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Chapter 180 - Hubby, Did You Miss Me?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 180: Hubby, Did You Miss Me?

    The car was moving on the road slowly.

    Like a frightened kitten, Zhen Shanmei was sitting in the co-driver seat quietly, not moving a muscle.

    Ning Meng stared at the Weibo app that was slowly installing on Huo Beichen’s phone. Then, that loading circle finally stopped spinning and finished the installation. Seeing this, she gulped down her saliva nervously.

    Huo Beichen was also looking at the phone with his gentle, exquisite eyes. He slowly raised his long and refined finger and opened the Weibo app…

    Ning Meng hurriedly lunged forward and grabbed his hand. “Sniff. Sniff. Hubby, can you smell that? It smells like something is burning inside the car.”


    Huo Beichen looked at her in confusion.

    Zhen Shanmei, on the other hand, nervously yelled out to the driver, “Could it be that the car’s engine is burning?! Quick! Pull over!!”


    Everyone looked at her, puzzled.

    Letting out a fake cough, Ning Meng continued on with her words. “Because my heart is burning with passion for you~”



    Zhen Shanmei was baffled by her friend’s words while Huo Beichen, who had already gotten used to her sweet-nothings, remained quiet.

    He raised his black obsidian eyes and looked at Ning Meng’s face.

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    The girl’s hair had been tied to a ponytail tonight. Due to her fleeing away hurriedly from the VIP seat earlier, her hair was somewhat messy from all the panic. A few strands of hair were sticking out endearingly above her supposedly tied ponytail, beckoning someone to touch them.

    Thus, putting his phone down, Huo Beichen put his hand above her head. The girl’s face, in an instant, turned pale. He could see a flash of fear and fright in her beautiful eyes.

    Well, how could she not be afraid?

    Ning Meng, after recalling what was on the hot search engine, feared that this huge, powerful hand of his would chop down on her little head, thus ending her life.

    As she was sitting there in fear, Ning Meng could feel that the man was patting her head gently.

    In the dark interior of the car, she could see some gentleness looming over his usually cold and unkind face.

    His lips were quirked up to a smile. “Then, do you wish for me to put out that flame of yours for you?”


    His deep inviting voice was vibrating next to her ears, tickling her running heart as she started to breathe heavily. She stuttered as she replied, “Nu… no… there’s no need to.”

    The man looked down and gazed at her longingly with his teasing smile. “Oh, really? That’s too bad.”


    Too bad? Too bad what!? Why did his words tonight feet so… provocative?! Was this the Lord Chen she knew? No, it couldn’t be. She had to be imagining things!

    Sitting up straight, Ning Meng looked around anxiously as she tried to regain her composure. When she saw Huo Beichen picking his phone up again, she quickly opened her mouth, trying to distract him. “Hubby, we’ve been separated for a few days now. Did you miss me?”

    Putting down his phone once more, Huo Beichen turned his head toward her.

    Ning Meng thought he would not respond to her meaningless question. However…

    “Yes. I did.”


    Ooooh! The temperature in the car began rising again.

    Ning Meng could feel that her face was burning red. Avoiding his gaze, she anxiously asked, “How…How much?”

    Right after saying that, she wanted to punch herself in the gut. Just what kind of stupid question was she asking him?

    Yet, she could feel that the man’s temperament had gone through a drastic change. His eyes were brimming with emotions as he tried to suppress his longing thoughts of missing her. Then, in a deep voice, he replied, “Very much.”

    It had been years.

    He had been alone for years, doing nothing but waiting for her return.

    It had been so long that he had gotten used to being alone… gotten used to missing her.

    Ning Meng did not understand how his sudden shift in mood had come about, and just as she was about to probe further…


    Both hers and Zhen Shanmei’s phone rang.

    Ning Meng ignored her phone. However, Zhen Shanmei did not.

    As Zhen Shanmei pressed on the voice message that was sent by Qi Shan, his loud voice could be heard clearly in the car.

    “Ning Meng! I thought you had turned over a new leaf! Yet, I didn’t think you would still eagerly get yourself involved in a scandal with a male celebrity! Heh, your scandal is even on that hot search engine too! How dare you make my boss a cuck! You’re doomed, I tell you! You’re doomed!!”