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Chapter 467 - Is There a Manuscript?

Medical Master
     In Jiangjing City, finishing the call with Fang Qiu, He Gaoming immediately used his phone to log in to the mysterious man’s account on the Wulin forum.

    At this moment, everyone on the forum were discussing intensely.

    “Really? John Doe has a secret method to detect Heaven and Earth Treasures?”

    “If there is such a secret method, it would be great.”

    “Yeah. If John Doe is willing to sell, I’ll buy it no matter how much it costs.”

    “How would he possibly sell this secret method?”

    “No way. If John Doe really has this secret method, why would he go to an auction and pay a great deal of money for a Heaven Treasure? For him, Heaven Treasures should be worthless cause he can find a lot.”

    “It’s really strange. Although John Doe has sold a lot of Earth Treasures, he never sells Heaven Treasures.”

    “Is this news real or not?”

    Reading a few comments on the forum, He Gaoming laughed again wryly as this news had already caused a stir on the forum.

    When browsing through these posts and comments, he especially looked at the IDs of the people involved in the discussion and found that most of these people were martial arts practitioners, only several of them were Martial Superiors.

    However, this didn’t make He Gaoming feel relieved. Instead, he felt more and more stressful.

    He knew that those super experts must have received the news at this moment, but no one came forward to ask and discuss cause they didn’t want to disgrace themselves.

    In some places they couldn’t see, these people were watching closely.

    “Do we really have to do that?” When thinking of what his Master said on the phone, He Gaoming felt like he was doing something very stupid, as if holding a gun against his head. Knowing that the gun was loaded, he still had to shoot himself.

    This was not only their own business but involving the whole martial arts world.

    Once the post was sent, the mysterious man would immediately become the target of the entire Wulin, and as his apprentice, he would inevitably be implicated.

    He didn’t even dare to think how crazy this matter would get and how terrible the consequences would be.

    “Post it or not?” He Gaoming clicked to enter the post editing page.

    Hesitating for a long time, He Gaoming finally made a decision.

    “Alas… Anyway, everyone knew about it. With my master’s temperament, even if I don’t send it, he will definitely send it by himself. At that time, I will not only face the bad intentions of people from the whole Wulin but my master will also abandon me. If I post it, at least I can continue to stick with my master.

    “Besides, I’ve never suffered any hardship since I became his apprentice.

    “Since my master asked me to do this, he must have his own consideration.

    “Okay. That’s right!

    “Well, it’s just the national martial arts world. Even the outer Mongolian Wulin has been destroyed by my master. How else can people in this Wulin do to my master and me?”

    As if he was hypnotizing himself, He Gaoming started to type after saying some words to encourage himself.

    He quickly tapped on the phone with both hands and soon finished editing a post.

    “Want the secret method? I have it!”

    As always, He Gaoming still made the post’s title quite vigorous.

    There was only one sentence in the post. “Yes, I have the secret method to detect Heaven and Earth Treasures. If you want it, come and get it yourself!”

    The content was much more aggressive than the title.

    He posted it and then logged out immediately.

    He needed to calm himself down.

    Then he went back to the forum to see what a scene the post had caused after he was able to calm himself down.

    On the forum, it caused an uproar as soon as the post appeared.

    Not only people on the Wulin forum, but everyone in the real martial arts world was shocked.

    This was different from the event that happened before.

    Anything that happened in the past was confined to a certain area or between some families, but this time it was completely different.

    Everyone in Wulin was startled.

    Whether it was those martial arts practitioners who exercised every day with martial arts, or those experts who were hidden in every part of the world and possessed superb power, when they heard this news, they were all shocked.

    No one had ever found a way to locate Heaven and Earth Treasures. This method should never appear in this world, but now it did appear and it fell to the mysterious man who was really powerful.

    In the beginning, many people thought it was fake news and felt that it was absolutely impossible for such a method to exist.

    However, to their surprise, John Doe admitted it himself!

    In somewhere in Huaxia, there was a very wide mountain canyon covered with greenery.

    In the canyon, there was a huge square surrounded by tall wooden buildings.

    In the lobby of one of the wooden buildings, a middle-aged man in a white robe was sitting on a square wooden chair in front of the guest table. There were two teapots steaming on the table.

    There was another middle-aged man who also wore a robe next to him.

    One of them had a square jaw, slightly sunken brows, and dark skin.

    The other person was fair-faced with dashing eyebrows and sharp eyes. His eyes were bright.

    One of them asked, “Is the news true or false?”

    The other one replied, “It’s hard to tell.”Read more chapter on v ip novel. com

    “Is there really a secret method to locate Heaven and Earth Treasures?”

    “According to historical records, when Wulin thrived, there were some special cultivation methods to detect Heaven and Earth Treasures. But those methods were too special, so they were gradually eliminated in the process of inheriting over thousands of years. It has completely disappeared hundreds of years ago and no longer exists in the world.”

    “So the news is fake?”

