you, Muyi. You don’t need to pick me up tonight, I’ll go back myself.”

    The smile on the man’s face crumpled at the last sentence before it got to bloom.

    Su Cha too didn’t bother with him. She still couldn’t get too used to him now. His temper was weird, he was monopolistic and so powerful he was scary. A few days of indulgence aside, Bo Muyi simply was in the right position for a smooth climb to the top.

    She gently kissed Bo Muyi’s forehead and turned to head for school.

    As Bo Muyi watched Su Cha’s back view disappear further and further, the car slowly started and the partitions opened. He tilted his head slightly, with a finger supporting his forehead. The driver in the front seat slowly said, “Young master, those in Imperial Capital already know you’re returning, they are very happy.”

    Upon hearing the words, the man chucked slightly, but the smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes. Feelings of coldness grew heavier.