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Chapter 240 - Surveilling the Bloodthirsty Sect at Nigh

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 240: Surveilling the Bloodthirsty Sect at Night

    Ye Yu was still clueless that Ye Yunzhi was in danger amidst the winds of change in the Bloodthirsty Sect.

    He was discussing which route to take to Bloodcloud Peak with Luo Tian and Jun Yichen.

    “There are no signs of human life within a 50-kilometer radius of Bloodcloud Peak. There are a few water sources as well. Everyone can come and stay at the Blood-clad Miao people’s former encampment. It is only five kilometers away from Bloodcloud Peak, and it is very convenient for surveillance.” As he spoke, Luo Tian gestured continuously to the map he had drawn.

    “Will the Bloodthirsty Sect have anyone monitoring the place?” Ye Yu was a little worried.

    “The place is in ruins now. They won’t waste any manpower keeping a close watch on it,” Jun Yichen answered coldly.

    He thought: If someone were there, that would be even better. I could sacrifice them to my Life’s Origin Parasite.

    “Alright. Let’s look there first.” Ye Jiuge was not familiar with Bloodcloud Peak, and she could only trust the two natives, Jun Yichen and Luo Tian.

    “Eldest Miss, should we inform the people from the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance?” Ye Yu felt that prudence was preferable.

    “There is no need.” Seeing that Ye Yu had disagreement written all over his face, Ye Jiuge explained, “There is a spy planted inside the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance. If we tell them about it, we will be informing Bloodthirsty Patriarch as well.”

    “There is a spy in the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance? Who?” Ye Yu was startled.

    “I don’t know.” Ye Jiuge shook her head. She pointed helplessly at Zi Shang, who was sitting on a chair eating Cherry Pills, and said, “That guy refuses to tell me.”

    Ye Yu snuck a peek at Zi Shang.

    He still had yet to figure out this expert guard who had suddenly appeared. He was beautiful, but they could not work out his personality at all.

    As long as he did not speak, everyone subconsciously neglected him. Because of this, Ye Yu, as someone who walked among the shadows, was afraid.

    “It’s not the people who have the Legendary Venomous Insects.” Zi Shang was in a merciful mood, so he rewarded them with this single sentence.

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    “Isn’t that the same thing as saying nothing?” Ye Jiuge rolled her eyes.

    Gong Xifan had 15 men in his command. Excluding the three who owned the Legendary Venomous Insects, twelve remained.

    It would be difficult to deduce which one was the spy.

    “Who cares who the spy is? It will be fine as long as we don’t have one among us,” Jun Yichen said in a very straight forward manner.

    “Yes. Since we know that they have a spy in their midst, perhaps we can make use of this information.” Quickly, Luo Tian began to think of different countertactics for dealing with this situation.

    “Let’s set off first. We can speak about it when the time comes. Let’s aim to reach your encampment in three days.” Ye Jiuge immediately made a decision.

    They had already finished their preparations, so at noon, they headed off. After three days, they successfully reached the Blood-clad Miao’s encampment.

    The valley before them was in complete disarray. All the trees and plants had withered, and no tracks indicated that people used to live here.

    Standing on the hill, Jun Yichen and Luo Tian watched the scene in a daze. Grotesque images of that bloody night flashed through their minds.

    The Bloodthirsty Sect’s disciples had rushed into their encampment and cut down anyone they saw. They had not let anyone go.

    Finally, the old chieftain had sacrificed himself so that he could cut a bloody path out of the battlefield for his people.

    “Are they alright?” Ye Jiuge whispered to Ye Yu.

    She thought: What if Jun Yichen and Luo Tian become depressed because this place triggers horrible memories, causing them to want to suddenly rush to Bloodcloud Peak and fight the Bloodthirsty Patriarch to the death?”

    “They will be fine.” Ye Yu shook his head.

    His situation was remarkably similar to Jun Yichen’s.

    Their clans had both been exterminated by the Bloodthirsty Sect, and they both wanted to take revenge and wipe out an old grudge.

    This was also why Jun Yichen was willing to accept Ye Yu, even though he hated Spiritual Practitioners.

