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Chapter 169 - Grade A Dangerous Personnel

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 169: Grade A Dangerous Personnel

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    “Ding! Detected severe injury on the host, life energy rapidly decreasing. The system will automatically deduct 100,000 healing points from the host account.” An emotionless, digital notification from the Genius System played inside his head.

    As Xiao Luo was about to lose consciousness, he could feel a burning sensation from the injury on his back. It felt like it was a fire. However, it didn’t hurt nor itch, but instead, it gradually began to feel quite comfortable, like a large and warm hand gently placed on the injury.

    “What? Deduct 100,000 points for healing treatment?”

    Xiao Luo laughed incredulously as he questioned how the system could forcibly deduct points without even getting his approval. He felt the urge to scorn loud. Though, on the flip side, healing a gunshot wound for only the cost of 100,000 was quite a steal!

    It was way past midnight, and the mountains in the park were cold and silent. Even the path lights on the mountain trails were turned off to save energy.

    Xiao Luo laid on the stone bench inside the pavilion with his eyes closed, allowing the system’s healing function to do its job.

    In the city, located a distance away, sounds of police sirens wailed as patrol cars drove by like a gust of wind. This didn’t pose any threat to him because he had already had an escape plan even before he carried out his attack on He Ruanliang. The routes he planned to use would remain in the shadow of the Skynet system. The JC would not be able to track him from their surveillance cameras. His only worry had been the scar left by the bullet wound on his back.

    He was high on the list of Gu Qinglin’s suspects. The shot she fired prevented him from killing He Ruanliang outright, and it was also proof that he had been present at the scene of the crime. Gu Qinglin made the shot at his upper torso, safely away from the body’s kill zone. By avoiding his vital organs, she clearly planned on keeping him alive.

    “Will it leave a scar?” Xiao Luo asked.

    The question was obviously directed towards the system that had already merged with his body.

    “Ding! Injuries sustained by the host, including but not exclusive to bullet wounds, knife wounds, burns, and near-fatal injuries that do not pose a threat to the host’s life, can trigger the automatic response of the healing function. Points will be deducted to initiate the healing process on the detected wounds. The healing function will result in a permanent recovery and will not leave any scars.”

    A permanent recovery that leaves no marks?

    Xiao Luo couldn’t help being sarcastic in responding to the notification, he remarked, “You say it like an advertisement.”

    The system didn’t respond as if it couldn’t give a proper response to this kind of command.

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    “What happens if you have less than 100,000 points?”

    “Ding! The healing function will not be able to activate.”

    Precisely as he expected!

    Xiao Luo stopped talking, losing the urge to continue the banter with like the System’s AI.

    Half an hour later, the treatment process was completed.

    Xiao Luo recovered fully, feeling energized once again., He moved his shoulder around and couldn’t even feel a hint of pain. He reached over to his back and touched the spot where the bullet had penetrated. What was earlier, an entry hole pouring with blood, was now smooth as new. Even without seeing it with his own two eyes, he could confirm that no trace of a scar was left.


    Xiao Luo gave high praise to the system.

    Just as he was getting ready to leave, he saw a couple making their way up the mountain. The man appeared to be leading the woman up the steep path, and then they headed towards the wooded area by the wayside. Not long after, he heard the coital sounds of soft moans and grunts from where the pair was last seen. They were clearly a young couple who had sneaked out in the middle of the night seeking temporary refuge to share a blissful moment.

    Xiao Luo didn’t walk in their direction to watch them on purpose, but as his eyes had already grown accustomed to the darkness. There he saw two white bodies in an intimate embrace. They were bare of any items of clothing, and not fearing the night chill.

    Xiao Luo felt uncomfortable; he was no voyeur, unintentional or not, and turned around immediately. Before he left, he stealthily picked up the clothes the man had left close by and put it on himself. Along the way down, he tossed his grey coat in a nearby trash can.



    “Captain Gu, we have located Xiao Luo. He’s in the public hospital in the Guangming area.” The voice of a subordinate announced on the comm speaker.

    In the hospital?

    Gu Qinglin immediately responded, “keep an eye on him, don’t let him run, or you won’t need to come to work tomorrow.”


    The JC on the other end of the line realized the urgency of the matter and replied with clear affirmation.

    “Startup the engine, we’re going to the public hospital!” Gu Qinglin told the JC on the driver’s seat.

    The driver immediately tossed his half-eaten cup noodles into the trashcan outside the car, started up the engine, and sped towards the public hospital.

    “Captain Gu, this isn’t right. Why is Xiao Luo in the hospital, does he plan on turning himself in?”

    Wang Hanxuan scratched his head and couldn’t think of a logical reason behind this. The police were actively searching the residences, and keeping a close eye on the hospital as well.

    “Who knows what a cold-blooded killer like him is thinking? Either way, we need to capture him this time.” Gu Qinglin said, clenching her jaws.

    Wang Hanxuan nodded in agreement. Recalling the horrific scene of He Ruanliang’s murder at the underground parking in Lishui Binjiang, he shivered. If the criminal really was Xiao Luo, they would be walking into a perilous situation. He was a ferocious beast and not to be trifled with.



    Back at the hospital, Sun Yu was still in the emergency room.

    Outside, a group of about seven to eight JCs held up their J guns and kept them pointed at the approaching figure. It was a tense moment, everyone remained on their toes.

    Xiao Luo held a paper cup in his hands and looked at them casually with no sign of panic on his face.

    As Xiao Ruyi, Tang Ren, and Hu Shuirong looked on, they froze in panic, hold their breaths in anticipation of what would occur.

    What happened?

    Why are these JCs pointing their guns at Xiao Luo?

    And why do these JCs look so nervous?

    A host of questions ran through their mind right there and then. They saw this man before them, standing upright, showing no fear, and standing there perfectly calm. While at the other end, a squad of armed JC, on full alert with their guards up, pointing their guns at him! He was like a mystery of secrets waiting to unfold.

    Xiao Luo shook his head, laughing softly to himself. He started to walk towards their direction.

    “Don’t move!”

    The leader of the JC squad shouted aloud at Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo shook the paper cup in his hands and said, “Don’t worry, I’m just going to get a cup of water. It’s in the corner, I won’t leave your sights.”

    As he spoke, he continued towards the water dispenser in the corner of the room, not waiting for a response from the JCs.

    The guns followed him as he moved past them. Some of the JCs had visible crops of sweat forming on their foreheads. From the information they received, Xiao Luo was a “Grade A: Dangerous person.” To get a perspective of the situation, a bank robber would be labeled as Grade B. Therefore, the JC officers couldn’t imagine just how dangerous this person before them was.

    Xiao Luo placed his paper cup under the hot water dispenser spout and turned it on. As the cup filled, the sound of dripping water broke the monotony of the tense, quiet moment. He filled the cup half full and then brought it to his mouth; it felt a little too hot, so he added some cold water. When it was just right, he began to take sips out of the cup casually.

    The JCs kept their eyes on him the whole time, looking on nervously.

    The squad leader felt a deep sense of fear at the sight of this man, casually sipping his cup of water, even when there were guns pointed directly at him. He thought of what kind of person would have the mental strength to remain so calm. He could feel an aura of invincibility around the man.