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Chapter 177 - Disloyal Husband (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 177: Disloyal Husband (1)

    “What are you saying? We haven’t met in such a long time. Shouldn’t the first thing you say be about how beautiful I am?” Xu Weilai pretended to be unhappy. “I’ll give you the chance to rethink your words again!”

    Xu Zhanwang knew that she didn’t want him to worry so he played along with her and said, “Wow, my older sister is really pretty. Such a rare beauty. Look at this skin, look at the facial features, look at her curves. She’s like a fairy that came from heaven! No one could surpass her in terms of looks!”

    Xu Weilai laughed instantly. She patted his head. “When did you become so glib-tongued~ It looks like you have been flirting with many ladies in school.”

    “I have not. I’m a dedicated person, not like someone… I’m not a half-hearted person who has a lady on each arm. I’m not someone who has a wife at home but still keeps mistresses outside. In the past, being disloyal will only result in one end for a person – being locked in a pig’s cage and thrown into the river!”

    While Zhanwang was speaking, Gu Yu had already come out of the car. He stood by the side and watched them. When Zhanwang was speaking, he kept glancing in Gu Yu’s direction. It was obvious that those words were directed at him.

    There was no expression on Gu Yu’s face. It was hard to tell his emotions.

    Xu Zhanwang scoffed and looked away from Gu Yu. He just hugged Xu Weilai and walked straight into the house. He disregarded Gu Yu entirely.

    Mr. Xu and Mrs. Xu strained their necks and waited for Xu Weilai and Gu Yu when they heard that they had arrived. But, they only saw Xu Weilai and Xu Zhanwang entering the house. Mrs. Xu hurriedly asked, “Weilai, where’s Yu? Didn’t he come back with you?”

    Mr. Xu didn’t say anything but his facial expression tensed up too.

    This was the first time Xu Weilai came back after she got married. If Gu Yu didn’t accompany Xu Weilai back, it meant that their relationship wasn’t very good. This meant that backing that the Xu family found wasn’t stable after all!

    Before Xu Weilai could say anything, Xu Zhanwang started speaking with a raised voice, “Father, mother, is he the only person in your eyes? Sister just came back but did you ask anything about her? People who didn’t know our family well might think that that person is your real son! Well, it’s quite true. You do hope that he’s your real son, right!”

    Mrs. Xu smiled awkwardly when she got refuted by her son. Her gaze finally landed on Xu Weilai. “Weilai, come over and have a seat. Let mother look at you!”

    Mr. Xu coughed softly and turned to order the maid, “Serve the pastries that Weilai likes to eat.”

    The maid replied, “Yes, master.”

    After Xu Zhanwang sat down with Xu Weilai, Gu Yu walked in. Mrs. Xu immediately stood up from the sofa and rushed over to welcome him. “Yu, you’re here. Weilai’s father and I have been waiting for you.”

    Gu Yu nodded politely and said, “Mother-in-law.” Then, he looked at Mr. Xu and said, “Father-in-law.”

    “Good, good, good~” Mrs. Xu was elated. She smiled so widely that all the wrinkles on her face appeared. “Yu, come over and have a seat.”

    Mrs. Xu brought Gu Yu over to the sofa in the living room. She noticed that Xu Zhanwang, who was sitting beside Xu Weilai, didn’t give up his seat voluntarily. She glanced and winked at him but he pretended not to see it. Mrs. Xu had no choice but to invite Gu Yu to sit on the single-seat sofa.

    The maids served some pastries and tea.

    Mrs. Xu exchanged some greetings with Gu Yu. This time, they wanted to let their son interact with Gu Yu and form a good relationship with him so she looked at Xu Zhanwang and reminded him, “Zhanwang, greet him.”

    Xu Zhanwang lifted the corners of his lips and raised his head lazily to look at Gu Yu. Then, he opened his mouth and said each word slowly, “Who is he? I don’t recognize him!”



    Mr. Xu and Mrs. Xu exchanged glances with each other.

    Then, they looked at Gu Yu in a flurry, afraid that he would get angry. Mrs. Xu even laughed awkwardly and forced a sentence out of her mouth. “This child had been pampered too much by us since he was young. Yu, don’t mind him…”