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Chapter 178 - Disloyal Husband (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 178: Disloyal Husband (2)

    Gu Yu didn’t say anything. He just smiled lightly and crossed one leg over the other. Then, he placed his hands casually over his knee and tapped his knees with his fingertips casually. His aura was huge and powerful. It somehow made people feel pressured.

    Mrs. Xu was agitated when she saw this. She got up and sat down beside Zhanwang. She scolded him, “Zhanwang, address your brother-in-law properly. Don’t act like a child!”

    Zhanwang turned his head and pursed his lips stubbornly. Gu Yu didn’t treat his older sister well. He wouldn’t recognize him as his brother-in-law.

    “You!” Mrs. Xu frowned in anger.

    Mr. Xu got furious too. His voice became deep and low as he said, “Xu Zhanwang, what did I teach you? I had spent so much money on your overseas studies but all that you’ve learned is this impolite attitude?”

    The atmosphere turned tense immediately.

    At that moment, the maids brought in the gifts that Gu Yu and Xu Weilai prepared. Mrs. Xu was sharp-eyed so she saw them from the corner of her eyes. She raised her voice and said, “Are these the presents you’ve brought back?”

    She asked the maids to take the presents over. When she saw the expensive watch and the set of jewelry, the smile on her face bloomed. She took out the diamond necklace excitedly. She was so elated and excited her voice shuddered slightly. “Yu, you’re really polite. How much do these cost?”

    Gu Yu replied indifferently, “This is what I should do.”

    He paused for a moment and took out a small box. He placed the box on the table and pushed it towards Xu Zhanwang. “This is the car key for the limited edition X sports car. It is your birthday present for your coming-of-age ceremony.”


    Xu Zhanwang glanced at the car key. Then, he looked at it again. In the end, he kept his moral integrity and rejected the gift. “I don’t accept presents from strangers!”

    Smart people could see that Gu Yu was giving Xu Zhanwang a way to back down. Yet, Zhanwang didn’t accept his thoughtfulness. Mr. Xu and Mrs. Xu were so agitated cold sweat started forming on their foreheads.

    Mr. Xu slammed the table directly and said angrily, “Xu Zhanwang, why are you speaking like this? Do you need me to teach you properly again? Old Liu, the discipline cane!”

    Mrs. Xu was anxious. She was afraid that her son would get beaten so she persuaded, “Zhanwang, be obedient! Don’t make your father angry!”

    Then, she looked at Xu Weilai, who had been quiet the entire time. She reprimanded her, “Weilai, say something!”

    Xu Zhanwang listened to Xu Weilai the most. If Xu Weilai said something, it was more useful that her speaking until her lips bled! Yet, she just sat by the side and watched the show. Both of them were so worrisome!

    Xu Weilai returned for a meal with her family. She didn’t wish for the situation to become so awkward and she didn’t want Zhanwang to be punished by her father because of her either. Even though she didn’t want to force her younger brother, but… she just wanted to eat with her family. She wanted everyone to be happy.

    She moved her lips and said in a soft voice, “Zhanwang, address your brother-in-law!”

    Xu Zhanwang glared at her unwillingly. He still didn’t want to open his mouth.

    Xu Weilai lifted her hand and pinched his ears. “Are you not going to listen to your older sister too?”

    Xu Zhanwang stared at Xu Weilai for more than ten seconds, In the end, he conceded defeat. He pouted and shouted in a muffled and unwilling tone while staring into space, “Brother-in-law.”

    Gu Yu replied without any burden, “Yes.”

    Mr. Xu and Mrs. Xu heaved a sigh of relief. Coincidentally, a maid came in to say that dinner was ready. Everyone got up and moved to the dining room.

    When they sat down, Mrs. Xu had already prepared everything. She grabbed her son’s hand tightly and pulled him to sit beside her. She didn’t allow him to take Gu Yu’s spot again.

    Gu Yu and Xu Weilai sat on one side while Mrs. Xu and Xu Zhanwang sat on the opposite side.

    While they were eating, Xu Weilai kept taking food for Xu Zhanwang. Mrs. Xu frowned. She reminded Xu Weilai, “Weilai, you can’t favor one more than the other. Take care of your husband. Take some food for Yu!”