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Chapter 164 - Anger

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 164: Anger

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    As Xiao Luo was standing on the top floor of his home enjoying the night view, his phone rang. It was his sister, Xiao Ruyi.

    He picked up the call, “Ruyi.”

    “Brother, Sun Yu is not worthy of your affection. Don’t contact her anymore. I must have been blind. I just can’t believe that she’s that kind of girl,” Xiao Ruyi snarled. Xiao Luo could almost hear her grinding her teeth over the phone.

    Close by, Tang Ren could be heard whispering from the side: “Wife, don’t jump to any conclusions. We might be wrong, or it might not be what we think it is.”

    “What do you mean, it might not be what you think it is? She already went to the hotel with that fat man without a chin! Will you only believe it when you see them rolling around in the sheets?” Xiao Ruyi said. She was unable to control her emotions and lashed out at Tang Ren.

    Checking into a hotel with someone else?

    Xiao Luo’s mood took a nosedive. He couldn’t believe it, and even more than that, he couldn’t accept it. Sun Yu couldn’t possibly be that sort of girl!

    “Are you sure it’s her, sister?”

    “I’m 200% sure! I even secretly took a picture of them, I will send it to you later.”

    Xiao Ruyi felt heartbroken at the unfortunate turn of events for her brother. She thought it was unjust! At the same time, she also blamed herself for encouraging them to be a couple. “Brother, don’t be sad, she’s just a flirtatious woman. She’s not worth your sorrow! It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have introduced you to her.” She said, hoping it would somehow make him feel better.

    “Old Xiao, what’s going on?” Zhang Dashan asked curiously. He had just stepped in to catch Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo nodded in response and replied quickly, “Hmm, I got it,” and hung up.

    Unable to calm his heart down, he searched for Sun Yu’s contact information on his contact list to call her, only to find that Sun Yu’s handphone was switched off.

    Just then, a notification lit up on his WeChat, alerting him that he had received a new message. After clicking on it, it was the picture that Xiao Ruyi said she’d send over. The photo was taken outside the hotel, showing a man and woman about to enter the hotel. Although it was only a side view, one could tell at a glance that the woman was clearly Sun Yu.

    Looking at the picture, Xiao Luo laughed coldly. He squeezed the can in his left hand with all five fingers, compressing it until it made a “clink” sound. The remaining fluid squished out through the small opening at the top of the can onto the floor.


    Zhang Dashan, who was standing beside him, found it hard to even swallow down his saliva. He could feel a chill coursing down his spine then through his entire body. Xiao Luo had a cold, hard smile on his face; if one could call it a smile. But right now, Xiao Luo was in a murderous mood, and if looks could kill, Zhang Dashan felt he’d already been dead!

    “Old Xiao, you…”

    “I’m going out!”

    Saying that Xiao Luo turned to leave, heading straight towards the corridor.

    “Where are you going, Old Xiao? Drive my car there!” Zhang Dashan shouted after him.

    “There’s no need.”

    A voice that was clearly repressing anger came reverberating back from the corridor, as Xiao Luo stormed off.

    Feng Wuhen and the rest of the blood-brothers came out to check what was going on, hearing the loud voices. When they found out that Xiao Luo had gone out, they expressed their concerns. Feng Wuhan asked, “It’s already 10 pm, where is Brother Xiao going?”

    “God knows!”

    Zhang Dashan sighed, he looked concerned. Feng Wuhen looked at his face, his brows knitted in deep worry. He couldn’t help it thinking it, but he somehow thought Zhang Dashan resembled a crumpled old rag. He kept his thoughts to himself. Zhang Dashan touched the side of his face and suddenly said, “Damn it, my eyelids keep twitching. It feels like something bad is going to happen soon…”

    “Why don’t we follow him and take a look too?” Feng Wuhen suggested.

    “Follow your head! Didn’t you see the look he had in his eyes earlier? It was as if he was going to kill someone. If you want to go, you can go yourself, but I’m not going!” Zhang Dashan said.

    Recalling the murderous glint in Xiao Luo’s eyes, he couldn’t help but feel the chills run down his spine again. He turned around and walked back into the rented house. In his heart, he prayed silently, hoping that it was just his imagination and nothing more. Nothing was going to happen tonight.

