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Chapter 469 - The Audience Was Furious!

Medical Master
     In front of the TV, everyone was extremely excited.

    They hadn’t missed Fang Qiu and Zheng Chao’s PK even for a second, for they didn’t even dare to blink.

    After seeing Fang Qiu effortlessly answer Zheng Chao’s three questions and get Zheng Chao eliminated with strong competence, everyone felt so relieved and ecstatic.

    Especially when they saw Zheng Chao who was awkwardly guessing the answers to Fang Qiu’s questions when he didn’t know the right answers, everyone burst into laughter.

    They couldn’t help it, cause Zheng Chao was so annoying.

    Judging from the first episode, Zheng Chao was the only one who proactively provoked others. Although the one he targeted was Fang Qiu, which helped him boost a little man’s ego, people in this world respected the strong people. It was taken for granted that one could find fault with others when he had strength, but if he found fault with others without enough strength, he was asking for trouble.

    “You won’t get burned if you don’t play with fire.”

    “Zheng Chao’s face is as awkward as a piece of shit. It’s so funny.”

    “Just as I expected, Zheng Chao was defeated by Fang Qiu in the end.”

    “Zheng Chao must be furious because he failed to win the competition. Instead of taking down Fang Qiu, he was defeated.”

    “Wow. Fang Qiu is literary showing his strength. The boy just challenged him last time, and this time he just paid him back.”

    “Zheng Chao is so pathetic.”

    “There’s nothing to feel sorry for him. He’s just not powerful enough. As for Fang Qiu, he was acting like if you couldn’t take me down, then I would definitely come to you and make you suffer.”

    On the Internet, the audience who watched the live broadcast was excited about the discussion.

    The show continued.

    The host said to Fang Qiu. “Next, the winner of the first match, Fang Qiu, will choose a number for us.”

    Fang Qiu then said, “Number 77.”

    “No. 77, Zhang Yalong, please come on stage.”

    As the host’s shout sounded, a thin young man stood up.

    Seeing who he was, the audience froze.

    “No way. They’re already putting a good show at the beginning?”

    “Damn, all the highlights of this episode are in the first half of the show?”

    “Isn’t this the guy who chose Jiang Miaoyu on the trailer? He turned out to be the second one?”

    “Maybe he chose Jiang Miaoyu in the second round.”

    While people were in doubt, they continued to watch it.

    On TV, the camera turned to the host.

    The host didn’t ask until Zhang Yalong got on the stage. “Are you going to choose your opponent?”

    Zhang Yalong looked nonchalant. “Can I choose Fang Qiu?”

    The moment he spoke, not only the audience on the set but also all the audience sitting in front of the TV couldn’t help exclaiming.

    Fang Qiu had just taken down a person who targeted him, and now there was another person who challenged him in public.

    However, could this man really beat Fang Qiu?

    The host shook his head and said, “Of course not. Fang Qiu has entered the safe zone.”

    Zhang Yalong spoke again, “But, I only want to choose Fang Qiu!”

    His words caused a stir online.

    “Does Fang Qiu have a grudge against this man?”

    “Zhang Yalong? I’ve never heard of him.”

    “What’s wrong with him? Everyone dares to challenge Fang Qiu.”

    “This guy is definitely using Fang Qiu’s popularity to hype himself. He has apparently seen Fang Qiu enter the safe zone, but he still dared to say that.”

    “That’s right. He knows he can’t challenge Fang Qiu due to the rules, so he’s acting so aggressively. Isn’t he afraid of being slapped on the face?”

    Netizens particularly didn’t fond of this person named Zhang Yalong.

    First of all, his impression of everyone in the preview was not good. Now that the show had finally been broadcast, and he asked a question which he already knew the answer, which would simply cause everyone to dislike him.

    Knowing that he could not choose Fang Qiu, Zhang Yalong helplessly spread out his hands and shrugged, then turned to look at the answering area. After glancing at it casually, he immediately reached out to point at Jiang Miaoyu and said, “All right then. I’ll choose her!”

    The bullet screen in the live broadcast room of the internet suddenly exploded!

    “He really chose Jiang Miaoyu!” Everyone was stunned.

    No one had expected that a man would take the initiative to choose a woman to battle on the challenge platform.

    However, Jiang Miaoyu was not afraid at all.

    The duel started immediately.

    Zhang Yalong gave his questions first.

    The first question was to recite knowledge about Chinese Medicine.

    Everyone present was stunned, so was the audience who was watching the show.

    “What the fuck! He was supposed to come up with some questions, but now he just requested his opponent to recite. He’s so shameless.”

    There was no doubt that everyone who watched the show had experienced the time of being a student. It was very difficult for them to recite knowledge of books. What was more, what Zhang Yalong requested to recite was an ancient medical book.

    However, since it was just the first question, everyone didn’t think too much about it.

    Reciting was just like some questions written based on ones’ memory in the exams. It was natural for a person to encounter one kind of this question occasionally.

    Compared with the difficulty of the question, everyone was more concerned about whether Jiang Miaoyu could answer it or not.

    Eventually, Jiang Miaoyu recited every word correctly.

    Hearing Jiang Miaoyu’s answer, all the audience applauded and exclaimed.


    “It’s very difficult to recite an ancient medical book. I didn’t expect Jiang Miaoyu could actually do it.”

    “She is a great beauty who is in the same university as Fang Qiu is. She is really competent.”

    The second question was a reciting question again.

    This time, all the audience began to feel unfair for Jiang Miaoyu.

