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Chapter 470 - The Ratings Exceeded 3%!

Medical Master
     Soon, the ratings of the second episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor came out.

    Compared with the 2.5% ratings in the first episode, the second episode’s ratings directly exceeded 3%!

    As they received the news, everyone in the entire crew was excited.

    No one expected that the ratings of the second episode of the show broke 3 %, which was merely a phenomenal effect!

    Everyone felt that it would be great if the ratings could increase a little as they were able to maintain the ratings of the last episode, but they didn’t expect that the increase was enormous.

    The ratings just rose by 0.55%!

    It was so incredible.

    For a moment, everyone started looking forward to it.

    At this rate, they were wondering whether the final ratings of this show could exceed 4%.

    That would be awesome if the ratings could eventually exceed 4%!

    Meanwhile, here came a report of the ratings.

    In the report, two points with the highest ratings in the whole show were marked. One was the opening PK between Fang Qiu and Zheng Chao. The ratings reached the highest point of the whole show, which was 3.3%. Another high point was the PK between Jiang Miaoyu and Zhang Yalong. During this period, the ratings reached 3.1%.

    What made the crew feel embarrassing was that in the second round when Zhang Yalong came out, the ratings unexpectedly dropped from 2.9% to 2.7%.

    Of course, the data was only known to the people in the crew. They wouldn’t spread it out carelessly.

    After all, if this data was spread, it would easily affect the contestants’ emotions and lead to their poor performance in the future.Read more chapter on NovelFull

    As the crew of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor received the report, other major provincial entertainment TV stations in other places also received the reports.

    Seeing that the ratings of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor had actually exceeded 3%, everyone was shocked.

    “Really? Is it so popular? The second episode just exceeded 3%?”

    “Wow, the ratings are too high, aren’t they?”

    “Exceed 3%?”

    “Oh My God, a boring Chinese Medicine program can actually make such an achievement. Central Television and Director Li Huawen really live up to their names. It is amazing!”

    At the same time, the show’s ratings also got released online.

    Of course, it was just the ratings of the entire show, not the exact ratings of each time period of the show.

    There was no doubt that the show with the highest ratings was the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor!

    Seeing the form, many people online immediately began touting.

    “This show is really invincible.”

    “Ha-ha, the ratings of this show crushed other shows!”

    “Is anyone else watching other shows?”

    “I only take a look at other shows when I’m really bored. Only after watching the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, I want to continue watching it.”

    “Celebrities? Those young and handsome guys? How can they compete with our Huaxia traditional culture?”

    Just when everyone was shocked by the ratings of the second episode and started discussing, the official Weibo account of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor suddenly updated a new post.

    “The third episode’s trailer is right here!”

    It was a short post, attaching a video with it.

    This time, no one tried to resist their curiosity because they knew that they couldn’t help it. Even if they could resist it for one day, they wouldn’t be able to hold it for seven days.

    Anyway, they were going to watch it one way or another. Why didn’t they just watch it right now?

    Therefore, as soon as the trailer was released, all the people who were following the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor immediately clicked on the video and watched it.

    Everyone was stunned as they finally saw it.

    The previous shows were recorded in the studio, but there was no studio in the third episode. Instead, it was replaced by picturesque landscapes with beautiful mountains and clear water.

    In the trailer, each participant had a back basket and a hoe used for collecting herbs, heading to the forest to collect medicinal herbs.

    “Damn, what are they thinking? It should be recorded well in the studio, but why did it suddenly become an outdoor recording?”

    “Outdoor Chinese Medicine?”

    “Did they go to the mountains to collect herbs?”

    “What? It’s awesome! Why doesn’t the crew just build a clinic directly in the next episode, in which the participants can try to cure real people.”

    “Then what’s the point of that? If things keep going on like this, there is going to be a nametag ripping game in the fourth episode, like what the participants do in those variety shows!”

    At this moment, not just the audience, even staff from other TV stations were shocked.

    In their eyes, traditional Chinese Medicine always had a stereotype. It was incredible since they could make the show so eye-catching in a studio.

    Who would have thought that such a stereotyped Chinese Medicine show could even shoot outdoors?

    What was more, it seemed that the shooting was going very well.

    Just when everyone was shocked, the trailer screen flashed and Fang Qiu appeared in the picture.

    Voiceover: “Do you find this round difficult?”

    Fang Qiu asked back, “Difficult? Is it?”

    “Do you mean there is no difficulty at all? Is it because you have experience in collecting herbs in the mountains?”

    Fang Qiu replied confidently, “Obviously, no one here has more mountain exploration experience than me.”

    Then the PD asked again, “If that is the case, are you positive of getting the first place?”

    As he heard what the PD said, Fang Qiu grinned and made a whispering gesture to the camera, saying, “Let me tell you a secret. There is a Yaowang Mountain in our school, and there are various medicinal herbs which can also be found in most parts of the country.”

    Then everyone who was watching the video couldn’t help but start taunting.

