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Chapter 173 - Instructor, Where Are You Kicking at?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 173: Instructor, Where Are You Kicking at?

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    Tang Jinyu looked at her calmly. “Do you want to surrender or be beaten up by me?”

    “Instructor Tang, you’re so arrogant!” Jian Qi smiled and said.

    Tang Jinyu looked at her frigidy but he remained calm. “It seems like you are choosing the latter!”

    Jian Qi smiled and looked at him. “I’m sure that you don’t have any soldier under you who is a coward, right?”

    Tang Jinyu said placidly, “I admire your courage! Now, let’s begin. Give it your all!”

    “Instructor Tang, why do you pursue after me so relentlessly?” Jian Qi smiled and looked at him. “Be frank with me. Do you have a thing for me?”

    “If you don’t want to be beaten up too badly, you better stop talking right now.” Tang Jinyu lowered his voice and warned her.

    Jian Qi smirked and her smile deepened. “You’re just admitting that I’m right.”

    Tang Jinyu said nothing but it was clear that he had become much more distant and colder.

    The weather was already terrible, her whole body was soaked through and she was cold. Now, it had become much colder with the vibe he was exuding.

    “Instructor Tang, do you plan to freeze me to death by your coldness and harshness?” Jian Qi smiled. Her smile was wicked and seductive.

    Tang Jinyu lowered his eyes. “You’re indeed annoying.”

    Jian Qi smiled as she threw away her backpack, cap and the ghillies suit that she was wearing onto the ground.

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    It was much better if she could fight lightweight.

    Jian Qi rotated her wrists and loosened her muscles. She then looked at Tang Jinyu. “Instructor, please go easy on me.”

    Tang Jinyu did the same thing as he threw away his cap and suit.

    He then wiped away the raindrops on his face and smirked. He said, “Let’s begin!”

    Jian Qi smiled. “Instructor, go easy on me!”

    Tang Jinyu said nothing as he started throwing punches at her without any hesitation.

    Jian Qi retreated and dodged his attack as she stared right at Tang Jinyu.

    Tang Jinyu was fast. Jian Qi retreated and held up her hands to protect herself from his punch. She frowned in pain as she received the strong punch that jolted her body.

    Jian Qi dodged his attack. Then, she attacked Tang Jinyu swiftly. She started throwing punches at him at a fast speed.

    Tang Jinyu smirked and dodged her punches by shifting sideways, as he did so, Jian Qi’s leg came flying at him.

    Jian Qi did not expect his next move as Tang Jinyu seemed to have seen through every single attack she had launched. He dodged her attack again. At the same time, his leg came flying toward her.

    Tang Jinyu was too fast. Although Jian Qi managed to dodge, she was still injured by him.

    His kick landed on her chest.

    Jian Qi fell down onto the ground and her face was covered in dirt.

    She looked up, with one hand touching her chest and the other wiping away the dirt on her face at the same time.

    Jian Qi was lying on the ground while looking at Tang Jinyu. She seemed quite pathetic.

    Tang Jinyu remained emotionless as he stared at her coldly. “Get up.”

    Jian Qi looked at him. Almost all of the dirt on her face was washed away by the rain but she still appeared dirty. She said woefully, “Instructor, where were you kicking at?”

    She rubbed her chest. ‘It hurts!’

    Tang Jinyu remained calm. “Get up. Continue fighting.”

    Jian Qi got up slowly. She was upset. It was rather humiliating being beaten up like that!

    Fortunately, he had nothing with him at that moment. If not, it would be quite humiliating if the scene of how she was beaten up by him was witnessed by the others.

    However, she was angry about being beaten up like that!

    He did not know how to treat girls nicely. As if kicking her was not enough, he had to rub salt onto the wound by feeding her a mouthful of dirt!

    It was the second time already!

    “Instructor, I’m truly angry now!” Jian Qi huffed haughtily.