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Chapter 169 - Her Little Heart is Broken

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 169: Her Little Heart is Broken

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    The man was climbing up the slope at a much faster rate now, quickly approaching the top.

    Not long after, his silhouette could be seen on the top of the slope.

    He was crawling on the ground and he did not advance rashly as he quietly observed his surroundings.

    Everything around him was swallowed up by the heavy downpour. The man was observing his surroundings intently when his gaze finally fell upon a spot that was a good hiding spot.

    He smiled softly. Then, he lifted a pair of binoculars and looked at that spot.

    Jian Qi was lying on that spot without any movements whatsoever. She was staring far ahead of her intently.

    Somehow, she felt that something was not right.

    It was an instinct!

    However, she could not sense anyone around her.

    The rain was too heavy. She would not be able to hear any sounds of footsteps if the hunters were to stealthily approach her.

    The main point was she could not even sense anyone around her right now.

    Yet, she instinctively felt that something was off!

    Jian Qi always believed in her instincts.

    She remained motionless. However, she calmed herself down and started to observe her surroundings. She perked up her ears.

    Was there any other sound other than the sound of the rain and the wind?

    Suddenly, her eyes fluttered open. She pointed her sniper gun toward her right subconsciously.

    Somebody was approaching her.

    Jian Qi pulled the trigger and fired a shot at the right.

    However, a figure dodged to the side quickly the moment she pointed to her right hand side.

    He dodged her attack almost perfectly.

    Jian Qi smirked as her eyes flashed with a trace of excitement.

    It was rather interesting…

    Yet, she was slightly surprised when she tried to aim her gun at that person again, that person did not have a gun!

    If not, he would have shot her when she turned around just now instead of dodging her bullet.

    Was he her teammate?

    Jian Qi did not shoot him anymore when she thought of that possibility. She said, “Teammate, don’t hide yourself. I won’t shoot you. Come and chat with me!”

    Jian Qi withdrew her gun voluntarily. Then, she smiled and stood up.

    Although it was raining heavily and the weather was bad, Jian Qi was still smiling brightly like the sunlight.

    It was rather boring for her to be fighting alone for so long. Finally, she could find somebody to talk to.

    That person stood up amidst the heavy downpour. She could not see the person clearly, all she could see was his ghillies suit and his rough figure.

    “Brother, you’re quite unlucky. You have the suit without a gun!” Jian Qi smiled softly. She acted rather generously. “Come over here. I’ll share some of my guns with you!”

    Then, she observed her surroundings to make sure that there was no one else around before taking a last look at him. She froze after putting down her backpack.

    She took up her sniper gun quickly and her body trembled slightly. Clearly, she was shocked by him.

    Moreover, he moved fast and it was clearly out of her expectations.

    Her gun was grabbed by him as soon as she lifted it.

    Jian Qi raised her leg and kicked him without any hesitation. She made use of her hands as well at the same time and her punches were fast and strong. However, he managed to dodge all of them.

    Her gun was even snatched away from her.

    Then, the gun was being pointed directly at her.

    Jian Qi stopped moving. She stared right at the man before her. Although he was aiming the gun directly at her head, she remained calm and steady. She was even smiling rather deviously.

    “Instructor Tang, you’re too cunning. How dare you pretend to be my teammate and trick me!”

    ‘Damn it! A wicked man!’

    Tang Jinyu remained calm. His cold voice seemed slightly colder and more distant than the rain. “Didn’t you say that a soldier has to be sly sometimes?”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    As per her expectations, everything was under his control and observation…

    ‘Damn it! He is too wicked!’

    Her little heart was broken!