    “Can I report it? Fang Qiu is just a bug of the show. His performance in the first two episodes is so good. Now finally, there is something different. They’re going to shoot outdoors. And it happens to be at his advantage. Isn’t he a bit too lucky?”

    “He’s Fang Qiu! Of course, he’s kick-ass!”

    “Well, but the competition in this period is probably more fierce than the previous two episodes. Don’t forget that Li Sanxiao is adept at herbal medicine, and he is also a descendant of the Li family in Huainan. Collecting herbs in the mountain must be easy for him.”

    “And Luo Jie. Luo Jie is also quite competent!”

    In the video, the picture flashed again. It was still Fang Qiu.

    This time, it was no longer an interview for Fang Qiu, but a scene of Fang Qiu running wildly in the forest alone with a honeycomb in his hand.

    Behind him was a large group of hornets chasing him.

    This scene startled all the people.

    “Catching a honeycomb with his hand? Did Fang Qiu want to die for it?”

    At the next moment, sure enough, the screen went black.

    A voiceover from Fang Qiu: “It’s too hot today. If only there were a watermelon.”

    Then the screen lit up again.

    A big watermelon appeared in the green field.

    The next moment, Fang Qiu already held the big watermelon in his hand and started gorging.

    The audience was speechless.

    What the hell was that supposed to mean?

    “Fang Qiu is unbelievable. How can he pick up a watermelon on the mountain?”

    This was too unrealistic!

    However, before everyone could start taunting, the picture changed again.

    Fang Qiu said, “Looking at the terrain, I think there should be wild ginseng in this area.”

    After he finished speaking, the screen flashed.

    Fang Qiu was moving forward at a high speed.

    Then the screen darkened again.

    The voiceover from the PD, “Could it really be real?”

    Then the trailer was over.

    After watching the trailer, everyone online was furious.

    “Is this a preview shooting A Journey to the West?”

    “Golden Touch?”

    “You can’t just say it and then it’ll show up. That’s impossible, isn’t it?”

    “I heard that wild ginseng is hard to find. Is there really wild ginseng?”

    “Where on earth did that watermelon come from? Was it prepared by the show’s crew?”

    “Why did Fang Qiu grab the honeycomb with his bare hand?”

    “It seemed that he was not injured.”

    For a moment, various topics about the third episode appeared. And everyone was talking about it.

    Of course, the other people’s performances in the middle of the picture of Fang Qiu were completely ignored because what Fang Qiu did in the trailer was simply too strange, just like shooting a mythical TV series.

    With the attention growing, everyone’s expectations for the third episode were getting stronger. After all, it was an outdoor program. Everyone thought it should be funnier than the second one.

    At the same time, after watching the trailer, the main creators of other variety shows all looked at each other.

    “Can a trailer be edited like this?”

    “Damn. Fang Qiu’s picture took 80% of the entire trailer. What kind of person would make such a trailer?”

    “Central Television intends to let Fang Qiu be the only highlight of the entire show!”

    “Central Television is not an ordinary TV station. Every choice they make will be very careful, especially Director Li Huawen, he knows what he is doing. Since they decide to do so, it means that Fang Qiu has his value.”

    “Director, since Central Television values Fang Qiu so much and Fang Qiu has become so popular recently, should we also invite Fang Qiu to come to our top interview program as a guest?”

    Meanwhile, many major TV stations’ interview programs began to plan to invite Fang Qiu.

    The next day, the popularity of discussion about the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor in the whole country not only didn’t decline but something about the show actually affected the reality, which had a great impact on many people.

    Especially in many Chinese Medicine schools all over the country, teachers of all the subjects took out the difficult questions that had appeared on the show to elaborate on their students.

    Some universities even started video study classes.

    The teacher took the students to watch the replay of the first and second episodes of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor. Every time a question showed up, the teacher would stop the video, and then explained it to everyone. After all the students knew about it, they would continue to play the video.

    Surprisingly, as soon as this kind of video course was launched, it immediately became the most popular course in the major Chinese Medicine schools.

    Almost all the students had selected this course. Even those who didn’t study hard normally began to work hard for this course.

    At the same time, the questions in the previous episodes of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor had unexpectedly become the critical research topics of the major Chinese Medicine schools.

    For example, they were interested in the third question that Fang Qiu gave to Zheng Chao as they were battling.

    The question was being questioned at the scene and people said it was wrong. In addition to Fang Qiu, only nine out of 340 people answered the question correctly, which undoubtedly became a hot topic for the major Chinese Medicine schools.

    Apart from this, Jiang Miaoyu’s electroacupuncture questions and reciting questions had also become the key knowledge that students should know in all the major Chinese Medicine schools.

    Of course, they were only facing students who chose this major.

    Under such circumstances, the name of Fang Qiu quickly spread throughout the country’s TCM colleges. Fang Qiu, who was already very famous, left a very deep impression on all his peers of the same age and even older age this time.

    What was more, some Chinese Medicine clinics across the country began to use the popularity of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor.

    Apparently, the popularity of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor had almost reached a level that it was known by everyone!