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Chapter 168 - Short And Swee

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 168: Short And Sweet

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    Black finally plucked up his courage after holding it back for half a day.

    “Momo, are you willing—”

    “I need your help, Black,” Qianmo said at the same time.

    “Say it.”

    He agreed even before Qianmo spoke anything. He would go to the ends of the earth for anything she asked.

    “Let me explain my family’s situation briefly. Do you know what’s going on between my dad and my little aunt, who is also my future mom?”


    “You know what kind of person my biological mom is. I tried to analyze her wicked heart with my profession. I just don’t understand how a mother could be this evil. Still, I reached a conclusion after many analyses. An evil person is evil, and it has nothing to do with her being a mother.”

    Mu Feifei was a professional swindler now. There were only profits and no moral thresholds to people like her. Therefore, it was difficult to understand her from an average person’s viewpoint.

    “Erm, she’s a bad egg. It has nothing to do with you. Your stepmom is a nice person.” Black agreed with her.

    He could see clearly that Mu Mianmian really loved Qianmo after staying two days with them. Although Qianmo lost her mom when she was young, Mu Mianmian treated her as if she was her own. Black had inherited a certain trait from his dad: Whoever was nice to his wife was a good person.

    The rest would be easy to communicate since Black had the same point of view as her.

    Qianmo honestly told Black about the photograph. They had to find Chen Baichuan as soon as possible now. The person who sent it to Mu Mianmian had used an anonymous new account and added her with the remark “Buying sea cucumbers” just before sending the photo.

    Thus, the photo had caused an upheaval in the family.

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    “This person knew our family background and Aunt Mu’s social media account. It must be someone we know. I’ll let my brother have someone check the IP address of this account.” Black self-consciously changed “your family” to “our family”.

    After all, he was going to propose soon… provided that he had the courage to say it out. His phobia worsened, and his breathing became labored when he thought of proposing.

    “You have voiced out my thoughts. We have to bother you now.”

    “Don’t stand on ceremony with me.” He turned his head toward the window. He was feeling uneasy.

    Qianmo found his behavior to be unexplainably cute. She couldn’t resist teasing him, “What about thanking you?”

    “Not necessary either.”

    “Oh, then there would be no thank-you-kiss.”

    She stood up to leave. But she failed.

    Someone was holding her wrist.

    He stared straight ahead with a solemn face instead of looking at her, but his whole body seemed to have a few words written all over: ‘Don’t talk, just kiss me.’

    Qianmo held his face gently and lowered her head to kiss his forehead. But he seemed to be a bit unsatisfied.

    Qianmo pecked on his lips lightly again, then pushed him away as he was about to deepen the kiss, disregarding his phobia.

    A woman is just like an unpredictable cloud.

    “I’m giving you a little interest first. After the task is completed, I will thank you properly.” The last few words were said in a suggestive tone.

    Black stood up, full of fighting spirit. He didn’t need to be known for doing good deeds, but this reward… was worth it!

    Little Aunt felt much better after a bath. Her daughter was indeed more caring than that philandering man.

    Qianmo engaged in a private conversation with her in the room while Black busied himself in the living room.

    “Momo, do you think men prefer thinner women? Look at my tummy…” Little Aunt pinched the flesh on her body. She felt inferior after her anger had subsided.

    “I am not sure about other men, but my dad most likely doesn’t prefer skinny women. However, it’s not healthy to be obese, and the way you got fat was a little unusual. I think we should do another checkup before the wedding.

    “We can enroll in a fitness class if there’s no big problem. I think the acceptable weight for your height is around 60kg. So you only need to lose about 15kg.”

    Obesity would cause high blood pressure and heart diseases easily. Furthermore, Mu Mianmian intended to have a baby in the future. It was entirely possible she could get fatter if she didn’t control her weight now.

    “Are you thinking Dad definitely had something going on with that woman?” Qianmo asked as she held onto Mu Mianmian’s arm.

    Mu Mianmian felt a little lost. “According to my understanding of him, he wouldn’t. He is cautious about his spending normally. Even if he was booking a room with a lover, he would not choose such a good hotel.”

    Qianmo complained secretly.

    “However, it’s difficult to say for sure when it comes to men. Maybe he is stingy at home but generous when he goes out? After all, there is photographic evidence here. Seeing is believing.”

    Mu Mianmian felt like hacking someone whenever she thought about the photo. The suppressed violence in her body was going to explode soon.

    The worst was the so-called “Seeing is believing”. Qianmo felt if she mishandled this situation, her new stepmom—oh, taking away the word “step” would make them seem closer—her mom would have a psychological shadow for the rest of her life.

    How would she handle this “Seeing is believing” situation tactfully?

    Qianmo was deep in her thoughts when she heard the door open and Wang Xiaoyao’s voice.

    “Is Chen Qianmo home?”

    “No.” Black’s answer was short and sweet.

    “Chen Qianmo, I am Wang Xiaoyao.”

    Wang Xiaoyao walked past the stern-looking Black and ignored his comment that Qianmo was not home. He shouted toward the bedroom.

    “What brings you here?” Black was determined to block him all the way.

    “I’m assembling my Lego’s, and I am short of a piece. I want to borrow one from Chen Qianmo.”

    Wang Xiaoyao looked at the Lego display cabinet in the living room.

    “No.” Black’s attitude was firm. He wouldn’t lend him even if he had it.

    He had long noticed this chap always looking toward here from the second floor of that house in front. Anyone who stared at his “fiancee” was a baddie.

    Qianmo felt that she owed Wang Xiaoyao a favor when she bought the sea cucumbers from them. Besides, they were neighbors, so it wouldn’t be nice if she refused to help him in such a small matter.

    Mu Mianmian grabbed her as she was about to stand up, whispering in her ear, “Is that Little Wang from next door interested in you?”

    “It couldn’t be?” They had been neighbors for so long. He wouldn’t have waited till now if he was interested.

    Mu Mianmian was not that smart when it came to relationships. Still, she was shrewd usually, or else, how could she manage such a huge farm?

    “I can see that he looks at you differently. He even helped me scale the wall this afternoon to retrieve the keys. I invited him in for a glass of water, but he probed about Little Yu.

    “No, you cannot let these two men quarrel face-to-face. Don’t make Little Yu uncomfortable because of him.”

    Little Schoolmate Yu hadn’t wasted his efforts in currying favor for the past few days.

    Mu Mianmian didn’t see the sexy lingerie in Qianmo’s wardrobe. She only saw that the kitchen was scrubbed until it shone, and the plants in the garden were cared for. Someone was also cooking every day. Mu Mianmian even had a hunch that Yu Changmo would have washed the dirty clothes in the bathroom if she had not stopped him.

    Because she had seen Little Yu standing in front of the washing machine with a meaningful look…

    She had to treasure such a marvelous future son-in-law. How many men liked to do housework now? Every parent was selfish. Their daughter could have a more comfortable life if their son-in-law did more chores.