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Chapter 166 - Competition

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 166: Competition

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Hu Shuirong had just happened to be on the clock when she heard the news of Sun Yu’s attempted suicide. She made her way back to the trauma room as fast as she could. When she arrived at its entrance, she broke down and cried in grief, falling to her knees.

    Xiao Luo took a step up, looked coldly down on her from above, and said: “You should know the reason for this, now tell me!”

    It wasn’t a casual discussion with room for compromise nor a simple question. It was a command!

    Hu Shuirong looked up, disheveled, and answered with a hiss: “It’s He Ruanliang!”

    Xiao Ruyi’s expression changed slightly.

    Tang Ren’s eyes widened, and he couldn’t believe that his own boss He Ruanliang had something to do with Sun Yu’s incident.

    Hu Shuirong lost her composure as tears ran down her face. Seething with hate and remorse, she cried: “He Ruanliang is not human, he’s an animal! He tricked us, purposely got us addicted to drugs, and forced us to become his toys. Yuyu tried fighting back before, but every time her addiction kicked in, she couldn’t help but beg him for more drugs. He hurt Yuyu and me, and he also hurt many young girls in the hospital.”


    The revelation was shocking, unbelievable. It stunned both Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren. No wonder Sun Yu was willing to get a room with He Ruanliang at that hotel; no wonder Sun Yu started crying after a few words from He Ruanliang at the Mid-autumn festival Gala, rejecting Xiao Luo’s proposal and running off. No wonder…these were the reasons for all her actions.

    “So that’s how it is, that’s how it is…”

    Xiao Luo lifted his head up, smiling darkly, he straightened his posture as he clenched his fists tight.

    He suddenly asked: “Where does He Ruanliang live?”

    Hu Shuirong’s whole body trembled, she clearly saw the murderous intent in Xiao Luo’s burning eyes.

    “You should have been to his place before, right?” Xiao Luo questioned coldly.

    Hu Shuirong nodded: “He has a house in Lishui Binjiang that he purchased without his wife’s knowledge for…”

    “What’s the area code, building number, and floor number?” Xiao Luo interrupted her.

    “Area C building 9, 7th floor.”

    “Where do he and his wife live?”

    “Hongqi Park, area B, building 6, 3rd floor.”

    Xiao Luo turned and walked away as soon as he received the two addresses.

    “Big brother, where are you going? Don’t do reckless things!” Xiao Ruyi called to him while her heart jumped out of her chest.

    Tang Ren added: “Let’s call the police, let the JC handle this.”

    “Don’t worry, I’m just going out for a walk.”

    Xiao Luo turned and gave them a smirk before leaving without a second word.

    Deep down, Xiao Ruyi was still concerned. If her brother broke the law because of Sun Yu, she would never be able to forgive herself.



    Gu Qinglin arrived outside of the trauma room not too long after Xiao Luo had left.

    After seeing Xiao Ruyi, the sister of Xiao Luo recorded on visitors’ log, and recalling the evidence given by the cab driver earlier, her speculation was proven correct; that strange passenger was indeed Xiao Luo.

    “Where’s your brother Xiao Luo?”

    Gu Qinglin asked Xiao Ruyi directly as she arrived.

    Xiao Ruyi was a little taken aback by the sudden question. She looked at her quizzically, wondering how this female cop knew who she was. Looking at the stern countenance of the JCs standing behind Gu Qinglin, she decided it would be best to cooperate: “He…he just left…”

    “Where did he go?” Gu Qinglin questioned in a hurry.

    “He went out for a walk.” Xiao Ruyi said.

    “For a walk?”

    Gu Qinglin didn’t believe this excuse and asked, “How did Xiao Luo act before he left? Anything strange, such as asking for the home address of the hospital director He Ruanliang?”

    Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren stood stunned in silence. Their minds raced as they questioned themselves about what exactly was going on. Why is the JC so familiar with their older brother as if they were keeping a close eye on him?

    From the look of their eyes, Gu Qinglin got the answer she sought.

