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Chapter 831 - The Police Looks for Xia Ruya

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 831: The Police Looks for Xia Ruya

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    At this moment, Xia Ruya had already secretly returned to her own mansion in the Southern suburbs.

    For three consecutive days, she had been staying in the dilapidated room in the inn in the Western District. She almost broke down in despair while staying in that old, pungent and dirty room. Whenever she went to bed, she would imagine… the countless number of people who had slept on that bed before and committed revolting acts.

    She hugged her pillow and sat on the couch.

    Although there was a popular romance drama being broadcasted on the television, she was in no mood to watch it at all.

    She thought about everything that had happened previously. After buying the birth control pills, she scrambled back to her room in the inn without delay. She then eagerly opened the box which contained four tiny pills that were smaller than rice grains. She popped them straightaway before even reading the description.

    She then read the description, only to realize that she was supposed to take one pill at a time. She wondered what effects the small pills could have on her body.

    She had eliminated the pregnancy crisis, but… she soon began to experience the side effects of the overdose, which included abdominal pain, nausea, and bleeding in her private area. All of these symptoms made her feel incredibly flustered.

    However, she dared not undergo a checkup at the hospital, or go to a random clinic. She was afraid that the clinics would be unsafe!

    Hence, her only resort was to go online and consult a gynecologist.

    The gynecologist suggested that she go to the hospital for a thorough checkup if she was experiencing extreme discomfort. He was mainly afraid that she would suffer some damage to her health and end up contracting ailments if she were to delay treatment.

    Due to the fact that she had already found out more, she began to feel extremely worried. Given how lecherous that man was, he definitely fooled around with different women and had a messy sexual life. She wondered if he had any sexual diseases and feared that he would pass them on to her…

    Xia Ruya could not stop thinking about how many times she had gotten raped and had developed post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Although she had sustained injuries, she dared not visit the doctor either. She was extremely afraid of leaving the house, and she could feel like everyone was staring at her when she was walking on the streets. The looks of disdain and contempt on their faces were unbearable for her.

    Whenever she ended up in secluded areas, she would shiver involuntarily and feel as if there was someone tailing her and harboring designs on her. The images of herself getting raped would flash through her mind continuously.

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    She felt like she was about to lose her mind.

    Of course, what she could not stand the most, was the fact that Wen Xinya was enjoying endless glory while she was being raped and violated. The thought of Wen Xinya appearing on the news on the television made her incredibly exasperated.

    That was the most unbearable image of her life!

    It was like a parasite that was biting her heart every waking moment of her life.

    The doorbell began to ring and Xia Ruya shuddered.

    Filled with uneasiness, she grabbed the baseball bat below the glass coffee table and walked towards the door stealthily. She peeked out of the peephole in a bid to see what was outside.

    Xia Ruya dropped the baseball bat onto the ground and huddled up into a ball.

    Her lips quivered and she turned as pale as a sheet. The gauntness of her face made her look ghastly.

    It was the police!

    Her mind was sent into a frenzy.

    Xia Ruya closed her eyes and leaned against the door.

    Once she got taken away by the police, she would no longer be able to hide the truth about her abduction and the sexual violation that she had suffered. That fact that she… even got raped would also be exposed. She could imagine how badly her reputation was going to be ruined.

    “Miss Xia, we’re the police. We know you’re inside. Please open the door. We have some questions for you, and we need you to assist in investigations,” the police spoke through the intercom.

    Xia Ruya knew that there was no escape for her. Hence, she took a deep breath and pretended to be composed before opening the door. Staring at the uniformed policemen innocently, she said, “Hello, my apologies. I was in the bathroom and couldn’t open the door immediately.”

    The two policemen said, “No problem, Miss Xia.”

    Xia Ruya looked at the two officers and asked, “May I ask, what are you two here for?”

    She scanned them from head to toe, though they remained calm and courteous. She felt extremely puzzled as she wondered what the purpose of their visit was.

    The police officer stared at Xia Ruya and cut straight to the chase. “Miss Xia, please make a trip to the police station with us!”

    Xia Ruya’s hand trembled, though she kept a straight face. “Sirs, I don’t know why you’d need me to go to the police station. Do you need my assistance? Or have I committed a crime?”

    Her heart pounded rapidly and she repeatedly told herself to stay cool and calm. The policemen were rather polite and courteous and did not seem to be acting as if they were speaking to an offender. She tried to convince herself that they did not have any evidence of the murder that she had committed. She was certain that she would be able to file for an appeal since she was rich and could afford a lawyer. Besides… she had merely killed the man out of self-defense.

    However… regardless of what happened, her life was considered to be ruined! Completely ruined!

    One of the policemen said, “It’s a long story. Miss Xia, you’d better come with us to the police station. You’ll find out once we’re there. I hope you can cooperate with us, Miss Xia.”

    Xia Ruya frowned and felt uneasy about how mysterious they were acting. “I need to see your identification cards before making a decision.”

    Actually, she had every right to refuse to follow them back to the police station given how mysterious they were acting. However, she dared not be too rash, for fear that her reckless actions would result in dire consequences, especially since she did not know what their purpose was. Secondly, she had indeed killed someone. Hence, she decided to comply.

    The police did not expect her to be so careful. Hence, they agreed. “Sure!”

    Xia Ruya took their identification cards and even snapped some photos of them before saying, “In that case, I’ll follow you back to the police station.”

    Since there was no way for her to turn them down, she had no choice but to concede.

    The policemen were not surprised.

    Xia Ruya answered, “I have to go back in to change into a fresh set of clothes. Why don’t you guys come in for some tea?”

    The two policemen agreed and followed her inside.

    Xia Ruya heaved a sigh of relief. She was merely trying to test them to see their attitude. After realizing that they were not behaving peculiarly, she thought…