    “Not necessary. Although these methods disappeared, they did exist after all, and some copies will inevitably remain.”

    “Be careful. Don’t fall into the trap of others.”

    At the same time, many powerful forces in Wulin started to talk about it throughout the country.

    Nobody knew if they should believe it.

    Even though the mysterious man had acknowledged its existence in person, many people still couldn’t believe it.

    From the perspective of ordinary people, they wouldn’t say it out loud so blatantly if they just got a priceless treasure.

    Obviously, it was impossible for anyone to say it out loud even if they possessed incredibly great power.

    Although John Doe was powerful, he was still a human. He was not invincible. As long as someone truly wanted to take him down, then there must be a way to kill him.

    However, if he didn’t have it, why would he stand up and admit it?

    Thinking of this, the major forces in the country were confused.

    However, just when all the major forces in the country were confused about this matter, wondering whether they should believe it, suddenly there was another piece of news spreading quickly throughout the entire Wulin like a tsunami.

    “John Doe really got the secret method of detecting Heaven and Earth Treasures from the Ling Family in Ganzhou!”

    When the news came out, it instantly caused a commotion in Wulin.

    It wasn’t difficult to judge.

    The grudge between the mysterious man and the Ling Family had just settled. The ones with superb combat power of the family were severely injured by the mysterious man.

    However, in this case, the Ling Family still existed.

    What did this mean? It meant that the mysterious man spared the family after he severely injured the capable ones.

    Why would the mysterious man spare their lives?

    The only possibility was that the Ling Family must come up with something worthy, which was the secret method of detecting Heaven and Earth Treasures.

    Connecting the two things together, people in Wulin were excited.

    In three days, those major forces from all over the country gathered together and rushed to the Ling Family.

    Without the support of the ones with superb combat power, the Ling Family now was just a paper tiger. Under the invasion of Wulin’s major forces, they couldn’t resist them at all. The Ling Family could only let them do whatever they wanted.

    Without encountering the slightest resistance, the major forces were even outrageous, making the Ling Family suffer.

    As a result, they found nothing even though they turned the place upside down.

    They couldn’t even find anything valuable, not to mention the secret method to detect Heaven and Earth Treasures, which made those people traveling a long way here rather depressed.

    Those who were already hostile to the Ling Family even took the opportunity to cause trouble to them. All the people of the Ling Family were captured and taken to the Ling Family’s reception hall.

    Those seats which belonged to the seniors of the Ling Family were taken by the major forces coming from every part in the country, so the people of the Ling Family could only stay in the center of the hall.

    In the end, they were forced to kneel to the ground by the families which had a feud with the Ling Family.

    It looked like a public trial of Wulin.

    At this moment, the Old Ancestor of the Ling Family was frustrated.

    He leaked the news that John Doe got the secret method, but he didn’t expect that it would eventually destroy his family.

    The Ling Family was already on the verge of destruction after the strike of the mysterious man.

    Now, with such ruthless devastation, the only remaining people in the Ling Family who practiced kung fu were already eager to alienate the Ling Family.

    As soon as those people left, the Ling Family was completely doomed.

    One person approached the Old Ancestor and asked him, “Tell me, where are you hiding the book of the secret method?”

    The Old Ancestor said helplessly, “I really don’t have it. That book has been snatched by the mysterious man. If you want that book, go and get him.”

    A man snorted, “Well, don’t you have the manuscript for such an important secret book?”

    As known, when people in Wulin got some powerful treasure books, they would choose to copy them. Those with high strength would copy one, and those who were weaker would copy a few of it to avoid being robbed.

    From this point of view, since the book could perceive Heaven and Earth Treasures, the Ling Family would definitely leave a manuscript even if they were powerful. But they had been searching for so long but found nothing, which really pissed them off.

    The Old Ancestor quickly explained, “I didn’t. I tried to practice it, but the secret method is too difficult. I can’t even read it, not to mention practice it. So I have left it aside as waste. I didn’t have any manuscript.”

    He really didn’t have any. If one really wanted to use a treasure book to kill someone else, then he couldn’t keep any copies at all. Otherwise, others would find out sooner or later. At that time, no one would ever come to mess with John Doe since they had already got the copies.

    The most important thing was that it was useless to keep a copy. He didn’t know how to practice it. It was a remnant.

    As he said so, everyone just flew into a rage.

    People present were thinking that without the manuscript, he should just take a picture of it. Now it was a high-tech era, why was he being so foolish?

    In the end, they had tortured the Ling Family for quite a while and finally determined that there were really no such things as manuscripts and photos. Then all the major forces left and went back.

    Although they found nothing in the Ling Family, everyone was sure that John Doe really had this secret method.

    However, it wasn’t clear whether John Doe was holding a remnant.

    It was impossible for the Ling Family not to leave a copy if they got the entire book.

    But if that was a remnant, was it really worth it? John Doe was risking his own life to confront the people of the entire Wulin.