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Chapter 175 - Put It On (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 175: Put It On (1)

    Xu Weilai couldn’t control herself. She leaned on the counter and admired the rings carefully. Then, she looked at the price… It struck the depths of her heart… She instinctively started counting the number of zeros there were!

    After counting them, Xu Weilai was awestruck. She said, “I’m sorry,” and wanted to leave. Gu Yu walked towards her while she wasn’t noticing and stood behind her. Xu Weilai turned and didn’t manage to stop in time. Her head slammed into the man’s hard chest directly. It was so painful she groaned softly.

    Xu Weilai rubbed her forehead while complaining internally. Was he a ghost? Why didn’t he make any sound when he was walking~

    Gu Yu lowered his dark eyes. He glanced at her cheeks that had turned pink from resentment. Then, he walked passed her and looked at the pair of rings displayed on the counter. His gaze paused on them for a few seconds. He retracted his gaze without any expression on his face and turned to leave.

    Gu Yu signed the bill and carried the bags with one hand. He held Xu Weilai’s hand with the other casually and went back to the underground car park.

    Xu Weilai was in a hurry to go home so she was too lazy to argue with him. After all, his temper was unpredictable. If she accidentally provoked him, she would be even more frustrated.

    Fortunately, no accidents happened this time. Gu Yu drove the car and reached the Xu Residence safely.

    By the time they reached, the sky had already started turning slightly dark. But, the Xu Residence was brightly illuminated as if it was welcoming them specially.

    The car stopped. Xu Weilai wanted to leave the car but Gu Yu held her wrist again and stopped her movement.

    Xu Weilai frowned. She controlled her impatience and even lifted the corners of her lips to form a smile. “May I know what’s the matter again?”

    Gu Yu turned and looked at her intently with his dark eyes for a few seconds. Only when Xu Weilai retracted her neck subconsciously did he place his hand in his suit pocket, retrieving a jewelry box.

    He opened the lid. The pair of pink rings appeared in front of Xu Weilai’s eyes.

    Xu Weilai was shocked. She didn’t say anything for a moment. Gu Yu took out the lady’s ring and pulled Xu Weilai’s hand towards him. He helped her to wear the ring on her ring finger.

    He was halfway through when Xu Weilai suddenly shuddered and regained her senses. She curled her fingers instinctively and prevented him from putting the ring on. Then, she opened her mouth and asked in a low voice, “What’s the meaning of this?”

    In the past, he unwillingly put a ring on her finger once. However, she knew that it didn’t belong to her so she took it off. Now, he was giving her another ring?

    Gu Yu lowered his eyelids. His long eyelashes moved and covered the emotions present in the depths of his eyes. His voice was even deeper than hers. “If you don’t want to cause trouble, wear it.”

    Xu Weilai frowned.

    Gu Yu added, “If your parents see us not wearing our wedding rings, what would they think? If they know anything, Grandpa will know it too. Since we’re putting on a show, let’s do everything perfectly to prevent any accidents or trouble from happening!”

    So that was his intention. That was why he accompanied her back home today…

    Xu Weilai gave a fake smile and said indifferently, “You are very thorough.”

    She didn’t have the right to wear the first ring. As for the second ring, it was just a prop.

    Xu Weilai stretched her hand out and allowed Gu Yu to put the ring on her finger. She looked at the beautiful pink ring. Suddenly, it became unattractive. She recalled the meaning of that pair of rings. “Let me give you my heart.” She found it sarcastic.

    Once again, she experienced the bitter feeling of wearing a ring on her finger that didn’t belong to her.

    Gu Yu suddenly stretched his hand out and lifted it in front of Xu Weilai’s eyes. He nodded at the man’s ring in the jewelry box and said in his usual indifferent tone, “Help me to wear it.”

    Xu Weilai raised her eyelids and her gaze landed on the man’s slender and toned finger that flaunted his distinctive joints.