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Chapter 468 - The Second Episode Of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor Was Broadcast!

Medical Master
     On Saturday, Fang Qiu returned to school from his hometown.

    While in Ganzhou, Fang Qiu told Jiang Miaoyu that he needed to go back to his hometown and let her return to school first.

    Fang Qiu then went back to his hometown with One-leaf Flower.

    He used the One-leaf Flower to cure his parents and removed all their hidden diseases, then he immediately took the train back to Jiangjing.

    Fortunately, Fang Qiu came back and left quietly and quickly.

    Otherwise, perhaps he wouldn’t be able to leave the town.

    Fang Qiu had already become famous in his hometown before he went to the show. Now, not only did he join the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor in Central Television, but he also did such a great job in the show, which made him gain more popularity in his hometown. He was almost like a big star. There were many neighbors waiting for Fang Qiu to come back to treat them.

    If Fang Qiu didn’t leave as soon as possible, then he wouldn’t be able to leave if everyone in the neighborhood knew that he came back.

    On the way back to Jiangjing, Fang Qiu also received a text message from the show’s crew.

    It said the fourth episode would be 20 out of 30 and the fifth episode would be 15 out of 20. The recording of these two episodes would be held in Bocheng, Huizhou Province. All participants were required to arrive before 8 p.m on Monday.

    On Sunday, with all the people watching, the second episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor was broadcast on time.

    It was just like when the first episode was aired.

    Countless people had already waited in front of their TVs half an hour in advance and tuned to Channel 3 of Central Television, waiting for the show to begin.

    On the Internet, there were a large number of netizens waiting in the live TV room of Central Television’s official website.

    Everyone was eager to watch the show.

    This time, it was more attractive than the first episode.

    After a week of publicity, the influence of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor was growing day by day. Many people who didn’t pay attention to the show and weren’t interested in Chinese Medicine couldn’t help but watch the first episode out of curiosity within the week.

    As a result, they were completely obsessed with the show.

    In addition, while some people were bored waiting for the second episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, they recorded all the knowledge and questions in the first episode related to Chinese Medicine and collected answers and medical principles to write a popular science post for those who needed reference.

    This post was popular but its popularity couldn’t reach the level of the show.

    Admittedly, the reason why the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor became a big hit was not that the audience was truly interested in Chinese Medicine. They actually cared more about the contestants, the directors of the show, and the drama that happened between the contestants during the competition. Although the number of people who really followed Chinese Medicine had indeed increased, not everyone who watched the show was interested in Chinese Medicine.

    Even so, people practicing Chinese Medicine were already very happy and excited about this result.

    After all, this was just the first episode, and there were several more coming.

    They believed that as long as things kept going on like this, the show’s popularity would inevitably increase. Thus, more and more people would pay attention to Chinese Medicine.

    Ten minutes before the show aired, Fang Qiu’s parents had already seated on the sofa in the living room on time and tuned the TV to Channel 3 of Central Television. They were chatting while waiting for the show to begin.

    Fang Qiu’s mother asked, “Do you think our son can get into the Top 50 in this round or not?”

    Fang Qiu’s dad held up his head and said, “Of course. He’s my son!”

    Fang Qiu’s mother immediately said proudly, “Mine! I gave birth to him!”

    Fang Qiu’s father smiled helplessly, “Okay, okay. You get all the credit.”

    Fang Qiu’s mother asked, “In the last episode, the kid named Zheng Chao was so rude. He actually aimed at my son in front of so many people. Judging from the trailer, this time our son would take the initiative to pick someone to fight. Do you think our son would choose him?”

    Fang Qiu’s father shook his head and said, “Oh, you know our son. Zheng Chao is going to suffer this time.”

    At the same time, Jiang Miaoyu, Jiang Mengjie, Chen Yinsheng, Xu Miaolin, Chu Yunyun and others from various places were waiting to watch the second episode.

    In Dorm 501, the four boys gathered together, staring at the computer screen on Sun Hao’s desk.

    Sun Hao asked Fang Qiu, “Fang, how about the second episode? Did you enjoy yourself on stage?”

    Fang Qiu smiled and said, “What do you mean ‘enjoy’? What do you want to know? Maybe I can tell you everything and I promise to describe it better than TV.”

    “Don’t, please don’t!” Before Sun Hao spoke anything, Zhou Xiaotian and Zhu Benzheng yelled immediately, “The spoiler is rude and the worst thing in the world. And we strongly against it.”

    Sun Hao also echoed them, “Yes, we against it.”

    “Then there is nothing I can tell. You guys watch it. I need to pack some things. I have to leave for the show tomorrow.”

    Then Fang Qiu left Sun Hao’s table and returned to his seat, starting to pack up.

    The other three continued to wait for the show.

    Five minutes later, “It’s started!”

    From the beginning of the show, the theme song sung by Fang Qiu sounded.

    Zhou Xiaotian commented, “This song is pretty good. Fang is going to be popular.”

    Sun Hao laughed. “That’s great! Then we will have a brother who is a celebrity. By that time, I hope that won’t be a problem if we ask you to hang out and have dinner together.”

    Fang Qiu said, pretending to be fastidious, “Sorry, I’m busy.”

    Sun Hao’s laughter stopped. He raised his hands and extended his middle fingers towards Fang Qiu, then turned back to watch TV.

