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Chapter 174 - Ning Meng as the Agen

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 174: Ning Meng as the Agent

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    Ning Wentao said happily. “Mengmeng, do you know about it? The total number of the box office of  was reported today, it was 6.7 billion! You broke Hua Xia’s record!”

    Ning Meng’s eyes brightened. “It’s not bad.”

    In the original book, that movie would indeed become famous but it would only gain 3.5 billion in the end, however, its achievement was now doubled when she invested more money in it.

    Ning Wentaon spoke again. “Our company earned more than ten billion through that movie alone. Now that I think about it, you’ll still have money even if you have a divorce!”

    Ning Meng’s lips twitched. She changed the topic and pointed at Li Shiyao’s name on the name list. “Why was she eliminated?”

    Ning Wentai glanced at it. She was a rather beautiful girl. He said casually, “She might be too old.”

    Just from the way he spoke of her, you could tell that he was not concerned about it.

    Ning Meng cut to the chase directly. “Let her stay.”


    Ning Meng was afraid that they would arrange a bad agent for Li Shiyao, so she immediately continued, “Give me a post as an agent then assign her to me. I’ll become her agent.”

    It was not enough to have only Lin Qingbei in the entertainment company.

    Ning Meng had thought about it even before Liu Ying had said those kinds of things.

    She had not seen anybody with potential when she flipped through the company’s celebrity name list before, but now that she had found a good candidate, surely she needed to be responsible for that herself.

    Ning Wentao had always granted her wishes and so, he approved of her suggestion directly.


    When she left the office, Ning Meng saw Lin Qingbei leaning against the wall beside the door, and she wondered how long he had been standing there.

    He was wearing a black hoodie and his white pants made his legs appear rather long and slim. Moreover, he was wearing a pair of Air Jordan sports shoes which made him seem very young and energetic. He showed no emotion on his face but the surroundings became much brighter and lively with him standing there.

    Ning Meng was slightly stunned. “Is there anything?”

    Lin Qingbei straightened his body lazily. He did not look directly at her but instead, said rather cooly and arrogantly, “Shouldn’t the company prepare a car for me?”

    Ning Meng realized her mistake all of a sudden. “It’s my negligence.”

    Lin Qingbei was indeed famous, he was among the most popular singers now.

    He needed to go to the set every day. Moreover, he needed to attend all kinds of functions all the time. Surely, he needed a car.

    Ning Meng thought about it for a while before throwing the car key in her hand to him. “I’ll ask the employees to prepare a car for you. Just use my car first for the time being.”

    Lin Qingbei took the car key and lowered his eyes. “Thanks.”

    He then turned to look at her. “Do you want a ride back home?”

    At first, Ning Meng had maintained a polite distance with Lin Qingbei. He had performed well recently and had never met her on his own initiative, never once getting entangled with her in a love affair, thus, it should be fine.

    However, Ning Meng had had too many love affairs since. She did not want to get involved with anybody and so, she waved her hands and said, “No need.”

    Then, she left immediately afterward.

    Ning Meng adored the pink Maserati the most. The black Benz she had driven today was prepared by the company for her and she rarely used it. So, it was fine even if she let Lin Qingbei use the car instead.

    When she was long gone, Lin Qingbei looked at her back and lowered his eyes.

    A while back, CEO Ning had said that Ning Meng would have ample money even if she had a divorce.

    So, her husband had cheated on her and she wanted a divorce.

    Lin Qingbei’s eyes brightened when he thought about that.


    Three days went by swiftly.

    It was the final contest for Throne of Songs. It was also the moment for the singers to compete for the champion.

    Su Tiantian prepared herself well. She was confident in winning the contest and becoming the champion.