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Chapter 177 - Ning Meng Strikes Back

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 177: Ning Meng Strikes Back

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    Ning Meng glanced at Lin Qingbei before comforting him. “Don’t you worry. Handling these things are under the scope of the manager’s job. You just do you and focus on the competition.”

    Then, her alluring eyes glittered with confidence as she ordered. “Get the number one place and beat them to a pulp!”

    Seeing the beguiling eyes beneath Ning Meng’s refined eyelashes, Lin Qingbei felt as though his soul was being bewitched, and he quickly looked away.

    After pulling himself together, Lin Qingbei raised his head and replied with confidence, “Yeah. Let’s do it.”

    After pacifying the golden goose of the company, Ning Meng lowered her head as she dove back into a brood.

    If Lin Qingbei became famous, it was quite natural for his Music Videos to become well-known too. Back then, the reason Lemon Entertainment assigned Liu Ying to film his Music Videos was their way of giving her a chance to shine.

    Yet now, this b*tch was planning to stab them in the back.

    Ning Meng had never handled these kinds of crises before. However, to handle these, usually, there were two ways—spend some cash to ask Baidu to take the tags off from the hot search, or stir up a bigger drama so everyone would forget about this one.

    A smile spread across Ning Meng’s lips. Yeah, she could contact the company and ask the experts to help handle this hot search issue later.

    But for now…

    Ning Meng looked at the other corner of the resting room. There he was. Li Haojie was sitting comfortably behind Su Tiantian. Although Li Haojie had forfeited the competition, he was asked to stay back to help Su Tiantian due to his great talents in music.

    Ning Meng walked straight toward Li Haojie and Su Tiantian. Then, she opened her mouth and spoke to Li Haojie, not even bothering to hide things from Su Tiantian. “Hey, remember our bet in the last round? Perhaps it’s time for you to fulfill your end of the deal?”


    Bet…? Oh, right. The one who lost in the competition in the last round needed to allow the winner to use his Weibo account to make a public post.

    Li Haojie was not a faithful man, however, he was not one who would break a promise. Thus, he picked up his phone and said, “Sure. Just tell me what you want me to post, I’ll do it.”

    He had basically decided to give up everything at this point. He had lost 10,000,000 followers, and as for the rest of his 30,000,000 followers… all they did was just throw insults and curses at him every day.

    After snatching his phone away, Ning Meng quickly drafted a public post.


    It was published.

    She smirked as she gave the phone back to him.

    After looking at what was posted on his Weibo, Li Haojie immediately jumped up. “Why you…!”

    “Oh, come on, it was all true. What’s there to get worked up for, hmm~?”

    After smiling smugly at Su Tiantian, Ning Meng walked back to Lin Qingbei.

    Seeing her stepsister’s smug face, Su Tiantian felt as though a string had been pulled in her head. She quickly took her phone and turned on the Weibo app. At the homepage, Li Haojie’s public post was sitting there for everyone to view.

    LiHaojie: [I’m sorry. Su Tiantian had gotten the last place in the last round and was not allowed to advance to the next round. So, she wept in front of me, asking me to help her, which is why I forfeited. @SuTiantian]

    The internet went crazy as soon as this Weibo public post was published.

    Everyone had bought Li Haojie’s excuse for forfeiting earlier—he had claimed it was because he was suffering an “emotional distraught”. They thought it was because Zhen Shanmei’s family was sabotaging him due to their recent breakup.

    Yet, this was far from the truth after all!

    In just minutes, the tag #SuTiantianisawhitelotus# was becoming more and more popular on the hot search.

    Glaring at Li Haojie, Su Tiantian raised her voice in anger. “How could you publish a post like this?!”

    Li Haojie was regretting what he had done as well, and he quickly deleted the post.

    However, it was too late. When something was posted on the internet, it would stay there forever. Even if he deleted the post, there would always be nosy people that had already screenshot the post and spread it far and wide on the internet.

    Now that he had deleted the post, it had caused a severe case of Streisand effect, making things much worse than before. Now, the internet could not stop talking about it anymore.


    Su Tiantian glared at Ning Meng furiously, yet, she only saw Ning Meng smirking at her.

    Su Tiantian clenched her fist in anger. This woman was retaliating for her attempts at disrupting Lin Qingbei’s mood. Oooh, she wanted to punch that evil villainess’ smug face so badly!

    Nonetheless, this was not her first rodeo in a celebrity drama. Su Tiantian could recover her mood in a matter of minutes, however, Lin Qingbei was just a rookie. Heh, there was no way he could recover as fast as her.

    We’ll see who’s going to have the last laugh… on the stage!!!