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Chapter 170 - She Had Never Eaten Dirt No Matter How Poor She Was

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 170: She Had Never Eaten Dirt No Matter How Poor She Was

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    Jian Qi clutched onto her chest as her eyes met with Tang Jinyu’s cold stare. She said rather pitifully, “Little Tang Tang, you’ll lose me if you act like this.”

    Tang Jinyu’s eyes darkened after she said that.

    This little one really could not help being cheeky!

    Jian Qi felt better the moment she saw Tang Jinyu’s dark face.

    “What do you prefer? Are you going to surrender your signalling device or make me shoot you?” Tang Jinyu said stonily.

    Jian Qi smiled softly. It was a familiar cunning smile.

    She raised another hand which had bullets held in it. Although Tang Jinyu snatched her gun away from her during their combat just now, she managed to remove the bullets.

    She exerted some force and all of the bullets fell onto the ground one by one.

    “Little Tang Tang, wouldn’t it be slightly disappointing for you if I were to die so soon given that you’ve come all the way here yourself?”

    That girl seemed so smug and annoying.

    Jian Qi took a step back as she was speaking.

    Tang Jinyu did not seem surprised at all by the fact that the bullets were removed. He did not even frown in the slightest.

    He lifted his hands and threw the gun at the person before him.

    Jian Qi raised her leg and kicked it away. She smiled and said, “Instructor Tang, you’re too harsh! I’m such a beautiful national flower. Now, I’m already being soaked by the rain and beaten by the wind yet you still want to beat me up!”

    Tang Jinyu’s lips twitched but he remained silent as he swiftly moved toward Jian Qi.

    It was stunning given how fast he threw his punches at her!

    Jian Qi had seen him in a fight before when they were at the hotel.

    At that time, she knew that her body was in no condition to fight with him head on.

    Engaging in close combat was the final option that she would turn to. However, she would not mind it one bit if her opponent were Tang Jinyu.

    Jian Qi took a step back again. They were standing on the slope now. The rain had been pouring for several hours now so the ground was very slippery.

    She did not have the opportunity to get a foothold before Tang Jinyu moved forward to attack her once more.

    His movements were so fast that he became blurry.

    Jian Qi retreated but she slipped and fell backward directly.

    ‘Damn it!’

    ‘I guess it’s faster for me to roll down than to run down!’

    Jian Qi had already prepared herself mentally in having to roll down the slope. However, somebody grabbed onto her hand all of a sudden and pulled her forward.

    She smiled faintly as she gave him a flying kick the moment he pulled her up.

    Tang Jinyu shifted and dodged her attack. He frowned slightly as he countered her attack, wanting to subdue her.

    How could Jian Qi endure the fact that she was defeated by him? She bent down and threw herself against him, she wanted to knock him over so that he would roll down the slope instead!

    Tang Jinyu took a step backward. Similarly, he could not stand steadily because the ground was too slippery.

    Jian Qi started smiling slowly. ‘You’ll have a terrible fall!’

    However, Tang Jinyu managed to grab her hand once again before the smile could even surface.

    “Damn it!”

    Jian Qi could not help but exclaim out loud. She did not have a proper foothold when he pulled her hand. Then, she fell toward Tang Jinyu and the two of them rolled down the slope together.

    “Tang Jinyu, damn you!”

    Jian Qi could not refrain from cursing him loudly as they rolled down the slope. Her mouth was filled with dirt and rain. It was such a disgusting feeling!

    Jian Qi managed to grab onto a tree that was on the side with much difficulty, stopping herself from rolling further down.

    She spat out the mud in her mouth. Then, she wiped her mouth. She was rather upset indeed.

    She had never eaten dirt no matter how poor she was!

    It was disgusting to the core!

    She stood up as she was just thinking about where Tang Jinyu was.

    A hand then stretched toward her…