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Chapter 170 - Losing Sanity

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 170: Losing Sanity

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Gu Qinglin arrived at the scene just as Xiao Luo finished the water in his cup.

    She had a fresh and neat look, and her slender body gave away hints of an active lifestyle. She kept her hair short and sassy, framing a pair of the loveliest light brown eyes. Gu Qinglin had a certain allure that drew eyes everywhere she went.

    “Officer Gu, what’s with all the flashy act you guys are putting on?” Xiao Luo spoke calmly to Gu Qinglin, turned around as he placed the empty paper cup inside the trash can next to him.

    Gu Qinglin sneered in reply: “Xiao Luo, you don’t need to pretend anymore. The person that killed He Ruanliang an hour ago in the underground garage of Lishui Binjiang was you! Admit it!”


    He Ruanliang was killed?

    Listening in, the trio of Xiao Ruyi, Tang Ren, and Hu Shuirong, were shocked. They just stared wide-eyed at Xiao Luo, unwilling to believe that he had killed He Ruanliang.

    Especially Xiao Ruyi. In her eyes, her brother was also an honest man that cared very much for his family, how could he possibly be the culprit? Her worst nightmare seemed to have come true and felt as if the whole world around her falling apart.

    Xiao Luo lifted a faint smile and said: “Officer Gu, as a JC, you should be careful of what you say or be held responsible for your own words. If you don’t have evidence to prove that I am a murderer, I can sue you for defamation.”

    “Are you threatening me?”

    Gu Qinglin was furious, “You want evidence? Fine, can you take off your shirt and show us your back?”

    The bullet wound on his back would be indisputable evidence. As long as she could confirm that he carried this wound, then Xiao Luo would indeed be the culprit that killed He Ruanliang. Is he trying to wiggle his way out with such threats? That won’t work. She rated the arrest of Xiao Luo for his crimes as a more significant accomplishment, compared to losing her chance to completely destroy the entire drug market of Jiangcheng.

    1Xiao Luo kept silent. His face was hard and impassioned, he stared at her without a word.

    The cold silence created a rising tension that was felt by every single JC present.

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    The tense atmosphere vanished as soon as Xiao Luo smiled.

    “Of course, I can.”

    Xiao Luo responded to Gu Qinglin’s request, in a seemingly lightheartedly way, carefully unbuttoned his shirt, and turning to expose his back towards Gu Qinglin’s team. He dropped his shirt down toward his waist and revealed his bareback before the entire group of JCs.

    They were stunned. No sign of any wounds showed on Xiao Luo’s back.

    “There’s no injury…how, how is that possible!?”

    The person that spoke up was Gu Qinglin’s assistant, Wang Hanxuan. He said in disbelief, “We certainly shot him, he can’t possibly be unhurt…”

    Gu Qinglin was taken aback. She was confident he was the man, and her confused look said it all. She even blinked a few times to make sure she wasn’t dreaming, but there was still no wound to be found. She was absolutely dumbfounded.

    “That’s impossible, I clearly…did I run into a ghost?”

    She muttered under her breath as she walked towards Xiao Luo and unconsciously reached out to touch his back, then carefully studied the front of his body as well. There wasn’t even a hint of scarring or any marks on him, let alone a bullet wound. She couldn’t help noticing how clean and taut his skin appeared.

    Xiao Luo put his clothes back on and buttoned up his shirt: “Well, I’m sad to inform you that the person you’re looking for isn’t me.” He readjusted his collar after he had buttoned up his shirt and said in an exaggerated whisper, “This is a hospital, we need to remain quiet. You should probably take your subordinates out of here soon.”

    He walked around Gu Qinglin towards Xiao Ruyi as he spoke.

    Gu Qinglin refused to believe it, how was it not Xiao Luo?

    She lost it. Her instinct as a JC told her that there was no doubt, the cold-blooded killer was Xiao Luo. However, if it really was Xiao Luo, how was it possible that he didn’t carry the bullet wound on him?

    There was no logical explanation!

    “Captain Gu, it looks like we made a mistake, the killer isn’t him.”

    Wang Hanxuan walked up to her and spoke to her quietly. He was, in a way, slightly relieved that he didn’t see the wound on Xiao Luo’s back. This meant they could clear Xiao Luo off the suspect list for the murder of He Ruanliang.

    It’s not him? How could it possibly not be him?!

    Gu Qinglin could almost feel herself go insane. She had been working in the force for eight years now, and never had she been in a situation where her deductions and theories were so wrong. This had not only hurt her pride and confidence after such a long history of successfully solving cases, it even made her question her ability to carry on conducting future investigations.

    He Ruanliang, the only person that could give them enough evidence to bring down the entire Jiangcheng’s drug market, is dead. To add salt to injury, their investigation into the murderer had now faltered. Xiao Luo’s relaxed silhouette walking away from her now was like a slap to her face. Gu Qinglin could feel her blood boiling as anger overcame her good sense. She clenched her fist tightly, and within a matter of seconds, the demure figure had reached Xiao Luo.

    “Xiao Luo!!!”

    Gu Qinglin screamed as she flew towards him without warning. She was onto him within seconds and threw her fist in a wide arch attacking his flank.

    Xiao Luo reacted instinctively, without even looking. Sensing the oncoming attack, he instantly leaped away as he elegantly swiveled around, keeping his opponent in his sight. In one seamless motion, he had swept his right foot across the air in complete balance and control, intending to parry the blow.


    The insole of his foot met with the deadly incoming fist, and like “two roaring floods of water suddenly crashing,” the fierce clash of threw both the fighters back.

    Xiao Luo’s right leg felt slightly numbed as he fell to the ground after losing his balance.

    Gu Qinglin staggered a few steps back but stopped herself by stomping her right foot on the ground. Maintaining her composure, she settled into a low stance. She looked every bit like a ferocious predator protecting her young. Turning to a row of heavy-duty plastic seats attached to the wall, she stepped forcefully down on a single chair. The retaining bolt flew off, and the chair broke free from the metal brace that held it in place.


    Gu Qinglin lifted the broken chair in the air with a flick of her right foot, then hollering out loud, kicked her right leg out once again with the force of her whole body behind her.

    She sent the chair hurtling towards Xiao Luo with incredible force. As the chair spun forcefully in its trajectory, it created a whooshing sound as it homed in towards its target.

    A display of speed, power, and unbridled force. Such was the outcome of Gu Qinglin’s explosive anger. Wang Hanxuan and the JCs watched in fascination and disbelief that a woman of her stature could generate such formidable force.

    Xiao Luo’s expression hardened as he tracked the incoming flying object, then he released a high roundhouse kick…

    Fancy, sharp, and without hesitation!

    Xiao Luo’s reaction was timed to perfection, sending the chair crashing into the wall of the hallway.

    Following up quickly, Gu Qinglin rushed in just behind the flying projectile. Leaping forward directly towards Xiao Luo, she fully extended her right knee outward to strike his upper section.

    “That’s enough!”

    Xiao Luo had enough. A fierce aura formed around him as his anger rose. He shifted forward towards her left flank, breaking her momentum even as he struck out with his left arm. His striking hand, like cold steel, aimed at Gu Qinglin’s neck.

    Vicious and merciless, unparalleled, and powerful!