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Chapter 121 - Success

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 121: Success

    While Su Cha was in school, probably because of the previous night’s events, she seemed rather listless.

    On the surface it was hard to tell. She looked as serious as usual when in class.

    From her perspective, Le Anqi felt that something was off with Su Cha. She leaned forward towards Su Cha and noticed there was a red mark on the nape of her neck, right where clothes were just covering.

    Her eyes widened instantly. “Su Cha, what did you do last night?”

    Girls today were generally not pure, even if they knew what they should do. It didn’t mean they always thought in that direction, only Le Anqi was too weird.

    Su Cha’s expression was natural. “What could I have done?”

    Le Anqi pointed at the red mark. “Here you…”

    “Oh?” Su Cha’s expression didn’t change. “It’s not like you don’t know how hot it was yesterday, and how many mosquitoes there were. They bit me and I scratched it.”

    Suspicion was written all over Le Anqi’s face. “Really?”

    Although the red mark did not look like it, Le Anqi herself had no experience in this area.

    In addition, Su Cha explained everything with a straight face. Le Anqi felt she probably overanalyzed it.

    A person like Su Cha looked like an upright student who studied hard.

    Su Cha too didn’t say anymore, and just slightly lifted the corners of her lips.

    After class, Cai Ziya came over to discuss study questions with Su Cha, Le Anqi felt she couldn’t butt in to talk.

    After today, it was the weekend again, just two weeks away from the college entrance examination.

    Time was growing short, the students about to take the college entrance examinations would have to face making major life choices. Whether they succeeded or failed, it would be revealed in the two days of exams.

    The Su Cha who had returned home continued her embroidery while the skies hadn’t yet turned dark.

    She never did these at night, because it would hurt her eyes.

    There were still many fabrics, sufficient for her to make more than a dozen embroidered clothes, but Su Cha estimated that she did not have much time.

    Hence after this rose, she probably needed to embroider a simpler pattern.

    She needed to save up money as early as possible.

    Though there were still a few flowers and leaves that were incomplete, Su Cha continued her martial arts practice after dinner.

    Before that, she first transferred 5,000 yuan to Mr. Su. She didn’t have Mr. Su’s card number, so she used WeChat to transfer.

    Although Mr. Su said that the money had already been given to Su Cha, she was not ready to accept it.

    The remainder, she would give it all to Mr. Su.

    After finishing, Su Cha muted her phone.

    Today’s weather was slightly better than the previous day’s, it gave a relaxed feeling.

    It was getting dark outside the window. Su Cha sat on the bed, crossed her legs and started to exercise her mind.

    It felt different from previous sessions. Today, the airflow hovered around Su Cha and did not enter. Su Cha frowned slightly, her expression not very relaxed.

    About an hour later Su Cha, in a stagnant stage, suddenly drew a long breath. The weather was not too hot, but many fine beads of sweat had appeared on her forehead.

    The airflow that hovered around her suddenly condensed into a substantial white mist, rushing into Su Cha’s body.

    Anyone who saw this scene would be deeply stunned and start to doubt their world view.

    When Su Cha’s body started to shake slightly, her face also became a few shades paler. When she opened her eyes, her expression was happy.

    She’d finally succeeded.

    Her meridians had all been opened. The absorbed airflow finally became Heaven and Earth Origin Qi, which was pure enough.

    Her mind would automatically purify such Heaven and Earth Origin Qi.