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Chapter 166 - Definitely

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 166: Definitely

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    Chen Haoxuan took a second to react to his second brother’s sudden news. Oh, so this coquettish older brother of his wanted the “good stuff” he promised in the group chat?

    So, the little secretary, who had a wild imagination, saw Chen Haoxuan typing on the phone sinisterly.

    He finally had a chance to tease No. 2, who was the most prim and proper in his family. There was no way Chen Haoxuan would give up such an excellent opportunity.

    He asked Black, “Do you want the airy feel ones or those that I gave to dear father?”

    Black actually maintained his logical thinking when he faced such an improper question.

    He dared not blaspheme against her at all, but…

    He would have the same as Father. His dad had been concentrating on doting his wife for dozens of years. Following in his footsteps would definitely not make Momo feel disrespected. Besides, in case he performed well, she would like him even more when she was happy.

    Chen Haoxuan could feel his brother’s wicked thoughts pervading through the screen, coming like a wave toward him. Get out, it was too much!

    “Bring along the other half too,” Chen Haoxuan said to the little secretary. He had contributed all his precious stock to the two most perverse men in his family.

    The little secretary froze. “You want… the other half too?!”

    “Is there a problem?”

    “…Do I need to contact the kidneys, HIV, and AIDS experts?”

    The CEO was so immoral. He would definitely contact some diseases. DEFINITELY!


    Black was thinking about how to propose to Qianmo. At the same time, he was rushing his brother to send the stuff quickly.

    One should grasp both ends at the same time.

    Qianmo heard Little Aunt come into her room as she was running the water.

    “Momo, I have bought two new pieces of clothes for you. I’ll put them in your wardrobe.”

    “Okay… Erm?”

    What was in the wardrobe? Clothes, the seductive kind, the ones she had bought today.

    Qianmo dashed out when she remembered that. She grabbed hold of Little aunt’s hand swiftly right when she was about to touch the wardrobe.

    “Let me do it.”

    Little Aunt handed her the clothes. She tried to say something but couldn’t make up the words. Qianmo had not seen her since the morning, so she discovered the problem after seeing her now.

    Her eyes were swollen like walnuts, and her chubby face had swelled up from all the crying. Qianmo immediately knew something was wrong upon looking at her haggard appearance.

    “Little Aunt, what’s wrong? Who made you angry?”

    “Who else could it be, except that evil philanderer?” Since last night, Little Aunt felt all her happiness vanishing like stars and wind, dying in that picture of Chen Baichuan having an extramarital affair.

    Little Aunt cried sadly while recalling. Qianmo quickly led her to sit down on the sofa.

    “Philanderer? Wasn’t my dad nice to you? You guys are getting married after the preparation is done. You’ll be in charge of his pocket, so my dad will listen to you. Don’t you two have a good thing going on? We would have a happy family when you lose some weight next year and are ready to give me a younger brother or sister. Why are you crying then?”

    Qianmo’s words made Little Aunt cry even harder. Everything Qianmo said was what she had been dreaming for, but now, they all seemed impossible.

    Qianmo knew things were serious when Mu Mianmian wept so hard. Mu Mianmian wasn’t someone who liked to cry normally.

    Chen Baichuan was proud and loved to boast. Although Qianmo knew her dad had plenty of flaws, his only virtue was that he treated his wife very well. What could have made Little Aunt so angry?

    “Did you discover my dad’s secret savings in the cupboard?”

    “What? He has a secret stash?! No, nope. It’s more serious than that… He had a change of heart. He has someone else out there. He’s no longer interested in me. Woo, woo, woo, I made it too easy for him, and that’s why he doesn’t treasure me like a delicious hot bun!”

    “Erm. He treasures you like a meat bun, which is even better than the plain ones. How nice is that.” Qianmo pinched her Little Aunt’s tummy. She would prefer Little Aunt too if she were a man. She was cute and perfect to have a family with.

    “Don’t overthink; my dad wouldn’t cheat on you. He isn’t that kind of person. I would believe he kept a secret stash, so he could lend money to his unsavory friends and bloodsucker relatives. But cheating… No way.”

    She wasn’t looking down on her dad, but Chen Baichuan really didn’t have that kind of cunning mindset.

    “Why don’t you believe me? Look, what is this!”

    Little Aunt took out her phone and retrieved the picture that had caused her a sleepless night.

    Qianmo took a look. Aiya, this back view indeed belonged to the upright Chen Baichuan!

    A candid Northeastern woman could never hold her words back. Little Aunt seemed to have lost her soul, and her chubby face became dull after showing Qianmo the “evidence”.

    Mu Mianmian struggled to control her emotions.

    “You will always be my child, no matter what happens between your dad and me. Even though I am not your real mother, I am still your real aunt. You have to visit me when I move out of this house. Or I can come to your place too.”

    People of this country were always subtle in their relationships and wouldn’t voice their feelings readily. If Mu Mianmian wasn’t desperate, she would have never said all these to Qianmo.

    “People looked down on me because they don’t think it’s good for a husband and his wife’s sister to be in a relationship. Although this kind of affair frequently happened in the olden times, it’s very rare now. People thought I got together with your dad to leech on him so that I could treat your grandmother’s illness.”

    Qianmo wasn’t happy to hear this, and her expression became severe.

    “Did someone say something to you?”

    She would “take care” of anyone who dared to touch her family members.

    Her Little Aunt and her dad only got together more than a decade after Mu Feifei disappeared. In a sense, Mu Feifei was similar to a dead person who never fulfilled any family obligations. What rights did others have to comment on their family?

    “Nobody said that; they are my own thoughts. I knew Momo never liked me in the past, and I could understand.”

    Mu Feifei left too sudden, took all the money in the house, and left her sick parents and a young Qianmo behind. Only Mu Mianmian, who was only a teenager at that time, was left to take care of the Mu family.

    In that situation, had Chen Baichuan chosen to wash his hands off the Mu family, they would have all been left to die.

    Mu Mianmian’s parents had chronic illnesses that always needed money for treatment. She was still underage and not yet working, though. They had to sell everything in the house for the elders’ treatment. Nobody dared to expect that Chen Baichuan would step in at this time.

    After all, as Chen Baichuan’s wife, Mu Feifei, had run away with all the money. He was already kind enough not to go and scold them; who would dare to expect he would take up the responsibility?

    However, at this crucial time, the man with many little faults but a generous spirit stepped out.

    Since the daughter had left, he became the Mu’s family son. He looked after the two elders until they passed on, despite the difficulties. He also took care of Mu Mianmian’s school fees.

    There was really nothing going on between them at that time. They were purely brother and sister-in-law, or one could say they were as close as siblings.

    However, when Mu Mianmian matured and began to develop feelings, Chen Baichuan became the most responsible man in her heart. Furthermore, as Qianmo grew older, Chen Baichuan found it difficult to discipline her as a man, so Mu Mianmian stepped into the mother’s role.