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Chapter 171 - I Need to be On the Run Now

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 171: I Need to be On the Run Now

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    Jian Qi turned and grabbed his hand instead. Then, he raised her leg and started attacking him.

    The moment he threw a punch at him, he grabbed hold of her fist.

    Jian Qi could not help but complain as she looked at Tang Jinyu before her. “Instructor Tang, do you really have to be like this?”

    At the same time, Jian Qi started attacking him more vigorously.

    They were standing on the slope so she did not dare to use her legs. She was afraid of rolling down the slope if she were not cautious.

    Jian Qi felt that it was rather disadvantageous for her to fight Tang Jinyu like this.

    There was a huge difference between their strength in combat.

    Jian Qi’s stamina had been drained by the multitudes of tests so the difference between them was even larger at the moment.

    Tang Jinyu’s attacks were fast, lethal and precise. Jian Qi could still counter his attacks at the beginning but she soon found that it was rather difficult for her the longer it dragged on.

    Jian Qi used her hand to stop his incoming punch and she instinctively gritted her teeth.

    It hurt…

    Her hand was slightly numb now.

    “Instructor Tang, do you plan to beat me to death?” Jian Qi shifted quickly to the side and stood behind a tree.

    Tang Jinyu’s lips twitched, an indiscernible smile on his face. “Didn’t you say that you won’t disappoint me? How can I beat you to death?”

    “Let’s go down and continue our fight. We might fall and die fighting here!” Jian Qi said.

    “Battles happen everywhere and at anytime. You cannot choose the place. You have two choices now. One, you let me beat you until you collapse. Two, you let me eliminate you!” Tang Jinyu lowered his voice and said. He moved fast and he managed to grab her directly. He held her hands with great force, and with great force he pinned her against the tree.

    “Little Tang Tang, can you be a little bit more gentle?” Jian Qi could not help but say. She was locked there and her hands were being pinned behind her. It hurt when she tried to struggle free.

    Tang Jinyu scoffed coldly. “Be quiet! Don’t move!”

    “How can you ask me not to move when I’m like this?”

    Tang Jinyu looked at her coldly. Then, he stretched his hand out toward her backpack.

    Jian Qi knew what he was doing. Her eyes darkened. Now, she did not care whether her hands would be broken. She exerted force and moved slightly backward before launching forcefully at Tang Jinyu.

    However, Tang Jinyu managed to press onto her shoulders when she started moving. Then, he pushed her down onto the ground.

    A bullet was suddenly fired at where Tang Jinyu was standing just now.

    Jian Qi tried to struggle free from Tang Jinyu’s grasp as she was falling down.

    The bullets came at Tang Jinyu relentlessly.

    Tang Jinyu shifted sideways and dodged the bullets. He used the tree beside him to shield his body.

    Jian Qi quickly got onto her feet and dashed away.

    However, she did not forget to say to Tang Jinyu before leaving, “Instructor Tang, goodbye!”

    Then, she ran away immediately.

    The person stopped firing bullets at Tang Jinyu. He withdrew his gun the moment he saw that Jian Qi had left.

    Tang Jinyu’s lips twitched visibly at the sight of the woman who had disappeared amidst the rain.

    ‘Young girl! You ran away very quickly!’

    He knew who was the one shooting bullets at him just now.

    Who would appear at that moment except for Lu Yao?

    Were they on the same boat now?

    Tang Jinyu smiled as his eyes darkened.

    Jian Qi ran down the slope and immediately found a spot to hide herself. Soon after, Lu Yao came running toward her.

    “I knew that it was you!” Jian Qi smiled and said. She looked at Lu Yao who was being alert and cautious beside her. “Instructor Lu, you’re pretty good. You saved me when I was in danger!”

    Lu Yao scanned her coldly. “The fact that you were able to run from Tang Jinyu alive was an incredible feat!”

    “Instructor Lu, shouldn’t you ask how I am doing since I’m your teammate?” Jian Qi smiled. Then, she took out the signalling devices which belonged to Lu Yao and Mu Zi and handed them to him. “Instructor Tang will never let me go so you better take the signalling devices and protect Mu Zi. I need to be on the run now.”