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Chapter 471 - Challenge Price, 10 Million!

Medical Master
     The heated discussion of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor was still going on online.

    Early in the morning on Monday, there was also a commotion on the Wulin forum.

    Of course, it was not because of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, but because of a Challenge Letter!

    A Challenge Letter that shocked everyone on the forum!

    “Mysterious man, do you dare to fight me?” It was posted by an ID on the forum called “Qingfeng Jian”.

    It was common to see the Challenge Letter in the forum, but it was rare to see someone like Qingfeng Jian!

    In the Wulin forum, it was rather common to see the Challenge Letter. When anything happened in Wulin, there may be someone issuing the letter.

    Therefore, when the mysterious man confessed that he possessed the treasure book which could detect the Heaven and Earth Treasures, people in Wulin knew that the Challenge Letter would soon come out.

    Therefore, everyone was not surprised when they saw the Challenge Letter.

    They were shocked by the man who issued the Challenge Letter.

    Qingfeng Jian’s real name was Li Chengtian.

    He ranked No. 571 in the List of Martial Superiors. He was an eighth-class Martial Superior with one opened meridian, good at using swords. According to the record of the List of Martial Superiors, he held a sharp sword passed down from ancient times, and his kung fu was also related to the sword. The swordsmanship was called Qingfeng.

    Li Chengtian swept the martial arts world with the Qingfeng Sword and defeated many people who were stronger than him. Many masters said that the sword was as fast as the cool breeze and it wouldn’t stop until there was bloodshed.

    That was to say, this sword technique was not only powerful, it must also cause bloodshed once the blade left the sheath.

    Therefore, after defeating a group of masters, Li Chengtian continued to look for someone to challenge. As a result, no one was willing to battle with him. In desperation, Li Chengtian could only return to the hidden forest and isolated himself from the outside world to cultivate.Read more chapter on NovelFull

    If someone did the math, they would find that Li Chengtian hadn’t appeared in Jianghu for ten years.

    No one expected that this time he was actually attracted by the treasure book.

    He also became the first person to issue a Challenge Letter to the mysterious man.

    He said in the Challenge Letter, “The battle between you and me is based on the treasure book which can detect the Heaven and Earth Treasures, but only if you really have it!”

    Such a simple sentence caused a stir in the entire Wulin forum.

    “It’s been a few days, and finally, a master came out.”

    “Qingfeng Jian Li Chengtian is a famous figure in the last generation. I heard that he broke through to the eighth class at the age of forty, but now he is over fifty years old. And he is still the highest-ranked and the most powerful master among all the eighth-class Martial Superiors with one opened meridian. Moreover, No. 570 is an eight-class Martial Superior with two opened meridians!”

    “I didn’t expect that it actually drew out Li Chengtian.”

    “Although Li Chengtian is very powerful, the mysterious person is not weak.”


    “It’s true that the mysterious man’s strength only reaches the fifth class. However, since he can defeat the eighth-class master with one opened meridian, destroying the entire Ling family, it means his strength at least reaches the level of the eighth class with one opened meridian, which is extraordinary!”

    “John Doe had the power of the eighth class with one opened meridian. Li Chengtian is a real super master of the eighth class with one opened meridian. If these two people really fight, who can win?

    “You are too naive. In my opinion, the main purpose of this Challenge Letter is not to battle with the mysterious man at all, but to make sure whether the mysterious man has the treasure book or not.”

    “Well, that makes sense.”

    “Yeah. Although the mysterious man has admitted it in person, there was no evidence. This time Li Chengtian asked to challenge John Doe. As long as John Doe took the challenge, it means that he really has the treasure book. Moreover, it’ll truly count if the two finally confront each other.”

    “It makes sense!”

    “The Challenge Letter has already been sent. Now, we can only wait to see how the mysterious man will respond to this, so that we can judge whether he has the treasure book or not.”

    In the detective agency. “Damn, so many replies.” After spending a few days to calm down, He Gaoming finally logged in the Wulin online forum. As a result, he immediately received enormous comment reminders.

    When he clicked on the comments and read them one by one, he found that there were just some meaningless comments.

    He Gaoming clicked on the button which meant that he had read all the comments, and then he exited from the personal center page and went to the forum’s homepage.

    As soon as he entered the page, he saw the Challenge Letter.

    He Gaoming was shocked the moment he saw it.

    Li Chengtian, the eighth-class super master with one opened meridian, was an invincible figure among the people of his level.

    Without any hesitation, He Gaoming immediately called Fang Qiu.

    “Beep beep…”

    “Hello?” After three rings, Fang Qiu put the phone through.

    He Gaoming shouted and said hurriedly, “Master, someone came to you!”

    “What?” Fang Qiu, who was packing up his luggage and preparing to leave for Bozhou to participate in the recording of the show, was stunned.

    He Gaoming said, “Someone sent you a Challenge Letter on the Wulin forum.”

    Fang Qiu replied and asked, “Oh? Who is it? How is his strength? What did he say in the Challenge Letter?”

    He Gaoming said, “It”s Qingfeng Jian. His real name is Li Chengtian.”

    Fang Qiu whispered, “Li Chengtian?”

    He Gaoming asked rhetorically, “No way! You don’t even know Li Chengtian?”

    Fang Qiu replied, “I’ve never heard of him.”

    “What? Wait, I’ll send you his information later.” He Gaoming pouted, and then continued, “He said in the letter that he would battle with you only if you really had the treasure book which could detect the Heaven and Earth Treasures.”

