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Chapter 828 - Xia Ruya Buys Birth Control Pills

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 828: Xia Ruya Buys Birth Control Pills

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    At this moment, Xia Ruya was facing tough circumstances.

    After escaping from the abductors, she dared not wander around and instead stayed in the small inn in the Western District. Due to the fact that she had been ripped off by the inn previously, she dared not go anywhere else and had been staying inside her room. She was just waiting for the right time to flee to her own mansion in the Southern suburbs.

    She continuously paid attention to the news on the television and the internet, in a bid to find out if the man in the black T-shirt had died or not. Although she was not actually afraid of becoming a murderer, she did not seem too composed either.

    Xia Ruya had a nightmare that night.

    She dreamed of the scenario of herself getting raped.

    The man had become a demon and no amount of her screaming, shrieking and maniacal yelling… could save her from her terrible fate of being sexually assaulted. During the dream, she felt the pain of herself being violated again and again.

    There was a change of scenes and it skipped to the part when she hit the man with a chair furiously and maniacally, making him bleed profusely. His flesh was all mashed up and his body was destroyed beyond recognition. She looked just like a demon that had escaped from well, insidious and terrifying. She began guffawing hysterically while staring at the dismembered body on the ground.

    That man then turned into a ghoul and stuck his long tongue out while crawling towards her. “You’ve killed me, give me your life…”

    The scenes changed again and she dreamed that she had gotten pregnant. She had a huge baby bump and she dared not go to the hospital to get an abortion. Hence, she resorted to various methods to inflict harm on her stomach. She even tried to tie a rope tightly around her stomach in a bid to get rid of the fetus!

    At last, she dreamed of an infant that was covered in blood and weeping while yelling at her, “Mommy… why did you kill me? Why did you kill me!?!”

    Xia Ruya’s hair was messy and unkempt in the dream and they were stuck onto her pale face, making her look extremely horrifying. She murmured incessantly, “No… no… let me go…”

    She clutched the bedsheets with all her might while tossing and turning uncontrollably in a bid to wake up from the horrendous nightmare. “No… I didn’t kill anyone. I didn’t… you were asking for it…”

    Xia Ruya’s breathing became heavier and she wept miserably. Glaring at her legs, she shrieked at the top of her lungs.

    She then opened her eyes which were empty and hollow. They looked extremely horrifying in the dark.

    She laid motionlessly on the bed, too weak to even move. She was just like a dead corpse.

    The images of her dream flashed through her mind. After a long while, she finally realized that she had left something out.

    She sprung up from the bed and grabbed the clothes beside the bed before putting them on. She then scurried out of the room, not bothering to even put on her shoes.

    “There’s still time. I can definitely make it!” She sprinted out of the inn.

    It was already two in the morning and pedestrians were scarce on the streets. Xia Ruya’s messy hair was draped across her back and her snowy white clothing looked rather strange in the dark. The scene looked like it was taken straight out of a horror flick. It was exceptionally hair-raising.

    “Where’s the pharmacy?” Xia Ruya scrambled and run around the streets anxiously. Ever since she got raped, she had been low in spirits and overwhelmed with agony, so much that she had forgotten about the important matter.

    That beast had raped her multiple times, none of which were carried out using contraceptive measures.

    Due to the fact that she had never experienced something like that before, she did not know how to protect herself, let alone prevent herself from suffering too much damage.

    If it weren’t because of the nightmare, she wouldn’t have thought about it. If she really got pregnant with that imbecile’s child… her life would really be ruined!

    Xia Ruya ran around the streets for more than half an hour. Apart from the dim street lamps, there was no other light source. She reckoned… that the pharmacies must have already been closed.

    Xia Ruya began to feel extremely hopeless.

    She squatted on the ground and began bawling loudly!

    The scenes of her nightmare ran through her mind continuously and she was overwhelmed with dejection at the thought of the possibility that she could very likely be pregnant with that bastard’s child.

    No, she definitely could not allow herself to be pregnant with the flesh and blood of that despicable man. The child would remind her of her terrible experience. She was still young and she ought to have a wonderful and bright future. She was Xia Ruya, the goddess-like woman who should have an unstained life. She could not allow her life to be marred.

    Xia Ruya raised her head and caught sight of a small store that was still open. She stared at the signboard which read: “Adult Products”

    Extremely thrilled, Xia Ruya scurried towards the store and banged on the door continuously. “Open up, open up. Boss, please open the door.”

    The door was pulled open and out came a woman in her forties. She glanced at Xia Ruya and hissed. “Why are you yelling at the wee hours of the night? What do you want to buy?”

    Seeing how pretty and well-endowed Xia Ruya was, the lady boss reckoned that she must be an indecent woman who worked at the nightclubs nearby.

    Xia Ruya could sense the disdain and contempt in the lady boss’ gaze, and she felt as if the lady boss was scanning her from head to toe. Trying her best to stay calm, she asked, “Do… do you… have any emergency birth control pills for sale?”

    As soon as Xia Ruya finished speaking, she felt extremely ashamed.

    The lady boss glared at her condescendingly and answered, “Yes!”

    Xia Ruya grabbed the pills and read the description on the box to see that it would be effective if taken within 72 hours after intercourse. She heaved a sigh of relief and held it tightly in her hand.

    Just as she stepped out of the store, she heard the lady boss murmuring to herself, “What’s wrong with girls these days? They don’t know how to love and respect themselves at all. They actually resort to prostitution at such a young age…”

    Upon hearing her words, Xia Ruya turned pale and scrambled away. However, she accidentally knocked into a man.

    The man reeked of alcohol, and the stench was unbearably revolting. There was a pungent odor coming from his body as well, and she could not help but be reminded of the man in black!

    She pushed the man away and ran towards the side to vomit.

    The man casually caught sight of Xia Ruya bending forward in front of the tree, exposing her round and beautiful bottom. He was suddenly enticed and ran towards her to hug her from behind. “Hehe, I’ll give you 200 yuan to book you for the entire night!”

    Xia Ruya screamed and tried her best to struggle and break free from his arms. However, there was no way she was stronger than him.

    While they were stuck in a scuffle, Xia Ruya bit the man on his arm and he instinctively let go of Xia Ruya, who then took the chance to flee…