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Chapter 176 - I Really Miss You (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 176: I Really Miss You (2)

    Two people in love would wear rings for each other while being witnessed by all their friends and relatives. They would promise to hold each other’s hands and age together.

    That was the most beautiful dream Xu Weilai had after she fell in love with Gu Yu.

    But, the marriage between Gu Yu and her was just a joke. That pair of rings was just a prop. Why did he need that sense of ritual by exchanging rings?

    However, since Gu Yu was so professional, if she backed out, it would mean that she still cared.

    She wouldn’t allow herself to back down in front of him!

    Xu Weilai took a deep breath and suppressed her messy emotions. She forced a fake smile on her face and used her most relaxed and natural tone to say, “Alright!”

    She raised her hand and took out the man’s ring from the jewelry box. Her hand paused in mid-air for a second. It was almost unnoticeable. Then, she quickly slipped it on Gu Yu’s ring finger.

    Gu Yu saw all her movements with his dark eyes. Something flickered in the depths of his gaze. In the end, his gaze turned deep and silent again. However, there was a tinge of gentleness in his expression that he didn’t even notice himself.

    It was just a show but when Xu Weilai placed the ring on Gu Yu’s finger, her heart palpitated for a moment. She felt a tinge of bitterness too.

    She didn’t expect to exchange rings with Gu Yu under these circumstances. Fate must’ve been purposely making fun of her, right?

    For a moment, the atmosphere in the car turned a little weird. Xu Weilai unintentionally glanced at Gu Yu. To her surprise, he was looking at her too. At that second when their eyes met, something seemed to have been created. Both of them didn’t look away because of that. Instead…

    Xu Weilai didn’t know if it was her illusion but she felt Gu Yu’s body slowly leaning towards her. His handsome face lowered down slowly too.

    The next second, the door of the passenger’s seat suddenly opened. Someone came in and unbuckled her seat belt swiftly. Then, the person pulled her hand and brought her out of the car directly.

    Xu Weilai didn’t have any time to react before she was hugged by a huge figure. She was pulled into a pair of warm and sturdy arms. Her eyes widened in shock.

    The man placed his chin on her head. His breath landed on her hair. Then, she heard a familiar yet unfamiliar voice that sounded a little like he was whining. “I miss you~”

    Xu Weilai froze in shock.

    When she didn’t say anything, the man hugged and shook her a few times. He murmured unhappily, “Don’t you miss me?”

    Xu Weilai continued to stay quiet.

    The man gave in to her. “Nevermind. If you don’t miss me, I can miss you more!”

    This time, Xu Weilai started smiling uncontrollably. Tears appeared in her eyes. She raised her hand and hugged the man back tightly. When she spoke, her voice was a little hoarse. “That’s not allowed. If you miss me more, I’ll miss you three times more.”

    “I’ll miss you four times more then.”

    “Five times!”

    “Six times!”

    “Fine, hurry up and release me. I can’t catch my breath.” Xu Weilai pushed the man lightly.

    The man was a little unwilling but he still let her go obediently. Xu Weilai raised her head. The man in front of her, no, that wasn’t right. She should call him a boy. Three years ago, he was only as tall as her ear-level. Now, he was already a head taller than her.

    Xu Weilai stretched her hands out and held his cheeks. She looked at him carefully, not willing to miss any part of his face. His eyebrows were thick and he had huge eyes. He had a tall nose bridge and his skin was fair. He looked extremely handsome and outgoing~

    “My brother, you have really become tall and handsome. You didn’t disappoint your older sister.”

    Zhanwang lowered his gaze and looked at Xu Weilai. He said, “But sister, my complexion isn’t good. I’m not happy.”