    After a while, the show officially started.

    “Hello everyone, welcome to watch our second episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor on time.”

    The host faced the camera with a smile and said, “Today, this is the second round. Only 50 people will enter the next round among 100 contestants. As long as the contestants win in this round, they’ll be able to advance to the Top 50.”

    “First of all, let me introduce the rules for this round.”

    The host then introduced the rules clearly.

    Hearing the rules, everyone online went wild.

    “Damn, is there going to be a fight?”

    “One-on-one, asking each other questions? Now it’s going to get nasty.”Visit vi p novel. com

    “It’s awesome. They actually came up with such brilliant rules. It is simply to let the competitors eliminate each other.”

    “It’s worthy of Central Television’s fame. This is reality. The rules are much better than those of the talent shows where the contestants were just presenting their miserable lives to the audience. Some shit just kept happening in those shows, like something terrible happened to their family or they grew up in a tragic family or some guys just couldn’t help crying out loud because their teammates got eliminated.”

    “This is the real competition. Everyone has to fight for themselves.”

    Even Fang Qiu’s mom and dad were surprised by the rules of this round, let alone those Internet users.

    However, they had faith in Fang Qiu.

    On TV, the host walked towards the answering area with a smile. “Before the show officially starts, I will interview a few contestants first.”

    At this time, the camera swept across the face of each contestant and eventually stopped on Fang Qiu.

    At the same time, the host happened to stop next to Fang Qiu.

    This move had reduced the feeling that the host deliberately went to interview Fang Qiu while they were recording at that time.

    The host asked, “Fang Qiu, do you have confidence in such a brutal one-on-one elimination round today?”

    Fang Qiu looked at the camera with confidence. “I have always been confident.”

    The host asked again, “So, is there anyone you want to challenge today?”

    Fang Qiu shook his head and said lightly, “For me, anyone will do.”

    When that came, people who were watching TV or the live broadcast immediately became restless.

    “WOW!” People instantly commented on the screen.

    “That’s my idol. He’s really awesome!”

    “Fang Qiu is indeed the main character of this show.”

    “He can just interview my idol by random choice. Oh man, I really like this show more and more. What should I do?”

    “Anyone will do! WOW! Fang Qiu is so awesome!”

    “Well, Fang Qiu is indeed confident, but he is a bit arrogant. How does he manage to provoke everyone by every word he says?”

    “It was ok at first, but now it looks like Fang Qiu is always pretentious.”

    At this time, the screen turned to the interviews of other people.

    Different from Fang Qiu, only one or two of them were interviewed on the set while most of the other people were interviewed independently.

    As a result, in interviews with dozens of people, more than half of them chose to challenge Fang Qiu.

    It seemed that they came to this show just to challenge Fang Qiu.

    Seeing that, the audience couldn’t help but chuckle.

    “You should stop pretending to be somebody. Look! Now you’re being the target, right?”

    “Take Fang Qiu down!”

    “Defeat him!”

    ” Fang Qiu will win!”

    For a while, all kinds of comments appeared. Some of them supported Fang Qiu while others hissed him.

    In this case, everyone was more interested and more absorbed in the show.

    Soon, the show was on track.

    Just when everyone was expecting someone to come out and challenge Fang Qiu, the host randomly selected a number. What were the odds? It turned out to be Fang Qiu!

    The host said, “Number 68, Fang Qiu!”

    When hearing the host’s announcement, the audience was dumbfounded.

    They were looking forward to someone challenging Fang Qiu. How come Fang Qiu became the first one to take the initiative to challenge others?

    However, as they thought of the trailer, they immediately got excited.

    “Fang Qiu turned out to be the first. Who would he choose?”

    “Isn’t it also a random one?”

    “Absolutely not. In the longer version of the trailer, Fang Qiu clearly chose one person by himself.”


    “Maybe… ”

    Just when all the audience was discussing, Fang Qiu had come to the stage.

    “Stop looking around. Come on, it’s you!”

    As what happened in the trailer, Fang Qiu reached out, pointed to the answering area, and selected one person.

    The camera moved as he pointed.

    A familiar figure stood up.

    Taking a closer look, the audience found that it was none other than Zheng Chao.


    “Wow, a great choice!”

    “Ha-ha. They finally met on the stage.”

    “Didn’t you just challenge my idol in the first episode, Zheng Chao? You got challenged now. How do you feel? Huh?”

    “It’s you, come down! Come down!”

    In the crazy discussion of the audience, the showdown between Fang Qiu and Zheng Chao finally began.

    Fang Qiu’s performance, as always, was impressive. He answered three questions in a row and got them all correct.

    When it turned to Fang Qiu who gave his questions, Zheng Chao’s face changed as soon as he heard the questions.

    Seeing that, the audience supporting Fang Qiu suddenly went wild. Even those who did not support Fang Qiu were extremely excited. Anyway, they did not support Zheng Chao. In the first episode, Zheng Chao deliberately targeted Fang Qiu, which caused a lot of people’s disgust. Watching him being challenged by Fang Qiu, everyone was feeling so relieved and excited.

    At last, Zheng Chao got one correct and answered two questions incorrectly. His face turned pale, and he entered the elimination zone with frustration.