    Murderous eyes?

    The four companions and Feng Wuhen looked at each other. They suddenly recalled the incident at the old warehouse at Jiangcheng pier the other night. They now pictured Xiao Luo in the fight against the members of the Dragon Gang. Bringing down his foes one slice at a time, it was like a blood bath. He was ruthless and methodical, like a bloodthirsty Death God. It was a vicious affair, bloody and horrifying!

    At the thought of this, the five trembled and immediately dropped the idea of going out to take a look.



    Xiao Luo had called for a taxi and was headed to the hotel shown in the picture.

    He tried his best to calm himself down, but no matter how hard, he found it hard to control his bitterness and rising rage. It was like he was in the eye of the storm, swirling chaos around him, and the wall was closing in. It was beginning to overwhelm him, and he found it harder to control. He had a strong urge to smash the world with a single punch.

    “Hurry up!”

    “Big brother, this is the fastest I can go. Any faster and I’ll get a speeding ticket,” said the taxi driver as he looked through the rear-view mirror.

    Xiao Luo swept aside those dissenting words, giving the man a dark stare with wolfish eyes. In a threatening voice, he shouted: “I want you to drive faster!”

    The angry, commanding voice made it hard for the taxi driver to disobey.

    The taxi driver got frightened and immediately increased his speed. The man was frozen in fear, and he couldn’t help wondering if he was ferrying a dangerous criminal. With his mind in turmoil, he thought of calling the police but later thought against it as he saw that Xiao Luo had an honorable bearing and certainly did not look like a ruthless gangster. He hesitantly took his hand off the emergency police button that was installed on his dashboard.

    He asked: “Brother, did something urgent come up?”

    Xiao Luo remained silent and didn’t say anything.

    The taxi driver continued to question: “Brother, there are no obstacles you cannot overcome in this world. Let’s remain calm. When you reach my age, you will come to realize a lot of things. ‘People come when they cry and cry when they leave.’ Eventually, we come from dust and to dust we will return. Think positively!”

    Xiao Luo continued to remain silent.

    Ahead at the traffic light junction, the red light came on, and the taxi driver stopped the car immediately.

    “Drive past!” Xiao Luo said coldly.

    This shocked the driver. He turned around: “Boss, it’s the red light now!”

    “I want you to drive!”

    Xiao Luo raised his voice menacingly.

    At this moment, the taxi driver was sure that he had come face to face with a gangster. He locked eyes with Xiao Luo, who returned the stare with eyes cold as frost. He had a strong feeling that if he had not followed Xiao Luo’s instructions, he would die on the spot. Gritting his teeth, he geared up and floored the accelerator and rushed forward.

    The taxi’s dangerous maneuver angered the other vehicles abiding the traffic rules and keeping within the speed limit. When it stopped, all the other drivers pulled down their windows and began scolding.

    “I know your license plate number. So if you don’t want to cause trouble, take your hand off the alarm button!”

    The taxi driver’s actions did not escape Xiao Luo’s eyes. These words put fear into the taxi driver, and he immediately took his hand off, as if he was shocked by an electrical current.

    “Brother, it’s not easy being a taxi driver, you… don’t make things difficult for me…” said the taxi driver with a forlorn look.

    “We came from dust, and to dust, we will return. Think positively!” said Xiao Luo softly.

    The taxi driver was close to tears. He had uttered those words in goodwill, but he certainly did not mean for them to be applied to himself this night.

    An hour later, before arriving at his destination, the taxi driver was already prepared for the worst. Death did not seem such a bad thing, after all. The number of red lights he had beaten could no longer be counted with his ten fingers. He was expecting to have to retake his driver’s license, and on top of that, he would have to pay hefty fines on these offenses. It would just feel like going back to living a life in constant debt.

    Xiao Luo’s phone rang.

    He took it out and saw Sun Yu’s name.

    Suddenly, everything changed. It was like gushing torrents of water crashing through a crack in a dam wall. Xiao Luo was taken by a great sense of urgency, but somehow, he managed to restrain himself. Calming himself down, he answered the phone.