    “You don’t have to be anxious. Since we are already here, we will save your sister.” Ye Jiuge patted Ye Yu’s shoulder to comfort him.

    “Yes.” Ye Yu nodded. He had already endured the pain for so long, and he was in no hurry.

    The atmosphere was filled with sadness and strength at the same time. However, a voice that dampened their spirits suddenly rang out, “I am hungry.”

    “Didn’t you just finish half a bottle of Cherry Pills? How can you be hungry again? Are you a pig?” Ye Jiuge glared peevishly at Zi Shang.

    Before leaving the capital, she had been forced by Zi Shang to refine a few cauldrons of Cherry Pills. The pills she had produced were stored in a large pot.

    When he had nothing to do, Zi Shang chewed on them noisily. Ye Jiuge thought: How dare he say that he is hungry!

    “A pig will not help you fight,” Zi Shang said seriously.

    “Yes, yes, yes. You are a pig that knows how to fight.” Because of Zi Shang, Ye Jiuge was not in the mood to comfort Jun Yichen and the others. Instead, she called out to them, “The sky is getting darker. Let’s find a place to rest.”

    “This way.” Jun Yichen quickly collected himself. He led Ye Jiuge and the rest into a remote cave. After many turns, they finally arrived at a spacious and empty cave room.

    The walls were filled with cavities. There was also a dried-up pond, which made the place look even more desolate.

    “These were the sacred grounds of my people.” Jun Yichen looked sadly at the cavities in the stone walls.

    The place had once been filled with different species of parasites. When the Bloodthirsty Sect had breached their encampment, the chieftain had killed them all.

    The pond had once been used to baptize the clan’s newborns and cultivate parasites.

    The place was very well hidden, and the Bloodthirsty Sect’s disciples had been unable to discover it. They were safe.

    “I see.” After Ye Jiuge kept Jun Yichen company for a while, she took out the rations that she had prepared. She told everyone to rest and eat while they discussed the plan.

    “I want to surveil the Bloodthirsty Sect tonight. It would be best if we can find the eye of their protective formation,” Ye Jiuge said solemnly.

    The Bloodthirsty Sect’s protective formation was extremely powerful, and she would not be able to get past it easily, even with the Yin Pills she had produced. The best way would be to render it useless by destroying the formation’s eye.

    “If we can find my sister, we will be able to learn more. Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated,” Ye Yu consented readily to Ye Jiuge’s plan.

    “Alright. We can split into two parties when the moment comes. Ye Zi and I will go and find the eye of the protective formation, and everyone else will look for Ye Yu’s sister.” Ye Jiuge wasted no time coming up with the game plan.

    Ye Yu, Luo Tian, and Jun Yichen expressed their agreement.

    Zi Shang continued to eat his Cherry Pills as though he had no opinions.

    At midnight, everything was quiet except for the sounds of nature.

    Ye Jiuge and the rest left the sacred grounds and headed noiselessly towards Bloodcloud Peak.

    In the dark, Bloodcloud Peak emitted a faint red fog. Although the Protective Formation was not yet activated, there were defensive spells everywhere.

    After the Bloodthirsty Patriarch had exterminated the Blood-clad Miao, he had gathered many venomous snakes and deadly insects to improve Bloodcloud Peak’s defenses.

    There were many dangers hidden beneath the ordinary-looking grass.

    However, since Jun Yichen and Luo Tian were around, these dangers posed no threat at all.

    Ye Jiuge and the others carefully avoided the patrolling disciples and finally arrived at the foot of Bloodcloud Peak.

    The Bloodthirsty Patriarch had drilled through the mountain and set up many cave rooms that now served as the sect’s base.

    The area to the left was where the disciples rested and practiced their Methods.

    The Hundred Flower Palace, where Bloodthirsty Patriarch indulged in his pleasures, was in the middle.

    The Bloodthirsty Patriarch rested in an area on the right side. This was the Bloodthirsty Sect’s forbidden grounds.

    According to the information transmitted to him through the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s blood, Jun Yichen was very sure when he told Ye Jiuge, “The eye of the Protective Formation is in the forbidden grounds on the righthand side.”