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Chapter 169 - Protect His Good Son-in-Law’s Image

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 169: Protect His Good Son-in-Law’s Image

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    Little Aunt had a bad impression of Little Wang due to Chen Baichuan spinning stories of Old Wang for years. She gave Qianmo an inspiration before going out to look for a spare part for Wang Xiaoyao.

    Perhaps… She could borrow Little Wang to resolve Little Aunt’s psychological distress of “Seeing is believing”.

    Thus, Qianmo quickly sent a message to Black on WeChat once Little Aunt went to see Wang Xiaoyao.

    Of course, Black resisted initially when he received the message.

    It was wrong to assume that he would agree because he had a good temper and indulged her. He wouldn’t cooperate on this kind of stuff.

    Another message came in: a sticker.

    It was a cute little cat striking a seductive pose. There was a line of shiny words:

    When did she learn his sister’s skill at sending stickers… so sweet.

    “Senior, what part do you need? I’ll find it for you.” Qianmo came out after settling Mu Mianmian. Wang Xiaoyao raised his eyebrow after seeing her.

    “I thought you were not at home.”

    He looked at Black while commenting.

    Black turned his head to the other side. .

    “I was resting earlier; sorry, I didn’t hear you. Which piece do you need?” Qianmo took out her accessories bag.

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    “This is for you.” She passed him the missing piece.

    Wang Xiaoyao wasn’t in a hurry to take it. He looked carefully at her with the sunlight coming through the window.

    She was wearing pajamas that had little strawberries on it, and her hair was tied casually into a ponytail. She was even wearing a pair of couple slippers with Yu Changmo. Tsk tsk.

    “Yes?” Qianmo asked.

    Wang Xiaoyao finally reached out to get it. But just as their hands were about to touch, Black suddenly came over, took the piece from Qianmo’s hand, and stuffed it into Little Wang’s hand.

    “You got it; now scram.”

    “Why are you talking like this to my friend?” Qianmo rebuked angrily.

    Mu Mianmian didn’t know why the situation had changed so suddenly. She saw the usually mellow Little Yu point at Wang Xiaoyao and behave like a totally different person.

    “What kind of friend would come to look for you at home? Seeing is believing. You tell me, do you like her?” He added the last sentence himself.

    Qianmo rolled her eyes in her heart secretly. She decided she would deduct two seconds of kissing time when she gave out the “reward” later.

    Wang Xiaoyao smiled coldly when he faced Yu Changmo’s imprudent questioning.

    “‘A gentleman woos a maiden fair he loves’. You two are not married, so everyone has a right to pursue her.”

    Mu Mianmian felt as if a huge basin of dog’s blood had been poured down from her head and made her heart cold. She swiftly rushed forward to stop them.

    “Little Wang, please don’t say nonsense. Our Qianmo doesn’t know you very well.”

    “Aunt, Qianmo and I have grown up together, right? I think we can know each other even better.” Wang Xiaoyao was stroking the “fire”. Mu Mianmian wanted to faint at his reply.

    She looked at Little Yu again.

    “Black?” Qianmo was afraid that he had forgotten his lines and gave him a push.

    Yu Changmo clenched his fists and stared at her. “You and he… grew up together?”

    “Let me explain—”

    Qianmo found it lame herself after her part. She actually resisted these kinds of lines from the TV drama series.

    “Seeing is believing! He even came here to look for you; what else is impossible!” Black also thought the lines were lousy. She was really not suited to write this type of story.

    Wang Xiaoyao held up his hands with an innocent expression. “It seems that I should retreat now.”

    Although he didn’t know what caused this couple’s drastic change in characters, their over-the-top dramatic acting and awkward lines made Little Wang, who had learned investigation, feel something was amiss.

    Wang Xiaoyao turned and left, casting a meaningful glance at Qianmo.

    Qianmo waved.

    Black went to stand in between them discreetly.

    Mu Mianmian had no idea what was going on between the trio. She only thought it was not good for Yu Changmo to misunderstand.

    “Little Yu, please don’t think too much into this. He only came to borrow some Legos from Momo. Although we live very close, we don’t usually visit each other.”

    “What Lego… You saw his attitude earlier too, Aunt Mu. Does it look like he’s not interested in Momo? Seeing is believing.”

    Black had meant this from his heart. He was indeed a little jealous.

    “What you see may not be the truth. Sigh, why don’t you believe in Momo? Can’t you see how marvelous our Momo is? You two may as well stop seeing each other if you blow up even such a trivial matter. In case you die from jealousy.” Mu Mianmian began to get angry.

    As her mood got worse, she saw Black move to stand behind Qianmo. He had resumed his usual mellow self, startling her.

    “Sorry, Aunt Mu. We were just acting…” He had to maintain his good son-in-law’s image!

    “What’s going on?” Mu Mianmian was confused.

    Qianmo stretched out her hands smilingly. “You said it yourself. What you see may not be the truth.”

    Only then Mu Mianmian realized that she had been tricked by these two imps. She blushed and gave Qianmo a harmless slap on her body. “Are you silly? You made fun of me in front of Little Yu!”

    “He’s not an outsider. What are you afraid of? Hey, I still have a sequel here; do you wanna watch? Black, give me an ultimate cold expression, then turn around and walk away.”

    Qianmo was having a lot of fun being a lame drama director.

    Black was also doing his best to satisfy his wife. He really did as she instructed.

    Qianmo rushed over as Mu Mianmian watched her with twitching lips. She grabbed hold of Black’s waist and said with a shaking voice, “I beg you. Please give me a chance~ I really have nothing to do with him ah~ah~no~don’t~leave me~”

    She didn’t deserve a single chicken leg for such over-the-top acting.

    Mu Mianmian was about to pull her aside and tell her to stop the monkey business when Black turned around, held her hand, and said in all seriousness, “I’m not leaving.”

    Mu Mianmian’s eyes became two straight lines. So, these two were in this together. Little Yu actually believed in such crappy acting.

    Qianmo leaned into Black’s arms and said with a sobbing voice, “But I’m disfigured.”

    “I don’t care.”

    “I am penniless.”

    “I don’t care.”

    “In my stomach is—”

    “That’s enough!” Mu Mianmian couldn’t take it anymore. She was not that oblivious to not know what the line was:  That was what the TV series showed!

    “Don’t always bully Little Yu because he’s honest, okay? There’s a limit even when you are playing! Don’t mess around with this crazy girl, Little Yu. Go sit over there and have some fruits!”

    This incident had nothing to do with Little Yu. How down-to-earth this kid was. It must be their crazy daughter who forced him into fooling around with her.

    Yu Changmo’s impression was rectified by Qianmo, and he also left a shiny “good guy” image in Mu Mianmian’s heart.

    Qianmo was laughing. Mu Mianmian tapped her forehead with her hand. “Don’t talk nonsense in the future, okay?”

    How could she joke about such an important thing like her chastity!