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Chapter 167 - Music Should Be Playing Now

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 167: Music Should Be Playing Now

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    To Mu Mianmian, Qianmo was really like her own flesh and blood.

    She taught Qianmo when her period came. It was she who had rushed out with a shovel when the ruffians tried to ask Qianmo for a date. She was only ten years older than Qianmo, and yet, she had already experienced being a mother way before she was supposed to.

    Although they had spent a long time together, they only became lovers in the last couple of years. However, the outsiders said Mu Mianmian had already gotten involved with Chen Baichuan way earlier so that she could make him settle her family’s mess.

    Even though Mu Mianmian pretended not to care, she felt awful inside her heart. Still, her worst fear was Qianmo would think of her in the same way too, so they had kept their relationship under wraps.

    Mu Mianmian had already considered the worst-case scenario. She wouldn’t have a child if Qianmo continued to dislike her. Her life would be worthwhile just to have brought up Qianmo.

    Qianmo didn’t despise her and even voiced her support when she found out about them. Mu Mianmian thought she would have a good life from that point onward.

    But a single photo destroyed everything, all her dreams and hopes.

    “I really didn’t get together with your dad for the sake of your grandpa and grandma.” Mu Mianmian opened her heart, voicing out the anguish she had suffered over the years.

    Qianmo hugged and patted her. “I never thought that way. My dad was a poor loser that couldn’t even wash his own socks properly. His wife ran away, and he’s an old single man; what could you get from him? I even think you had a bad deal by getting together with my dad.”

    Her dad only became rich in recent years. He was only a fisherman who worked for others before that. He was always dirty and had a fishy smell. To make matters worse, his wife ran away, and he had to raise a daughter by himself. Who would be interested in him?

    The farm was hard work when it was first set up. They couldn’t afford to employ workers, so they had to do many things by themselves. Mu Mianmian even had to do a lot of menial labor like a man. Her health had suffered as a result. She went to study accounting and take exams after the farm had expanded.

    Although her dad was the farm’s owner, the real person holding it up was Mu Mianmian. Her glory, however, was all shrouded by Chen Baichuan. If she wasn’t around, given her dad’s character, he would run the factory into the ground sooner or later.

    All in all, Mu Mianmian was actually the one at a disadvantage when the two of them got together.

    Qianmo had no idea what was going on with the photo, but she had to make her position known.

    “Even though I called you Little Aunt, I actually wanted to call you Mom. But I feared it will make you appear much older than you are. Still, we cannot jump to conclusions without any investigations. What did you mean when you said you wanted to leave? Even if you don’t want that old fogey, what about me, your lovable and obedient daughter? You are leaving me too?”

    Little Aunt’s double chin was shaking. She couldn’t hold back any longer and cried out loud when she saw Qianmo’s concerned look.

    “I’m not leaving you! I wanted to hear you call me Mom too, but, but…”

    She had been waiting many years for Momo to accept her. But Heaven gave her such a blow when she finally did. Little Aunt was weeping like a 75kg baby.

    She hugged Qianmo and cried her heart out.

    Others thought she was kind to Qianmo only because she wanted to get close to Chen Baichuan. In fact, that wasn’t the case at all.

    Qianmo was also related to her by blood. She had watched her grow from a baby to a young lady now. She was the one who washed the blood-stained underwear when Qianmo had her first period—Even though she was scolded by the embarrassed Qianmo afterward. She had indeed treated this child just like her own baby.

    This was a blended family that had gone through a rough time. It made Mu Mianmian undertake the responsibility of a mother way too early. Qianmo also felt like crying when she saw her shedding tears like that.

    “Please don’t cry. I had wanted to wait till you guys got married before I changed the form of address. But it’s okay if I change it now. Mom, it’s alright for you to scold my dad.

    “After all, he didn’t give you a proper status despite having got together for a long time. You can be angry at him, but I am on your side. Can you please not get angry with me?”

    “I’m not angry at you. Your dad may not be a good cookie, but you are a good kid. Really!”

    “Then tell me how this picture of my dad ended up in your hands. Be detailed.”

    Even Qianmo would think there was a problem just by looking at the picture if she didn’t know Chen Baichuan’s character beforehand.

    Little Aunt began to tell the heartache in her heart.

    “Your dad said he wanted to go to the sea cucumber farm last night, and I believed him. I even made him the double whips (penises) mutton soup… But, but this ungrateful man went to book a hotel room with another woman. I even received the picture on my phone.”

    She choked with sobs as she got to the part that had shattered her heart into pieces.

    Qianmo raised her eyebrows. She discovered her focus wasn’t on her dad “straying”, but on that mysterious double whips mutton soup.

    No wonder. She saw Little Aunt cooking mysteriously in the kitchen last night, and she even pushed her away when she went over to ask her. So it was a tonic soup.

    “I even made double whips. Two!!! In the end, he went to whip someone else after drinking my soup!”

    There should be some sad music playing by now, but Qianmo had no idea why she felt like laughing.

    “Let me call Dad. Please stop crying first. Let’s get to the bottom of this matter. We will confiscate his ‘tool for criminal purpose’ if he dared to let you down.”

    Little Aunt stopped sobbing and couldn’t react for a while in a stupor.

    “Oh my, confiscating his ‘tool for criminal purpose’. Wouldn’t he be the ‘Last Eunuch in China’?”

    That won’t do! All the money would be wasted since Chen Baichuan had been drinking her tonic soups for a long time. Confiscate his tool… Then who would drink all the turtle blood and deer’s antlers that were meant to increase the male’s masculinity!

    That wasn’t right, either. He deserved to have his tool confiscated if he did betray her!

    Little Aunt had decided that if Chen Baichuan had cheated on her, she would bring Qianmo away with her. She could abandon the jerk, but she had to bring Momo along. She was the daughter that she raised!

    Qianmo tried to call Chen Baichuan on the phone, but she couldn’t get through.

    Qianmo sent him a message to his phone and his WeChat, but she didn’t get any reply.

    Qianmo put her mission of looking for her missing dad on the side. She went back to the house to console Mu Mianmian first because she saw her Little Aunt on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

    She finally made Mu Mianmian stop crying after consoling her in every possible way. They were going to interrogate Chen Baichuan when he got back. He had to explain the picture.

    Mu Mianmian was still unstable emotionally, so Qianmo pulled the petals off the remaining roses and scattered them into the bathtub in Little Aunt’s room. Then, she pushed her in and said it was for relaxation.

    Qianmo went to look for Black after she settled Little Aunt.

    She wanted Black to help look for her dad initially, but she found him even more solemn than usual—Actually, he had just gotten the “good stuff” from his brother. He was almost having a nosebleed just thinking about them. He pretended to be more solemn than usual, so she wouldn’t find out his “indescribable” thoughts.

    “I am afraid we will have to delay tonight’s stargazing.”

    “That’s not urgent.” He looked at her, about to speak, but he couldn’t utter anything. He took a deep breath as the little man in his brain shouted at him.