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Chapter 172 - Do We Share Telepathy?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 172: Do We Share Telepathy?

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    “I guess you do know that.” Lu Yao snorted coldly.

    “I can’t help it. I’m too outstanding and Instructor Tang just can’t stand that.” Jian Qi smiled narcissitically.

    Lu Yao. “…”

    ‘Is being humble dead to you?”

    Lu Yao could not help but remind her as she was tidying up her backpack.

    “You were lucky this time around as you managed to escape from him but you might not have it easy from now on.”

    Jian Qi smiled and said, “Instructor Lu, take good care of Mu Zi from now on. Don’t let anyone harm her!”

    He frowned slightly at her in the rain.

    He stared at the girl who was smiling before him. The one she should really be worried about is herself.

    Despite that fact, she even reminded him to take good care of Mu Zi.

    “Let’s go together! It’s better that way because we can take care of each other!” Lu Yao said. “I promised to protect you until the end…”

    “No need!” Jian Qi rejected his offer. She then smiled and said, “Alright! We’ll say our goodbyes here!”

    “Hey!” Lu Yao called after her but she soon disappeared in the rain.

    Jian Qi knew that the reason why she could escape from Tang Jinyu just now was not luck. Clearly, Tang Jinyu went easy on her.

    If not, she would never be able to escape from him.

    Based on what happened just now, Tang Jinyu could have eliminated her easily. From where Lu Yao was shooting, Tang Jinyu could have easily flipped her to the front and have her be the meat shield, thus causing her to be eliminated.

    However, he chose to save her!

    They fell down onto the ground at the same time.

    He even gave her a chance to run away.

    Yes, Tang Jinyu was giving her a chance!

    A chance for her to defeat him!

    Or, a chance for her to accept the fact that she would be defeated by him.

    Tang Jinyu was much stronger than she thought. His alertness throughout the whole time he was fighting with her was impeccable. It was rather frightening even!

    If not, he would not have been able to dodge a bullet from a sniper gun.

    Which also meant that he had predicted everything beforehand.

    That man was much more powerful than what she imagined him to be.

    Although they could take care of each other if she were to choose to go with Lu Yao, she might endanger them if she were to stay with them.

    She should not endanger the two of them.

    Moreover, she was hoping that she could fight against Tang Jinyu again.

    She was rather excited with that thought in mind. It seemed like she had finally found a true opponent who was worthy of the fight.

    The rain did not stop falling and the wind was blowing strongly. The weather became worse as time passed by.

    The weather was bad enough as it was and the skies became even darker as time went by, lowering their visibility even more.

    There were only six people left at the moment.

    Only Mu Zi and Lu Yao were in the same team. The others were flying solo.

    There were only a few hours left. All of them wanted to survive until the end but they all had the signalling devices with them. Moreover, the hunters were going after them in groups and ambushing them by surrounding them.

    Two more people were disqualified.

    Jian Qi could not help but sneeze as she was lying on the ground.

    She was drowned by rain the whole day. She had not had a good rest up until now and she was feeling slightly dizzy.

    She knew that her body was going to be a burden to her.

    She wanted to get up and move to another spot but she soon heard footsteps near her. She quickly lay down again.

    “Come out!” A cold voice was heard.

    Jian Qi was stunned for a while. She admired his ability to track and pursue after her.

    Jian Qi stood up and faced Tang Jinyu who was standing before her. She smiled sinisterly, “Instructor Tang, do we share telepathy? It seems like you can find me anywhere I go!”