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Chapter 164 - Family Group Cha

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 164: Family Group Chat

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    That girl bought the discounted item from her store and even became friends with her.

    “I could see that she really likes our brand’s clothes, so I told her we are employing part-time sales assistants on the weekend for 20 bucks per hour. I asked if she was interested, and she readily agreed. Really, Miss, I am not boasting, but our brand really embodies the idea of independent women. A lot of strong career women like you love our brand.

    “Frankly speaking, I don’t earn much, but sometimes, I’ll still buy the discounted items from our store. A woman should be nice to herself and buy whatever she wants through her own means. Of course, I don’t mind having a man like Sir here, who is willing to spend money on me. It’s even better.”

    This sales assistant was rather interesting. She was focused on selling her goods and was rather adorable.

    Nobody said only the rich should buy such expensive lingerie. If it made her happy when she spent her own money, then go ahead and do it.

    Qianmo was amused. This girl was smart, with a clear grasp of how the world worked and knew what she wanted in life.

    That thin layer of the membrane was akin to an expensive piece of lingerie. They all belonged to her, and it didn’t matter what others thought about it. As long as she enjoyed it, it was worth it.

    “Miss, I will give you a discount the next time you visit us. I am the manager, and I intend to be a business executive after a few years. Maybe I can have a shop of my own after I work hard for a few more years.

    “I am a good judge of people. I knew you and Sir were different the moment you stepped inside my store. You two have an everlasting couple’s face.”

    The reason she said such an obvious compliment might be because she wanted to curry favor and sell her goods. But Black loved it.

    “Erm, I’ll bring her again next time.”

    “I knew it couldn’t be the middle-aged man that the two students were talking about. Sir was wearing authentic APO while that middle-aged man carried a fake Louis Vuitton. All these couldn’t escape my eyes. Besides, Miss is obviously a smart and outstanding woman. There’s no way she would find someone who carries a fake bag—”

    “What are you saying?” Qianmo was stunned.

    “I said, that middle-aged man was carrying a fake Louis Vuitton.” The sales assistant was straightforward. After all, she had the ambition to open her own shop; how could she not differentiate the fakes from the authentic?

    The sales assistant went to queue for her food after she said a few more words and left her name card. Qianmo was puzzled.

    Black didn’t understand what was wrong with that middle-aged man, so Qianmo explained it to him.

    Her father’s friend, Zhao, was supposed to be the head of a crucial government department. Why would someone like him carry a fake bag?

    Generally speaking, these people were face-conscious. They would rather buy a genuine lesser-known brand bag than carry a fake. And why did this Zhao guy disappear after her family got into trouble in her previous life?

    Qianmo kept these details in her heart for now, intending to go back and ask her father. Her occupational habits made her extra cautious and sensitive. She would easily overthink on a small detail.

    Black was thinking quite a lot too. He noticed she had almost finished her cold noodle, and yet, she hadn’t said the crucial words.

    “That, tonight… Should we go stargazing?”

    “Okay.” Qianmo agreed instantly. Black heaved a long sigh of relief, his mind running wild. Then, he saw his elegant girlfriend, who had brainwashed an innocent young girl with her mouth, pat her backpack graciously.

    “Do you want me to wear this?”


    The meat bun in Black’s mouth was spat out, and he broke into a coughing fit.

    “How unhygienic.” Qianmo wiped his mouth. Then she asked gently, “Do you want me to or not?”

    “Cough, cough… Want!”

    He would be an idiot to refuse her offer. Black felt as if he was in a dream, and his fantasies were coming true. Sigh, his nose was going to bleed again.

    “I am only wearing it. I may not let you see.” Qianmo patted him. He couldn’t figure out what she was thinking at all.

    “Let’s eat; let’s eat first.” She encouraged him after he got his breathing back.

    Actually, Black wanted to say, ‘Can you eat me?’

    Stargazing became Black’s expectation for tonight, but he was worried he might have read too much into things. She had the power to make his thoughts all about her.

    About her, about her, all about her.

    Because of the “starry” date, both of them had an unspoken expectation for the night’s arrival.

    Black bought a huge bouquet of roses for her on their way back home. Qianmo put half of them in a vase and threw the rest of their petals into the bathtub.

    “I think this is considered ‘what’s taken from the people is used for the people’,” Qianmo said as she filled the bathtub with water and watched the rose petals floating in it.

    Black was sitting on the sofa, staring ahead in a daze, while Qianmo was running the bath.

    If one watched closely, there was a little curve on his lips. That was the blissful smile of a man who was about to get what he craved for soon.

    Mu Mianmian tried to chit chat with him initially. But when she saw that he was watching “The Postnatal Care for Sows” on the Agriculture Channel on TV with a silly grin on his face, she had this weird feeling in her heart.

    The little aunt went upstairs. After Black finished the episode on the postnatal care, he continued to grin at the increasing the sows’ conception rate tutorial.

    After grinning for a while, Black suddenly found something amiss. He took out his phone, opened his communication app, and quickly swiped a few times.

    He created a group chat.

    The screen blinked, and a new chat group appeared. There was a line of words on top.

    You have invited A, + , Whisperer, ivan into the group chat.

    ivan: “??? Another group? How many group chats do we have this year?”

    His family’s specialty. His parents would create group chats whenever they quarreled.

    Erm… So there were four groups from the start of the year until now.

    The majority of them, accurately speaking, 90% of them were created by their dearest mother.

    For example, when their dad was busy doing overtime for a project a short while ago. He worked for three days straight, resting for less than four hours. Annoyed, their dearest mother created a family group called “Second Doggie Sold His Body In Exchange For Sweet Potatoes”.

    All five members of the family were pulled into the group. Everyone had to scold Second Master with a sticker before they were considered passing the test. Whoever failed to catch up to the rhythm would be punished by their dearest mother, Chen Meng, who would come up with hundreds of different punishments.

    The most shameless thing was, Chen Meng carried the belief that her boys were born to be pranked. Whoever didn’t denounce the cold and Machiavellian man of the house, Second Dog Yu, she would take care of that person. Usually at this time, if they failed to catch up with their mother’s rhythm, they would most likely be taken down by both their parents together after they made up.

    Second Dog Yu loved his wife with all his heart and was a crafty, unscrupulous person. He would zap whoever annoyed his wife. He could do both scientific research and set up traps to take care of his naughty children. Therefore, choosing the wrong side would result in a terrible end.

    However, they also couldn’t randomly put up a sticker that might anger Second Dog Yu. For example, the Bossy CEO had once sent a “follow my dad for a big workup” sticker, which aligned their mother’s mood. But afterward, he was beaten up by both his parents once they patched up.

    So, in this family, how to accurately send a sticker that cooperated with dear mother and, at the same time, didn’t offend dear father was a killer question. The eldest, Yu Yinuo, aka Whisperer, had an immunity. She wouldn’t be punished no matter what she did. No. 2, who always used the same alias “Love Mo”, was safe too. After all, Black’s super high IQ and EQ would only fail when he was facing Qianmo.

    Thus, the one who always got wasted was the No. 3, Bossy CEO. But from Black’s point of view, his younger brother was asking for trouble most of the time, and he didn’t deserve any sympathy.