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Chapter 174 - Someone is Being Shameless

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 174: Someone is Being Shameless

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    Tang Jinyu looked at her emotionlessly, and said placidly, “You angry? Get up and vent your anger.”

    Jian Qi heard what he said and asked, “Are you going to stand there and let me hit you?”

    “The rain today truly is heavy enough to fill your brain with water!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Damn it!

    ‘This guy is mean as hell!’

    Jian Qi’s lips twitched and she gave a mischievous and evil smile.

    She stood up and lunged at Tang Jinyu without any hesitation.

    Tang Jinyu moved to the side to avoid her, but Jian Qi grabbed his hand tightly and pulled at him.

    After she managed to grab hold of him, she went for an attack again and kicked Tang Jinyu.

    Tang Jinyu took a step backward, flipped over and landed right behind her. He twisted her hands and pressed them against her back.

    Another hand of his was locked onto her throat!

    His movement was extremely fast.

    After just exchanging fists and kicks several times, Jian Qi could easily tell the difference between their skills, and it was easy to determine the outcome.

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    She might be able to fight him before she was reborn. However, her skills now were not how it used to be. Thus, it would be tough for her to win Tang Jinyu.

    However, to admit defeat after having been beaten up to such an extent was not her way of doing things!

    Hence, even though she could not fight against him, she would still fight!

    She would like to know how strong the man was!

    Her hands were locked and her neck was in a choke hold. Jian Qi gave a devious smile as she lifted up her leg and aimed her kick at his crotch area.

    Tang Jinyu was stunned. He did not think that this woman would be so shameless!

    He took a step back and loosen his hand that was strangling her to avoid that kick.

    Jian Qi took the opportunity to fling away his hand that was strangling her neck.

    Tang Jinyu obviously knew what she was up to. He applied some pressure onto the hand that was locking her hands. Jian Qi frowned in pain but it did not stop her.

    Tang Jinyu frowned as well.

    Her desire to resist made her disregard her own arms!

    Was she not afraid that he might just break her arms off?

    Honestly, he would actually break her arms off so that it could hose down that burning rage of hers. Instead, he loosen her hands when she tried to punch him again, and that allowed her to break free.

    Jian Qi did not stop after she broke free from Tang Jinyu. Instead, she was attacking him faster than before.

    Each and every attack was easily blocked by Tang Jinyu.

    During their fight, Jian Qi made an effort to punch Tang Jinyu in the face.

    Tang Jinyu dodged it and kicked Jian Qi.


    Once again, she fell to the ground. Jian Qi was frustrated. She was gritting her teeth as she glared at Tang Jinyu.

    “You’re so cruel, Instructor Tang!”

    While saying so, she slowly crawled on the ground and grabbed both of Tang Jinyu’s legs. She looked up at him with a face full of dirt.

    “How dare you make me eat grass and dirt. You’re so mean!” She used all her strength to pull his legs.

    Tang Jinyu already knew what she was up to. Looking down at the person who was determined not to give up, he lifted his leg and wanted to kick her.

    He did not expect her to become more sly than she was before, or maybe she was hiding her true skills, as she reacted faster than she did before. She pulled his leg and immediately stood up, then she lunged at him, making him fall onto the ground.


    Jian Qi fell on top of Tang Jinyu when he fell onto the ground.

    The puddle of mud right beside them splashed with their fall.

    They both looked ridiculous in the mess of a mud.

    Just a few seconds ago, Tang Jinyu was still clean and elegant, and now he was finally embraced by the ground just as she was.

    Jian Qi was finally satisfied!