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Chapter 181 - Never Contact Each Other In The Future (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 181: Never Contact Each Other In The Future (1)

    Gu Yu and Xu Zhanwang were entangled. They were fighting like children where no techniques were needed. It was a pure battle of strength. Both of them were panting heavily and their bodies were drenched in perspiration. Their faces were badly bruised too. It was obvious that it was the fight of their lives!

    Both parties were so preoccupied with tossing each other on the ground that they didn’t even notice when Xu Weilai came in. She ran to the base of the arena and shouted at them, “Stop fighting! Stop it!”

    She shouted for a while but no one listened to her. Instead, the fight got even more intense.

    Even if it was an after-dinner exercise, why did they have to engage in a fight? Also… that bastard Gu Yu had been practicing various fighting techniques ever since he was young. How could Zhanwang defeat him? In the end, the person on the losing end was still her younger brother, right?

    Xu Weilai noticed that she couldn’t stop them with her words so she stopped shouting. She walked to the side and took the boxing gloves that were hanging on the rack. She wore them and stepped into the arena. She kicked both of them without any mercy and then landed a few punches on each person. She forcefully pried the two people apart. Then, she stood in the middle and looked at the two people that were lying on the ground. She said coldly, “Are you still planning to fight?”

    Xu Zhanwang noticed that Xu Weilai was fuming, so he covered his face and pretended to be the pitiful one. “Sister, he was the one who started it. I was forced to retaliate. I couldn’t just stand still and let him hit me, right?”


    Xu Weilai immediately exposed him. “Xu Zhanwang, don’t you know that your gaze flickers when you’re lying? Do you think that you can lie to me? Are you asking for a beating?”

    Xu Zhanwang immediately put on a pitiful look and stared at Xu Weilai with his teary eyes. He looked like a little puppy. Xu Weilai was really… all her anger disappeared instantly.

    She walked towards him and bent down. Then, she held him up and grabbed his chin as she inspected his face. Xu Zhanwang screamed in pain. Xu Weilai smiled in anger. “So you still know what pain feels like?”

    She noticed that Gu Yu didn’t bully Zhanwang although he was older than him. Xu Zhanwang only had some scratches and bruises. On the other hand, besides the bruises on his face, blood was seeping from the corner of Gu Yu’s lips. That was enough to prove that her younger brother didn’t show any mercy while he was fighting with Gu Yu!

    She knew that Gu Yu was giving in to Xu Zhanwang so she wanted to get up to take a look at his injuries. Xu Zhanwang noticed her intention and turned weak instantly. He fell into her arms and blinked. “Sister, I’m in so much pain. Blow my wounds for me~”

    Xu Weilai knew that he was acting coy but she still willingly relented to his request. “Fine, hurry up and get up. I will apply some medicine for you in case our parents see the bruises. They will be worried again.”

    “Thank you, sister. Sister, I love you~” Xu Zhanwang glanced at Gu Yu from the corner of his eye when he said this. His gaze was filled with delight.

    Love needs to be said! He would never feign his actions or be stingy in expressing his emotions!

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    Xu Weilai looked at Gu Yu and said, “Gu Yu, you can go to my room to change your clothes and wash up first. I’ll ask the maids to apply medicine for you later.”

    Gu Yu’s gaze turned cold. He pressed his hand against the floor and stood up. Then, he replied in a low voice, “No need!”

    He jumped from the arena after speaking and took off his gloves. He threw them forcefully onto a chair by the side and strode out of the exercise room.

    To prevent Mr. Xu and Mrs. Xu from seeing them, Xu Weilai led Xu Zhanwang to the stone seats in the courtyard. She took a hot towel and started cleaning his face. Then, she applied the medicine.

    There were no outsiders so Xu Zhanwang didn’t need to pretend anymore. He started gasping because of the pain. Xu Weilai felt angry and helpless at the same time. “Is it fun to fight? Are you still a young boy?”

    “Fighting isn’t fun but I just wanted to hit Gu Yu!” Xu Zhanwang said every single word seriously. “Sister, three years ago, when Gu Yu broke off the engagement without any reason, I felt that both of you shouldn’t contact each other in the future anymore. That was the ending I felt should have happened!”