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Chapter 525 - Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 12)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 525: Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 12)

    “Oh!”  She closed her eyes like she had vaguely remembered something before looking at his smile and saying, “It’s you!”

    At that year’s mid autumn festival, he was in front of a falling stand and she pushed him aside.

    Of course, she wasn’t hurt either.

    They didn’t really have any interaction and this matter was just a quick incident.

    But she never thought that they would meet at the banquet today, it was considered fate.

    But it wasn’t any life saving grace, Mo Qian was just being humble.

    “Because the guards were nearby, I didn’t properly thank you.”  Mo Qian scratched his head as his white face turned red, not even daring to look her in the eyes.

    “No need, no need, it’s just a small matter.”  She felt that this feeling was quite strange.

    A unnatural conversation.

    But then again, it wasn’t just Mo Qian who came to talk to her.

    As the time for the banquet approached, more and more people arrived in the palace.

    At this time, face was first and family background was second.

    Luo Qing Chan was naturally more beautiful than most people here, so it was normal for people to come talk to her.

    But when she walked around, she couldn’t see the so-called crown prince…..

    Could it be that the crown prince didn’t come?

    [Yes!  The crown prince rarely comes!  Luo Yi was only betting that the crown prince would come.]

    Damn, why didn’t you say so earlier!

    [For an important person like the crown prince, his princess naturally wouldn’t be chosen from people here!]

    What!  Do!  You!  Mean!  By!  People!  Here!

    Luo Qing Chen could feel that the system was shaming her and she couldn’t do anything to refute it!

    An hour passed and Luo Si Zhao and Luo Xin Yue were standing behind Luo Yi with ashen faces.  It was clear they had been rejected countless times.

    Luo Yi’s face also looked quite ugly, like he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

    Looking back at Luo Qing Chen, although she wasn’t the focal point of the banquet, there were many people who had come to talk to her.

    Luo Yi occasionally looked at her and his green face relaxed a bit.

    Luo Qing Chen really was as outstanding as she said, he didn’t waste this bet.

    But what he didn’t understand was why not a single one attracted her gaze.

    Could it be that she really wanted to open the sky and get the crown prince?  It had to be known although he agreed to bring her, he never thought that the crown prince would come.

    Even if the crown prince came, with the crown prince’s indifferent personality, how could he like her?

    Luo Yi knit his brows in a bit of worry, as he headed over to Luo Qing Chen.

    A group of nobles saw Luo Yi come over and naturally said, “Your daughter really is both beautiful and talented!”

    Beautiful and talented?  He knew about her beauty, but he didn’t know where her talent came from…..

    “Right!  It’s not just that, she’s so beautiful that she makes fish sink and geese fall and she’s a truly warm girl!”

    Wasn’t that a little too exaggerated?  Why didn’t he feel that warmth himself?

    Luo Yi nodded with a smile as he said, “Your praise is too much.  This little girl normally doesn’t go out, so she’s rather shy.”

    He didn’t forget to pull Luo Qing Chen’s sleeve as he said this, bringing her to the side as he asked in a low voice, “This many people came to talk to you and you don’t like a single one?”

    Luo Qing Chen slightly knit her brows and helplessly shook her head.

    “That one wearing the turquoise robe is the first son of sir second grade official Mei, he is both rich and handsome!”  Luo Yi was a bit anxious as he began to introduce them himself.

    Luo Qing Chen heard this and shook her head.