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Chapter 179 - Why Did You Abandon Her? (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Xu Zhanwang looked at the food his older sister took for him and said in a tone filled with disdain, “Doesn’t he have hands! How old is he? Why does he still need people to take care of him!”

    Mr. Xu was so angry he smiled. “Don’t you feel guilty for saying that? What about you? Don’t you have hands?”

    Xu Zhanwang slammed his chopsticks on the table directly and placed his hands behind his back. He smiled and said, “That’s right. I don’t have hands. Sister, feed me. Ah——”



    Mr. Xu and Mrs. Xu almost got a heart attack from anger. Everyone turned silent.

    Xu Weilai didn’t know whether to be angry or to laugh. She straightened her facial expression and pretended to be stern. “Everyone will eat their own food!”

    “Okay! I’ll listen to my sister!”

    The corner of Gu Yu’s lips were lifted. He gave an ambiguous smile. He ignored Xu Zhanwang and placed a piece of chicken in Xu Weilai’s bowl. His voice was deep and pleasant to the ear. “Have more food.”

    Xu Weilai tightened her grip on her pair of chopsticks uncontrollably.

    Xu Zhanwang continued exposing Gu Yu. “Why are you pretending to be a loving husband? Aren’t you worried that your image will get destroyed?”

    Mrs. Xu took a deep breath and forcefully changed the topic. “Weilai, mom feels that your complexion is not bad. You’ve been living well with Gu Yu recently, right?”

    Xu Weilai considered the overall situation so she maintained the fake smile on her face and replied, “Yes, not bad.”

    Xu Zhanwang refused to back down so he took a piece of vegetable for Xu Weilai and said, “Sister, don’t be afraid. If you’re not happy, you can come home. The gates of the Xu Residence will always be open for you. You’re someone who has a family supporting you!”

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    Mr. Xu placed his chopsticks forcefully on his bowl and said in a low voice, “Don’t talk while you’re eating!”


    After dinner, Xu Weilai helped Mrs. Xu to cut fruit.

    Mrs. Xu kept glancing at the huge diamond ring on her ring finger. She was grinning from ear to ear. After that, she looked at Xu Weilai’s flat abdomen and said, “Weilai, you’ve been married for some time already. Do you have plans to have a child?”

    A child…

    Xu Weilai almost cut her finger while she was cutting the fruit.

    Mrs. Xu didn’t notice Xu Weilai’s expression. She continued, “I heard that Yu hasn’t ended his ties completely with Su Ziqian. Listen to mom and have a child as soon as possible. That way, Yu won’t keep thinking of going out. Your position will be stable!”

    Xu Weilai looked at Mrs. Xu and opened her mouth. In the end, she still swallowed the words that were at the tip of her tongue.

    She really wanted to ask if a child was just a tool to get benefits for them, just like how she was to them?


    In the living room.

    Xu Zhanwang couldn’t bear to listen to Mr. Xu flattering Gu Yu anymore. He stood up and looked at Gu Yu provokingly. “Brother-in-law, let’s do some exercise after dinner. Shall we have a duel?”

    Gu Yu accepted the suggestion readily. “Sure.”

    There was a Thai boxing arena in the Xu Residence. The two of them were both Thai boxing fans. They changed into their sports attire and went up to the arena.

    Half an hour later, Gu Yu was tossed on the ground by Xu Zhanwang. But, he didn’t feel any sense of happiness at all. Instead, he shouted furiously, “What is the meaning of this? Are you looking down on me? Who asked you to give in to me?”

    “Three years ago, I couldn’t win you. That doesn’t mean that I can’t beat you now. Don’t think too highly of yourself!”

    Gu Yu got up from the ground swiftly and stood up straight. He smiled but didn’t say anything.

    Xu Zhanwang said, “Let’s fight again! Please respect me and do your best!”


    After he finished speaking, the two of them started fighting again. Gu Yu released his fist quickly, accurately, and viciously. Xu Zhanwang resisted for more than ten rounds before he slowly started to be at a disadvantage.

    Five minutes later, Xu Zhanwang was thrown on the ground.

    The last punch was thrown towards Xu Zhanwang’s face with a powerful force. But, Gu Yu stopped a few centimeters away from his face.

    Xu Zhanwang opened his eyes and scoffed, “Why is there a need to pretend? If you really cared about my sister, as much as you cared about me, why did you abandon her that year!”

    He spat his saliva furiously and continued, “My sister is such a good person. Three years ago, why did you give up on her? What did she do wrong?”