    She immediately issued an order to Wang Hanxuan, “Inform headquarters to locate He Ruanliang’s cellphone and find him as fast as they can.”


    Wang Hanxuan nodded and took out his phone as he turned around to carry out the order.

    As a precaution, Gu Qinglin had already dispatched the junior officers to head out to He Ruanliang’s residence in Hongqi Park immediately and ordered them to protect He Ruanliang as soon as they find him.

    “What’s your brother’s cellphone number?” Gu Qinglin continued to ask.

    Xiao Ruyi quickly found Xiao Luo’s number on her cellphone. She had to do what she could to prevent him from walking down the wrong path, “Here it is.”

    Gu Qinglin dialed the number on her cellphone only to receive a notification that the phone was turned off.

    “Damn it!”

    She shoved her phone back into her pocket and left in a huff.

    This was turning out to be a race between her and Xiao Luo to find He Ruanliang. Even though He Ruanliang deserved to die, he was still a key witness for their case. If they capture He Ruanliang before Xiao Luo finds him, they would have the evidence to destroy the entire illegal drug market within Jiangcheng. But regardless of that fact, she could not let Xiao Luo ignore the law and kill a man on a whim.


    Xiao Ruyi rushed over to stop her, and said, “My brother is a good man. If he did end up breaking the law…” Her voice trembled a little, as she suspected that her brother was already on the JC’s blacklist. It was very likely that he had already broken the country’s law in some way. so she pleaded in a desperate tone, “I’m begging you all, please don’t…”

    “Nobody is above the laws of the nation!”

    Gu Qinglin interrupted her. Even though she sympathized with Xiao Ruyi, she was still a law enforcement official and could never act on personal sentiments and bias. She would not let anyone breaking the laws walk free; it was her sworn obligation and responsibility. Nothing could change her mind.

    Xiao Ruyi watched, slumped in despair, as she walked off with her team of JCs. Tang Ren walked up to her. She turned and hugged him tightly, and tears ran as she sobbed quietly.

    “Oh. What should I do? If my brother really breaks the law, what am I supposed to do? Mom and dad, grandpa, and grandma would all be upset and hurt.”

    “Don’t worry, big brother will be okay, these JCs must be mistaken about the whole affair.” Tang Ren patted her back in consolation and said out the first thing that he thought would console her.

    He was in a state of confusion and trepidation. He had not felt such a sense of dread and agony for some time. But he knew Xiao Ruyi needed him now, and he had to be strong for her sake. A man couldn’t show his weakness in front of a woman.; he was still a man, and “a man couldn’t show weakness in front of his woman,” he used to be told.



    “Captain Gu, we’ve tracked down He Ruanliang’s cellphone through the GPS, and we’ve taken a man in. However, this person isn’t He Ruanliang.” Wang Hanxuan updated Gu Qinglin on the cop car.

    Gu Qinglin raised an eyebrow: “What do you mean?”

    “He’s a petty thief. According to his account, he stole the phone from He Ruanliang at a bar.” Wang Hanxuan let out a stiff chuckle. What are the chances?

    Gu Qinglin clenched her teeth: “That sure is a coincidence!”

    “I know, right? He just happened to steal it at a time when we’re looking for He Ruanliang? It sure is hard to predict what will happen in this world of ours.”

    Wang Hanxuan said, “By the way, we’ve discovered something else. He Ruanliang doesn’t only have one property in the Hongqi Park but also another house in Lishui Binjiang. He bought under his father’s name. Apparently, his wife doesn’t even know about this place, so I think it’s very likely that’s where he’s keeping his drugs.”

    “Are teams 1 and 2 heading to Hongqi Park right now?” Gu Qinglin asked, a serious look on her face.

    “They’re on their way.”

    “Then, we’ll go to Lishui Binjiang.”

    Gu Qinglin had a gut feeling that He Ruanliang wouldn’t be returning to his home in Hongqi Park, and instead would head for Lishui Binjiang. She then ordered the driver, “turn around!”