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Chapter 182 - I’m Married. Thank You For Asking!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 182: I’m Married. Thank You For Asking!

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    On the way home, the orange light from the light poles constantly flashed by from outside of the car.

    Both of them immediately jerked away after their lips touched.

    Ning Meng stared at the man opposite her with her bright beautiful eyes.

    Before she could say anything, the man shifted closer and inched his head toward her.

    Ning Meng could feel her body tense up as he inched closer. Her heart was beating so fast that it felt as though it was going to burst out from her chest. She pressed her hands on her chest as her body trembled, trying to calm herself down.

    Deep down in her fast-pounding heart, she could feel a great surge of embarrassment and… some anticipation for his advances…


    Suddenly, at the very moment when things were going to heat up, her phone rang.


    She quickly sat up straight, her face burning hot.

    She peeked at Huo Beichen and saw that his eyes were also struggling to suppress his desire for her. As his adam’s apple bobbed, he glanced at her phone and in an instant, the burning passion in his eyes was gone and he threw a cold smirk at her. “Heh.”

    Ning Meng lowered her head to look at her phone. It was a message from Lin Qingbei: [Are you home yet?]


    Ning Meng ignored the message entirely as she anxiously explained the whole thing about Liu Ying to her husband.

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    “What he did was try to shift everyone’s attention from that scandal. I’ve told him eons ago that I have no feelings for him and that there is no way I can be together with him.”

    Then, she typed her reply in front of Huo Beichen: [No, not home yet. I’m with my hubby.]

    After replying to the message, she looked at Huo Beichen, hoping to calm him down.

    Huo Beichen looked to the side, ignoring her.

    After looking out of the car window for a while, he pouted. “Those people on Weibo. They want you to be with him.”

    From the tone of his deep voice, Huo Beichen sounded hurt.

    Ning Meng quickly logged onto her main Weibo account—the Comic Artist Lemon’s account.

    As expected, she had already been found out by the public. As a result, her account had an increase of followers by at least 100,000.

    Some of them had even sent her private messages, asking if she was really Lin Qingbei’s girlfriend.

    Ning Meng did not have the time and energy to reply to every single of them, hence, she quickly published a public post.

    Comic Artist Lemon: [I’m married. Thank you for asking!]

    After publishing the post, she raised her phone and showed it to Huo Beichen. Upon reading it, her husband was finally satisfied and rubbed her head with his huge, warm hand.

    “Hey, stop it. You’re messing up my hair…”

    Ning Meng took off her hairband and shook her head, letting her long, silky hair loose. Then, she pouted. “You can’t pet my head like that. I’m not Little Tiantian, you know.”

    The man took in a long breath after hearing this. Then, he closed his eyes with a smile.

    Yeah. There was a time she had said this too.

    However, a while later, whenever he wanted to pet her head again, she was not around anymore…

    Seeing that the man was not angry anymore, Ning Meng let out a sigh of relief.

    Suddenly, Zhen Shanmei, who had escaped the ride of hell earlier, sent a message to her: [Are you still alive?]

    Ning Meng replied with a smile: [Hehe. Pig beautiful, educated, cultured a being for you congratulate must I. Pig educated highly a you’re means it, this read can you if. Language human to compared as reversed entirely written is that language a have pigs that it has legend. ]

    Zhen Shanmei: [?]

    Ning Meng: [Read it in reverse.]

    When Huo Beichen looked at her again, Ning Meng’s phone rang once more. It was a message from Lin Qingbei.

    To prove her innocence, Ning Meng opened the message in front of him. “This must be his explanation and apology. It’s alright, it’s a strategy. I get it. There’s nothing going on between the both of us.”

    Yet, the message was…

    Lin Qingbei: [Ning Meng, I was being serious with my confession tonight. I still remember what you told me before—your husband has not even consummated your marriage with you. So… are you two discussing getting a divorce?]


    Ning Meng raised her head anxiously and saw her husband’s gloomy eyes.

    “Hmm, consummate our marriage?”