    “Damn it. Not only did he choose a girl, but he also asked such a strange question. How fucking shameless he is!”

    “Is Zhang Yalong a real man or not?”

    “Shameless, too shameless!”

    “This is too much. Not only did he ask his opponent to recite, but he also requested her to recite a specific paragraph. Zhang Yalong is too sinister and cunning!”

    While everyone was in fierce indignation, Jiang Miaoyu couldn’t carry it on when she was halfway through.

    This time, all the audience was anxious.

    Everyone favored the weaker side, especially when Zhang Yalong, as a strong side, was still so shameless.

    “I’ll give up on this question.” With half of the reciting process, Jiang Miaoyu could only give up when she really couldn’t remember the rest of it.

    This made all the audience in front of the TV flew into a rage.

    Such a grown man actually forced a girl into such a situation. This person was really an asshole.

    The third question was still reciting.

    As soon as the question was out, all the audience was furious.

    “Zhang Yalong, go to hell!”

    “Can you be more shameless?”

    “He’s such a shitty man. He actually gave three reciting questions.”

    “Shit, if I were at the scene, I would definitely beat him to death!”

    “Shameless. He’s really a bully.”

    Not only people on the Internet but also all the people who were watching the show were angry.

    At the same time, people were all indignant.

    The TV camera turned to Jiang Miaoyu’s face.Visit v ip novel. com

    At this moment, Jiang Miaoyu was frowning and looking a little embarrassed. At first glance, she looked really pitiful.

    But in the blink of an eye, Jiang Miaoyu’s face suddenly changed.

    As people were worried about her, Jiang Miaoyu began to recite aloud.

    Within one minute, according to Zhang Yalong’s request, Jiang Miaoyu recited every word without missing a word!

    As she finished the last word and the host announced that she was completely correct, all the audience who was so nervous finally relaxed.

    At the same time, they began to be curious about what kind of question Jiang Miaoyu would give her opponent.

    “Let him taste the power of our women!”

    “This person is too shameless. I’ll be sorry if Zhang Yalong doesn’t get eliminated.”

    “Miaoyu, come on, take him down!”

    Jiang Miaoyu’s questions were taken over by the host.

    Zhang Yalong answered the first question correctly, but he was greeted with loud boos.

    The second question was related to electroacupuncture.

    After the host finished reading the question, everyone immediately saw Zhang Ydragon’s face fall.

    All the people were excited to see that.

    As everyone wished, Zhang Yalong gave the wrong answer.

    The third question was still related to electroacupuncture.

    As soon as they heard the question, all the audience laughed out loud.

    Zhang Yalong’s expression also became extremely awkward.

    Just when everyone thought that Zhang Yalong was going to be eliminated, Zhang Yalong actually questioned that the question was not about Chinese Medicine.

    As soon as the question was heard, it immediately aroused the indignation of the netizens.

    “Your questions can be regarded as Chinese Medicine questions even if you let someone recite. But this one relating to electroacupuncture doesn’t count?”

    “That’s right. Electroacupuncture is at least a kind of therapy of traditional Chinese Medicine. And what does reciting have to do with Chinese Medicine?”

    “You actually have the nerve to say such things. This person’s face is even thicker than the city wall!”

    The picture then shifted. The judge directly determined that Jiang Miaoyu’s questions belonged to the category of Chinese Medicine.

    All the audience was happy to see that.

    Especially when they saw Zhang Yalong’s livid face, all the audience felt overjoyed!

    In the end, Zhang Yalong who had an awful look on his face gave the wrong answer.

    He walked into the elimination zone with a gloomy face.

    “You deserve it!”

    “What a slap in the face. You wanted to bully a woman, but you were sent to the eliminated area instead. Let’s see how you can act so arrogant.”

    “You want to win by using such a despicable trick?”

    “Thank God! Such a sinister man should be eliminated.”

    It made the audience feel more comfortable than when Fang Qiu threw Zheng Chao into the elimination area because Zhang Yalong was even more abominable than Zheng Chao.

    The duel continued.

    The people from the four prominent families went on stage in turn.

    Every one of them answered the questions correctly and perfectly. And every question they gave was extremely difficult.

    After watching the performance of the four of them, all kinds of exclamations were constantly heard from the audience.

    For a time, the reputation of the descendants of the four prominent families began to spread on the Internet.

    Among them, Li Sanxiao got the biggest attention because this guy always smiled, like a natural comedian. When people saw him, they couldn’t help but want to laugh out loud.

    In addition to the descendants of the four prominent families, another man also attracted everyone’s attention. It was Luo Jie.

    Although his opponent on the stage was not the descendant of the four big families or an expert like Fang Qiu, the opponent was also a very powerful scholar who got qualified to participate in the competition with full score.

    Eventually, three of Luo Jie’s questions made his opponent completely confused. He didn’t know how to answer them at all.

    As for Luo Jie himself, he correctly answered the three questions easily and got into the next round.

    Besides, he was dressed in a strange way and his long hair, which was quite eye-catching.

    Luo Jie soon became the focus of everyone’s discussion.

    After a while, the show was over.

    What made everyone speechless was that Zhang Yalong, who was struck into the elimination area by Jiang Miaoyu, had successfully advanced into the second round.

    In the end, the picture was also fixed on Zhang Yalong staring at Fang Qiu.

    There was no doubt that this also kept everyone in suspense.

    Just like the first episode, there was a heated discussion on the Internet as soon as the second episode was over, which was even more intense than that after the first episode was aired.