    Fang Qiu didn’t hesitate at all and instantly replied, “Okay. You tell him that I’ll take his challenge, but I also have a condition.”

    He Gaoming asked, “What condition?”

    “Challenge price, ten million!” Fang Qiu said, “Everyone wants my treasure book, so there must be a condition. I can’t just take the challenge from anyone who wants my book. Since they want to challenge, they have to pay for it. Tell them, if I win, there are no conditions. And 10 million is just used to purchase the place for the challenge.”

    He Gaoming nodded immediately, “Okay.”

    Fang Qiu added, “If he agrees, I will see him in Jiangjing City this Friday, and I will also bring the treasure book with me!”

    He Gaoming nodded. “Okay, I’ll reply immediately.”

    After hanging up the phone, He Gaoming went back to the Wulin forum and directly sent a post.

    “If you want to fight, then fight, but there is one condition!”

    “It’ll be worthless if I just simply take anyone’s challenge. Therefore, I can take this challenge, but only if you have the qualification to challenge first.”

    “How to obtain the qualification for the challenge?”

    “It’s simple. You need to pay me ten million!”

    “That’s right. 10 million, then you can buy a place for the challenge.”

    “If you agree, I’ll meet you in Jiangjing City this Friday!”

    “If I win, there is no condition. If I lose, I’ll give you the treasure book.”

    “If anyone else wants to challenge me, please sign up first and prepare for the money!”

    However, He Gaoming actually made the post which was supposed to accept the challenge now look like a selling post.

    As expected, as soon as this post was shown in the forum, anyone who read it was suddenly speechless.

    “Although the challenge needs to be fair, it’s too much that he actually requires 10 million for the challenge. Whether you win or lose, the 10 million is yours, which means that you’ll earn 10 million if you accept a challenge. Oh, you must be a businessman!”

    “Damn. Is it what a noble master will do?”

    “Why not take 10 million as a bet? If you win, you can take away 10 million. If you lose, you should hand out the treasure book. That’ll be fair.”

    “Is John Doe here to make money?”

    “How do I feel that John Doe seems to auction the right for his challenge?”

    For a moment, everyone began to taunt because it seemed that John Doe wouldn’t suffer a loss in this challenge, even if he lost.

    John Doe was the one who had the treasure book and he could memorize the entire book. Even if he couldn’t do it, he also could get a dozen or twenty manuscripts. If he lost, he could just give one of the copies away. If he lost again, he could give another one. There was nothing to lose.

    On the contrary, if the challenger won, that would be fine. He just needed to pay 10 million for the treasure book. If he lost, 10 million would be a waste, which made everyone rather speechless.

    Generally speaking, people in Wulin didn’t care about money.

    The mysterious man was merely like a wacko.

    Not only did he sell Earth Treasures, but now he even sold the right to challenge. Was he really so desperate for money?

    Of course, while people were taunting John Doe’s act, everyone was also looking forward to Li Chengtian’s response.

    After all, he was the one who took the initiative to challenge.

    John Doe had just put forward one condition. Li Chengtian wouldn’t refuse him, would he?

    Obviously, Li Chengtian had also been paying attention to the news on the Wulin forum.

    Not long after He Gaoming sent the post, Li Chengtian’s new post appeared.

    “Battle in Jiangjing this Friday! Give me your bank account number. I’ll buy the first challenge place!”

    As soon as this post appeared, everyone on the forum was getting excited.

    “Damn! Li Chengtian is filthy rich. He has been living in seclusion for ten years. And now he becomes a rich man?”

    “Don’t forget. He’s an eighth-class master with one opened meridian. It’s quite easy for him to make money.”

    “Without any hesitation, he just made a deal. He’s indeed a master!”

    “He actually takes it! Now there’s going to be a good show.”

    “Now, let’s discuss who will win this battle.”

    He Gaoming also saw Li Chengtian’s post.

    Without any hesitation, he directly sent a message to Li Chengtian in private and told him the account number of the card that he gave Fang Qiu.

    Ten minutes later, Li Chengtian replied, “OK!”

    He Gaoming then immediately called Fang Qiu. He said as soon as the phone was connected, “Master, Li Chengtian has already transferred the fee to the card I gave you before. You can have a check.”

    After a while, Fang Qiu replied, “Yes. I’ve received the money.”

    “Okay.” He Gaoming nodded with satisfaction, and then asked, “Since he has paid the fee, then this battle is settled. Where is the location of the battle?”

    Fang Qiu said, “Tell him that I’ll meet him at 7 p.m. in Elder Yi’s manor in Jiangjing City.”

    He Gaoming’s eyes lit up and he immediately replied, “Okay.”

    He didn’t expect that Fang Qiu would put the place of the fight in Elder Yi’s manor.

    This was a battle between the mysterious man and an eighth-class super expert. If a person could watch the whole battle, he would definitely learn a lot from it!

    The most important thing was Elder Yi would never turn him down.

    On one hand, Elder Yi also wanted to watch the battle of this level. On the other hand, this battle was also a great deal of business. He could make a lot of money by selling tickets for watching the battle or anything.

    However, in case anything should happen, He Gaoming called Elder Yi after hanging up the phone. Elder Yi was very excited and nodded repeatedly in agreement.

    He Gaoming then told Li Chengtian what Fang Qiu had said.

    Li Chengtian also replied at once, “I’ll be there on time!”