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Chapter 165 - Endless Love

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 165: Endless Love

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    The Bossy CEO counted the number of his family group chats while Black was adding his parents.

    “Second Doggie Sold His Body In Exchange For Sweet Potatoes”, “The History of Second Dog Yu’s Degeneration”, “Crowdfunding for Eye Disease Treatment”, and a group that was set up by his older sister a few days ago. Everyone except Black was a member. Besides, the name of the group was self-explanatory.

    “The Sun in the Sky, Standing Side by Side”

    There was a “sun” character in Black’s name, so the objective of this group was to publicize that Second Brother and Momo’s relationship had a breakthrough. The whole family had set off fireworks in the group.

    Of course, Little Three would never tell his brother about this group. Although Black wouldn’t touch the other three of them, he would definitely beat him up.

    Black added A and +. Looking at their lovey-dovey couple aliases, his parents should be getting along well. Their dear parents’ favorite hobby was to change their couple aliases. It was mushy when they were in harmony and remained the same when they were fighting.

    For example, a short while ago, their dear mother changed to a new hairstyle. Their dear father was two hours late to compliment her, and she thought he didn’t pay enough attention to her. Not only did she create a “Crowdfunding for Eye Disease Treatment” group, but she also stole their father’s cell phone while he was bathing. She changed his alias to “Pig”, along with his avatar.

    Then, his father changed his mother’s alias to “Sleeping With Pig” when he found that out.

    Black was a little excited that it was finally his turn after suffering through his parents’ sugariness for all these years.

    His father was a physicist. A meant electric current, while + was positive electric charge—This was simply saying that his parents would grow old together, moving in the same direction. Having this kind of alias was showing their children how lovey-dovey they were, and it was kinda forced on them.

    Whisperer was sleeping, so there were only the brothers in the group currently.

    Black assumed his mother was in a meeting and had switched off her phone when she didn’t speak immediately.

    His father was always a lurker, the kind that remained quiet when added into a group and rarely replied.

    Love Mo: I want to get married.

    Whisperer: Sticker (Eating popcorn)

    ivan: What did you do to the girl? Correction, what did the girl do to you? And why is Sis here too?!

    Whisperer: I just dissected one in the morning. I’m still stimulated.

    A: Underage.

    Their dear father appeared and pointed out the vital point with one word succinctly.

    ivan: Dad, Let my company’s Technical Department hack into the Household Registration System and change that girl’s age?

    Whisperer: Sticker (Yup Yup)

    The two of them instantly deleted their messages after sending them. Their dear mother would beat them up for having the wrong life values. Although dear mother wasn’t in the chat now, she would still read through the messages.

    Love Mo: Then, I’ll get engaged.

    The only people in the group who talked in a normal manner were Black and his dad. His young brother was a punk that always used a cheeky tone to say the serious stuff. He was usually ignored. His sis was an expert with stickers and always enjoyed watching a good show in the group.

    A: Call after meeting. Screenshot taken.

    The patriarch of the Yu family weighed his words in gold. His meaning was, they would discuss how to ask for the girl’s hand properly after Chen Meng’s meeting was over. Additionally, they would consult the future in-laws on the engagement stuff.

    Black heaved a long sigh of relief after reading that. His father wouldn’t say anything lightly. The short sentence he wrote already meant he had acknowledged Qianmo. He was, by nature, an aloof person. It was difficult for him to recognize someone, so his Momo was indeed exceptional.

    As for the second sentence… it was meant for his younger brother.

    Indeed, his dear father had gotten his son in trouble by screenshotting him talking about hacking the household register.

    Black released a long breath after he settled the most important thing in his life. He closed the group and ignored his brother’s one-sided complaints.

    Momo wasn’t that open-minded. Black guessed she made this choice today with the intention of treating him, and that included the promotional condoms at the supermarket previously.

    He couldn’t be oblivious to his girlfriend’s sweet consideration. Since she was too young to get married, they would get engaged first. He would be able to openly tell everyone that she was “his” Momo. He would then add her into the group chat, and they would also have couple’s aliases…

    ivan: Dear Father, dearest Daddy, could you please have mercy?

    Dear father remained silent.

    Whisperer: Sticker (Dream on)

    ivan: Sis, you were also saying that together with me.

    Whisperer: Picture (The twins peeing on their bed when they were small, Black was blurred out)

    ivan: You win! Bro, aren’t you making me an uncle way too soon? Sigh, I have the best condoms; are you interested? Ultra-thin airy feel. Whoever used it, praised it. And branded limited edition sex toys; even dad used it, praised it.

    He deleted it instantly after sending it, but…

    A: You come back


    A great scientist like him shamelessly peeped at their chat? Had he no pride?

    Chen Haoxuan put down his phone and wiped the non-existent cold sweat off his forehead.

    Their dear father’s sneaky ability to peep at their chat was too scary. He wasn’t joking when he told him to return, either. He really had to, and he would be beaten up when he was back!

    His father did have the friendly ability to make jokes, but that special sultry talent was only applicable to Mother. He didn’t have the good fortune to enjoy it.

    The little secretary saw her Bossy CEO’s solemn expression when she entered the room. His usually nonchalant face had a tinge of nervousness. Did something serious happen at the company?

    The current quarter’s financial statements flashed through her mind. The company’s performance was increasing steadily, and the operations were as per usual.

    “Secretary Tang.” The CEO’s voice was cold and tense.

    “Yes!” The little secretary stood up straight with the folders in her arms. She, too, was getting nervous.

    “Go to my place. Retrieve half of my collection in the cupboard. Also, take two sets of the latest season’s diamond bracelets from the safe.”

    He thought for a while and felt it lacking, so he added.

    “Add one more bracelet that is simple but delicate.” He had to bribe No. 2’s future wife too.

    The Bossy CEO thought that his high IQ was indeed put to good use.

    Although No. 2’s wife was not confirmed yet, since he said he wanted an engagement and their dear father had agreed, it meant the relationship was stable. The engagement had a 90% chance of success. She would be part of the family sooner or later. Bribing her now was preparing for the future. Maybe his future second sister-in-law would put in a good word for him when the baddies in his family bullied him.

    The little secretary thought for a while, and then her expression changed.

    Wasn’t that the platinum case given by the world’s biggest condoms producer to the CEO when they went overseas for a business deal? The case was holding…

    They were apparently limited edition, and the CEO rather liked them. He didn’t use them normally, but today, he was taking out half… Whose little girl was he interested in?

    As she listened, he meant to give both, nope, three? This was a jerk who gave out three bracelets at once, a batch sender!

    The Bossy CEO increasingly thought that bribing his second sister-in-law was a good idea when his phone rang. He lowered his head and saw that Black had messaged him privately.

    Love Mo: Want.

    Want, want, want for more?