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Chapter 164 - She’s Got Character

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 164: She’s Got Character

    Jiang Yao bowed slightly. She then walked down the stage slowly while everyone stared at her with their mouths agape.

    That was the reason why Jiang Yao did not prepare a script for her speech. She had not planned to give a proper speech since the previous night. It would be the best if she was the first one to give the speech. Even if she was arranged to give the speech after Zhang Xiqing, she could invite her back onto the stage again.

    With a time limit of fifteen minutes, she stepped down from the stage after only a minute and gave rest of her time to Zhang Xiqing.

    Zhang Xiqing became the second freshman representative all of a sudden. Anyone who was smart enough to get a line on her knew that the Zhang family had given money to the school.

    Jiang Yao had only spoken for a minute and she even openly mentioned the truth indirectly. Also, she even set up a deadly trap for Zhang Xiqing.

    Jiang Yao claimed that she was only a freshman and she might mislead others if she talked too much. However, she forced Zhang Xiqing to be on the stage and give her speech. She even forcefully lengthened her speech duration from the initial fifteen minutes to twenty minutes. Also, she even thanked Zhang Xiqing on behalf of all the students and teachers or in other words, thanked the Zhang family’s contributions to the school.

    Wasn’t Zhang Xiqing eagerly wanting to have the title of the freshman representative? She would let her have time to shine and give her speech in the opening ceremony.

    That would be Jiang Yao’s gift in return for her compliment and she hoped that Zhang Xiqing would not let her down.

    Wen Xuehui gave Jiang Yao a big thumbs up from far away. She looked at Zhang Xiqing, who was invited onto the stage by the host with a gloomy face, in excitement.

    The emcee knew how to play the game too. He coordinated with Jiang Yao’s words and invited Zhang Xiqing who still remained in her seat forcibly. Jiang Yao was indeed good at playing with words. Each word she used was able to insinuate that Zhang Xiqing was not up to par for the title of the freshman representative. However, no one could possibly find anything to debate about in her speech.

    Zhang Xiqing had no choice but to walk up the stage. However, her script was written by the secretary of her family’s company and it was supposed to be fifteen minutes long. As for now, she had so much extra time out of nowhere. She did not have such great eloquence!

    Indistinct waves of laughter were heard from the audience. Hatred and enmity welled up in Zhang Xiqing’s heart. Jiang Yao! Jiang Yao! How dare she embarrass her like that!

    “You really are audacious.” Qi Xuan looked at Jiang Yao who returned to her seat and spoke softly, “She is Zhang Xiqing and you did that to her? Aren’t you afraid that the Zhang family will…”

    “No, I’m not.” Jiang Yao’s answer was clear-cut. She was not afraid at all.

    In Nanjiang City, the Qi family was a few levels above the Zhang family and a call from Weiqi could still turn Qi Xiang into a stray dog, let alone Zhang Xiqing.

    Moreover, even if she did not set Zhang Xiqing up today, there was no guarantee that Zhang Xiqing would not do anything to bother her again.

    Since their rivalry was confirmed, she would be committed to it to the end.

    When Jiang Yao was giving her speech on the stage, Chancellor Wen led a man in full suit into the hall, and both of them heard Jiang Yao’s speech without missing a single word.

    Without a doubt, Chancellor Wen was really having a headache. He did not expect that Jiang Yao would embarrass Zhang Xiqing in such a straightforward manner.

    However, the man beside Chancellor Wen smiled and praised, “That lady’s got character,”

    The man whom Chancellor Wen had brought into the hall was in his 30’s and he was Huang Chengjing, the General Manager of Hairun Group. The customer that Jiang Yao saved back at the restaurant was his father, the Chairman of Hairun Group.

    Zhang Xiqing, who was on the stage, did not know what to talk about after she had finished reading through her script. She saw Jiang Yao who was taunting her with a smile under the stage and she refused to get down the stage so simply. She felt that if she stepped down the stage after finishing her speech in fifteen minutes, it would mean that she had admitted defeat.