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Chapter 176 - Don’t Worry. I’ve Got A Plan

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 176: Don’t Worry. I’ve Got A Plan

    Liu Ying had a rather petite figure. Wearing a pink skirt, her big bright eyes made her look really adorable.

    Seeing that Lin Qingbei was ignoring her, his manager mocked up a surprised face as a response. “What scandal?”

    Before Liu Ying was able to reply, Ning Meng quickly butted in. “If you keep on with this cutesy attitude, I bet the world’s overpopulation crisis would be solved in an instant.”


    “Because everyone who sees you would all fall dead from disgust.”


    Liu Ying clenched her fists as a shade of gloom clouded over her head.

    Patting her shoulder, Ning Meng continued with her roast. “Go back and polish up your acting skills with Su Tiantian first, and only then, come back here and stir up drama, kiddo!”

    Hearing this, Liu Ying started to get panicked. “I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


    Ning Meng squinted her eyes and peered at Liu Ying.

    Her words earlier were just a probe, and yet, this Liu Ying girl had let slip some clues in less than a minute. Huh, so this was all Su Tiantian’s doing after all.

    Even though Liu Ying was a celebrity from Lemon Entertainment, she had probably decided to jump ship to Su Tiantian’s camp recently.

    After calming herself down, Liu Ying ignored Ning Meng and turned toward Lin Qingbei, “I’ve just caught wind of the scandal, that’s why I’m here to check up on you, Brother Lin. The rumor says that we’re a couple now, even saying that that album was yours was written for me. Not only that but a paparazzi also took a picture of me coming here. Perhaps it’s best that we head out and clear our name? Otherwise, people would think that these were all true.”

    After that, she pulled up a smug face.

    This girl… she was doing all of this on purpose.

    The “Throne of Songs” was a live broadcast program. Thus, it would surely stir up a storm when these two celebrities were caught meeting in private.

    If he did not clear things up, the media would hype everything up.

    If he went out to make a statement, the media would still do the same.

    Best of all, Liu Ying would gain more popularity no matter what Lin Qingbei decided to do.

    Lin Qingbei, in his heavy make-up, threw a glance at Ning Meng and said, “No. There’s no need to.”

    After that, he walked away, as level-headed as always.

    Just when Liu Ying was about to follow him, Ning Meng quickly stopped her. “That’s the resting area for participants. No outsiders are allowed.”

    Then, she looked at the staff around her and smirked. “Oh my, I didn’t know just any Tom, Dick, or Harry was allowed in back here. Just what kind of TV station is this, hmm?”

    The staff forced up a smile at her.

    It was a directive that came from Su Tiantian to allow Liu Ying in. Seeing that Ning Meng was upset, he had to ask Liu Ying to leave.

    “Ms. Liu, perhaps it’s best that you go to the audience area.”

    Seeing that there was no other choice, Liu Ying nodded and complied.


    At the resting room.

    Everyone was pulling up a long face. Looking at her phone, Ning Meng stared at the #LiuYingVisitsLinQingbei# on the internet’s hot search.

    Gossips were already started all over the place.

    “So it’s true that Lin Qingbei and Liu Ying are together?”

    “I really doubt that. It must be Lemon Entertainment’s marketing strategy. They’re using this as a way to stir up drama so they can gain more popularity.”

    “Just who is this Liu Ying?”

    “I’ve researched a bit about her. She appears to be an actress who starred in several TV dramas as side characters.”

    “I’ve heard Lin Qingbei’s new album was written specifically for her. Is that true?”

    “I think so. After all, Liu Ying filmed numerous scenes in his Music Videos.”


    Thus, Liu Ying’s Weibo followers were increasing by the minute.

    Zhen Shanmei pouted. “D*mn, it feels as though we’ve swallowed a fly.”

    Seeing no response from Ning Meng, Zhen Shanmei tapped her lightly on the shoulder. “Why didn’t you go comfort Lin Qingbei? Aren’t you worried that this would affect his performance?”

    Ning Meng raised an eyebrow and looked at her. “Comfort? Why? He’s a future King of Pop! This meager bit of drama won’t affect him at all.”


    Lin Qingbei was sitting next to them, feeling frustrated.

    Upon hearing Ning Meng’s words, Lin Qingbei felt much better. He raised his head and looked at Ning Meng. “Don’t worry. I’ve got a plan.”