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Chapter 122 - Late Night Crisis

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 122: Late Night Crisis

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    Her martial arts could now match her basics when she had started in her previous life.

    The eras were different and so was her age, so the starting point had been too difficult.

    Now, this vitality would automatically strengthen her meridians. As she continued to practice her physical fitness would grow stronger and stronger.

    She needed to reach the point where falling blossoms and scattered leaves could hurt people – condensing vitality into substance, before she could utilize it externally.

    It was like the need to condense mist into water, but the Su Cha now couldn’t even form mist.

    No matter how incredible this seemed the moment she absorbed the vitality it had become reality.

    She walked towards the window and gazed out. What unfathomable things still remained hidden in such a wonderous world?


    Late at night, a sneaky figure hovered below Su Cha’s house.

    With the ability to see clearly through the moonlight, one could tell it was the grisly and vicious face of Li Dongfeng, whom Su Cha had beaten till he passed out in the hospital.

    Once he had awoken from the incident he wanted to seek Su Cha for revenge out of outrage for the insult, but was stopped by Zhai Yao.

    He didn’t know exactly what Zhai Yao was thinking, and only sensed that Zhai Yao seemed to be terrified of Su Cha.

    Though, even if Zhai Yao could bear this indignation, Li Dongfeng could not.

    He had wanted to find an opportunity to lay a hand on Su Cha, or to get someone to do so, but never found an opening.

    He wanted to go to her school, but Su Cha was always so punctual he simply could not find the right opportunity.

    He was even greeted by Zhai Yao for a few days. After a period of time, he couldn’t bear it. Li Dongfeng planned to start his operation late at night.

    Find that woman, break into her house, teach her a lesson, maybe even take some indecent pictures…

    Li Dongfeng felt no psychological pressure at all. In his heart, a lowly woman like Su Cha should just die.

    Su Cha’s house was a civilian building, with several alleys behind it. The alleys were arranged in the manner of a courtyard house. People stayed there, but in the middle of the night, the residents would all be asleep, the deadly stillness was a huge contrast with the neon lights of the tall buildings .

    Su Cha lived on the second floor. Stepping on the wall of the alley below, breaking in was not a difficult task, it would only take a little effort, after all it was not a well-preserved area.

    When Li Dongfeng was about to climb up, he suddenly felt something graze over his head.

    He was shocked. Turning on reflex, he saw a dark shadow suddenly appear on the building beside, hanging on the edge of the building. It looked as if it were hanging upside down.

    Whether it was a normal person or not, such a move was asking for death as far as Li Dongfeng was concerned.

    Was he not afraid of falling?

    How did this person appear?

    However at this moment, something even more ridiculous happened.

    Li Dongfeng saw another shadow appearing beside another building, flying directly towards the shadow hanging there.

    He could not even see if it was flying. The distance of the other party’s flight was completely beyond human ability. He jumped directly from a building to the position of the black shadow, and then the two black shadows fought.

    Li Dongfeng gasped as he saw the two black shadows fighting in a manner beyond the imagination of normal people. It felt like a scene from a martial arts film.

    Perhaps it was this gasp that disrupted the opponent. One of the fighters turned his head. In the dark night, he saw a flash of silver, and something he couldn’t make out was shot at him. Li Dongfeng instantly felt a chill on his neck and glared, collapsed in disbelief, and his stiff body fell to the ground.

    BANG. Su Cha, in her house on the second floor, instantly opened her cold eyes.